Sunday, February 14, 2016

Beta Reader Israel

This is Israel Johnson. Israel lives in Virginia.

This is what Israel has to say about The Conversation of Venusta:

"There are few books that I have read that really take you on a journey and challenge you to look at life in a different way. The Conversation of Venusta is one of those books. A thought-provoking read, The Conversation of Venusta touches on many aspects of life, including but not limited to friendship, love, justice, forgiveness, and redemption.

I was left in silence after completing the book, spending some time reflecting on its many lessons. The book includes a reference to painting, which reminded me of the concept of leadership, not only having the ability to lead others, but also turning others into leaders. This is a great work that reminds the reader that everyone has the capability to make a difference in the world. However, in many cases, a great effort is needed to achieve that difference. Our level of effort reveals how much value we place in the change we wish to see in the world.

The book brings the reader to a realization that virtues like compassion and humility are traits that we can easily lose sight of or forget over the course of our lives. And yet, we are able to claim these traits back, and influence others to do the same. I encourage others to read The Conversation of Venusta. It is worth taking the journey."

Here's more information about Israel:

Israel Johnson is a Software Engineer who works in the Defense Industry. He is a college graduate from the University of Virginia, having worked in Research and Development as well as in the Healthcare Industry. He also enjoys doing freelance work as an Artist, having completed work as a Concept Artist for many volunteer projects in local communities.

Israel has worked with Thurman Brisben Homeless Shelter in Fredericksburg, VA, where he volunteered to prepare meals for the homeless. He has also participated in Poverty Alleviation as a CAVS CARE volunteer with the University of Virginia Alumni Club of the Triangle. Furthermore, Israel currently supports Boy Scouts of America, Model United Nations Development Organisation, People to People Ambassador Programs, and American Cancer Society.

You can connect with Israel HERE.

Israel is smart. Be like Israel. =)

Friday, February 12, 2016

Beta Reader David

This is David Gaspar Romero. David lives in California.

This is what David had to say about my book while he was still reading it:

“To be honest I feel like you are an angel and I am blessed to read these words. They resonate with me on so many levels. I've never been so teary eyed reading a book — but I get your words. I feel as if divinely I was meant to read your words to remind me of my purpose. Your book is going to positively affect so many lives. Very grateful you have chosen me as one of the select individuals to preview your book.”

“You are an angel. Know that.

Everything in your book resonates with me on a level of remembering... your words remind me of my purpose. Like a guide post.

Your words remind me of my standards, of my calling, of energetically being a man, of my universal belief system, and my purpose on this planet. I stand by these statements too.”

And this is what David is saying about my book now after he has finished reading it:

“This is quite possibly the most heartfelt, real, touching book I have ever read. Author C. JoyBell C.’s ability to take the universal and esoteric and put it into written words is beyond astonishing. I have never read a book that touched me so deeply on so many levels. Line by line as I read the book, I felt myself opening up. It’s comforting to know that there are other beings that see, feel, witness, and observe the world in a similar fashion as I do. The book itself made me feel not alone.

I believe that there are souls and spirits of all depths, dimensions, both timeless and new that embody this planet. I believe this planet is a learning a ground, a training ground, a growing ground. We are connected to all of them if we allow ourselves to connect. C. JoyBell C. is an Angel and a messenger. I am not Jewish, but I was having a conversation with a Jewish friend and we were talking about Angels. Angel in Hebrew is Malak. Malak means messenger… a messenger from God. C. JoyBell C. is indeed that — a messenger from a higher power. What she has to share is her truth — I love to hear the truth of others.

As I moved through the book, I felt as if this book was a love letter or a love story. Perhaps a different take on the book, but it was one woman’s realization and connection to her higher-self. To be able to express herself so eloquently and beautifully could be nothing more than a demonstration of self-love. To have such a deep conversation with oneself is an example of self-love. To share this love, this knowledge, this truth with others, is an example of self-love.
One of my favorite parts of the book was the conversation about a partnership between man and woman. I have always felt this way. I loved the conversation about humility and being humble. There is a story in the Bhagavad Gita about Shiva, Sita, and Dasha that is all about humility, recognizing the ego, and ego ultimately recognizing the higher self. Check out the backstory of Virabhadrasana.

I would recommend this book to anyone willing to take a journey down the path of self-enlightenment, humility, honesty, openness, and willingness. The world is ready for a book like this, with this type of depth. In my field of teaching yoga, most if not all of my students that come to my class are open to this type of knowledge. I hope to gift this book to many people. I hope to see this book on shelves all over the world. I hope to see author C.JoyBell C. continue to share her art of connecting the dots between the physical and spiritual.
I loved this book - I plan to read it over and over as a reminder of my path. C. Joybell C., thank you for sharing your knowledge, love, art, expressions, thoughts, and depth of your being with the world. DON’T STOP whether it’s in this dimension or other dimensions.”

Here's some information about David:

David Romero is the CEO and President of The Yogi DR™ The Yogi DR™ is a multi-faceted company focusing not only on yoga, but creating a portal for patients, clients, and practitioners to reach sought after industry leading medical professionals. The Yogi DR™ believes in establishing and maintaining a wholly balanced life – rooted in strength, balance, and awareness.

David graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 2002 with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. He was a Program Manager and Acquisition Officer on several Space Launch and Satellite Programs for the US Air Force from 2003 until 2008. In 2008, David resigned his commission as a Captain to pursue a career in medicine and medical device sales. David began working for St. Jude Medical, Inc., a Fortune 500 medical device company, assisting physicians with the implantation of neuromodulation devices.

After working and building a career in medical devices and surgical sales, David felt an even stronger calling to pursue his passion – to develop a company focused on the health and wellness of patients and clients through the practice of yoga. Over the last six years, David has worked with Los Angeles’ most talented Pain Management Physicians, Physiatrists, Neurosurgeons, and Orthopedic Surgeons. David understands that patients and clients need a balanced regimen of physical exercise, stretching, breathing, nutritional intake, and meditation to create a higher level of awareness and well-being. David is dedicated to sharing and living not only his truth, but helping others heal, grow strong, and realize their beneficial presence on this planet.

You can check out David more at The Yogi Doctor
You can also connect with him on Instagram: @theyogidr

David is smart. Be like David. =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Beta Reader Athanasia

This is Athanasia Steffen. Athans lives in Australia.

This is what Athans first said about my book when she started reading it:

“Sometimes, in life, a reader will come across a book that whispers to their soul ‘you once knew me.’ This is what I feel reading The Conversation of Venusta in the quiet of the night.150 pages in and I know when I get to the end I will be changed. I can feel it. I will be her again.”

And this is what Athans is saying after reading the whole book:

“I was right to read this book in the quiet of the night. It deserves the quietness only the dead of night can bring for it is in this stillness I was able to hear the words whispering to me ‘you once knew me.’ You see, we all travel through life, some of us breeze through it seemingly untouched by the trials and tribulations of living while others struggle to make sense of themselves and their place in the world. Young, bright eyed and bushy tailed, looking through rose tinted glasses. That’s how we start. But life is not like that. Living is not like that. And the people around us are not constructs of those innocent ideas and beliefs. It is then when we realize this, we begin to lose ourselves. And for some, that loss embeds itself so deeply for so long, it becomes the way of life. ‘Is it or isn’t it, am I or aren’t I, will I or won’t I, do I believe or don’t I believe, do I do as they say or do I do as I say, don’t think like that, think like this, be this, don’t be that, I know something— no— I know nothing! Feel this, don’t’ feel that, judge others before they judge you. It is a never-ending cacophony of warring words in our heads.

Then one chances on an author, an author whose words differ at such a basic intrinsic level from other authors and their observations on the complexities of the soul, that it awakens something so dormant, so far down, so deep in the subconscious, it is a wonder if it was all some distant dream! The Conversation of Venusta is an important piece of work in that it tempers that chaos; it brings clearness so precise, it is translucent. And right there— all that angst, the years of mélange— fade away. Just like that. Because the younger us, who embarked on this journey called life, started the journey with the words of Venusta. Only we did not know them as such. We knew them as our own words. Along the way, they simply fell by the wayside, forgotten! This book has resurrected them. This is how I felt reading Venusta. I remembered.

I especially urge young people to read The Conversation of Venusta. Read it again and again. The Conversation of Venusta will be the words to reinforce your words when forgotten, when life beats them out of you. Venusta will nourish your soul and will never leave your side. She is all knowing. She is Love.”

Get to know Athans better:

Athans is an Administrative Facilitator in the areas of accounting and finance, having worked in sectors ranging from the giants of the oil industries, BHP, Shell, Woodside, BP, and has also spent some of her career in Recruitment and Human Resources sector.
Athans also advises and educates consumers on the long-term use of products which incorporate toxic ingredients and their long- term impact on our bodies. She educates the importance on using cruelty-free products, the reasons as to why animal testing is obsolete and products that are safe for our fragile ecosystems. Her actions are based upon her view that education and awareness bring change.

Athanasia’s greatest love is animals. She was invited to sit on the Board as Treasurer of a Non Profit Organization dealing with Animal Welfare in Asia. Her role was to ensure all financial reporting was accurate while instilling good governance to both mitigate risk and provide transparency for stakeholders and other animal organizations working in tandem with their work.

Having left that position, her work continues as a volunteer assisting smaller Animal Welfare groups to bring awareness to the plight of our diminishing wildlife, due to factors such as habitat loss from over population, trophy hunting, poaching for body parts to be used in pseudo medicine, decimation of ecosystems, and other environmental factors. In her own words: ‘Exploiting vulnerable non humans seems to be the way of life in this world. Animals continue to be commodities and playthings for humans that believe there should be no equality for them. Animals are not things and those that exploit and destroy them should be taught to regard them as sentient beings with fundamental rights and not to be treated as the property or resources of the human race.’ She is currently working on projects to expose the ongoing abuse in pseudo sanctuaries.

You can connect with Athanasia here.

Athanasia is smart. Be like Athanasia. =)

I have brought together a beautiful team of people from all over the world, to preview my upcoming book, The Conversation of Venusta. This photo album is all about them and all about what they have to say about my book.

I am very happy to have them as my team and I'm also very happy to receive all of their feedback which has really shaken me to my core! Honestly, their feedback on my work is electricity through my veins! Perhaps this is my reward for writing my book— I get to see how much my words have worked in the souls of people!

I will be adding their photos, feedbacks and bios one-by-one as they gradually finish reading my book.

Do enjoy!

The Conversation of Venusta is sequel to The Conversation of Merachefet and is coming very soon! 

What Is The Meaning of Life?

       I was very recently invited by Nicolae Tanase of Excellence Reporter, to come and answer the question he has asked many movers & shakers, scientists, doctors, and other influential figures of this day and age: What is the meaning of life?
       I must say, it was a positive experience and one that I really enjoyed. I am honored to be up there alongside all of those amazing people. I want to share my interview with all of you, and I'd be happy if you share it with others! Enjoy reading it, contemplate upon it, and then pass it on. And have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Has Been Called Batman!

       A few days ago, I was invited by Katie Marshall, of Soul Anatomy Magazine, to an interview with her. I'd like to share that interview with all of you, today. Furthermore, Soul Anatomy is founded by Brianna Wiest, a contributing writer to Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Thought Catalog, Glamour, Bustle, etc. Both Katie and Brianna have been so kind to me and my interview with the magazine has been a very positive experience.
       I did not read the questions beforehand, because I wanted to answer them with an element of surprise on my part, that way, my answers would be more genuine. Some of the questions (most of them) require digging down deep into the soul, so it was a very revealing experience and the results are really much better than what I could have imagined!
       I am officially changing my tagline now, to state, "Has been called Batman", in reference to Katie documenting me as such, in her introduction to the interview (thank you, Katie, you really did create a milestone in my career and life just there) Batman for the win!!!!
       It's seldom that you will find women like Katie and Brianna, who are eager and willing to uphold another woman like myself. There is just too much competition amongst women in general, and especially in the literary industry, so an experience like this is one that I really commend these two wonderful women for sharing with me. Thanks again! And to all my wonderfuls, I hope you enjoy reading my very first proper magazine interview! Remember that it's come on the week when all the 5 planets are aligned in our skies! Cheers!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lightning Bugs and Romantic Minds

Hello, wonderfuls!

       I have been coming across some excellent videos lately, all of which I feel the world really needs to see! How to show the world? Well at least I can try to do that by posting said videos here on my blog and sharing them via my social networks.

       The first video I want to share today— first of all, let me just say that it is superb and beyond excellent— moreover, it has a message that really does go down a lot deeper and vaster than what immediately meets the eye. When you watch it, you'll see what I'm talking about. I can say that this video resonated with me and echoed in the chambers of my mind.

       Did you watch it? Did you love it? I hope you did, because the message is something I truly believe everyone living in this generation needs to internalise and chew on. I think that it goes very well with this next video that I am about to show you, which I think is an excellent discussion about a reality that ails everyone in our modern era. It is so very important to discuss these two mindsets in light of our social-media-obsessed culture, because when we become aware of these two mindsets explained in the video below, we will be able to choose a thinking pattern to apply to our lives that will enable us to be happier.

       Thank you for watching and I hope that you have found the videos here to be as helpful and as informative as I feel they really are!