The Conversation of Dragons: A Review by Jenny Hart

Meet Jenny Hart, a waitress living in Texas. Check out what she has to say about her experience reading The Conversation of Dragons:

The Conversation of Dragons is the third title in a series of powerfully written books that each of us could stand to read. If you are like me and are always searching for better understanding of yourself and also of others— I’d recommend you begin with the first title of the series and follow the path to Dragons.

This. Book. Makes. Sense.

I’ve often wondered how much of my inner conflictions could be understood and then spoken in a way that made sense to others, and this book just does it for me. If you find the words and their teachings to be familiar with your own, then please, know that you are supposed to be reading it! I will tell you, there have been moments recently when I was facing a personal problem and certain passages from (Dragons) spoke back to me while I battled with these issues. I was given gifts of clarity. Moments when I was just like ‘Yes. This is what is right. This is what I must do.’ And it was because I had learned something valuable in this book that stuck with me and that I was able to exercise into my daily life. It’s that powerful!

Furthermore, what I have learned and now believe, is that there is a Dragon inside all of us. For some, that dragon is never woken and they spend their lives tragically unaware of the burning flame that sleeps inside of them. However, for those whom the Dragon within is awoken, they are enlightened by the magic of it. They fly on the backs of it. They know truth, beauty and understanding, and they are no longer bound by the bars of darkness. They are light. They are free.”

Learn more about Jenny (from her own words):

“My name is Jenny. I come from a series of small towns in which I grew up, moved out of, and settled elsewhere— too many times to count. Because of this, I have found deep roots in the historic town of Granbury, Texas, where I have lived for the past 12 years. It is here I became a woman, found love and started a family. My husband, Boston, is the solid man and rock hard foundation on which only ‘dream relationships’ are made of. I work as a waitress at a small southern restaurant while he finishes his degree to become a certified welder. We live simply and with little wanting of anything other than a happy home and life to raise our 2- year- old son, Jackson.”

Jenny is genuine. Be a genuine person like Jenny. 😊

On Spirit Animals And What In The World Is Wrong With People


       This morning, I woke up and the first thing I did was text Kate. Kate is my spirit animal, when we are together I feel like I am in my original world. Our personalities are quite similar (affectionate and gentle), so this morning when I began to ponder over the thoughts that have been bugging me pretty much all my life, I knew that she would be the best one to talk to.
       It's about human nature: why is it that when we are very affectionate and very gentle with people, they seem to take us for granted and not appreciate us? Then when you basically treat people like lesser beings, that's the time they will take you seriously and appreciate you? This is something that has bugged me all my life. Somewhere along the way, the two-way street become a one-way street, and suddenly, I have to be the most supportive being in the universe, forgetting myself in the process, expected to put up with all kinds of irreverent attitudes.
       I think that the fault I have played in this can be found in how, deep inside, I have this core belief that keeps on persisting: If you just keep on giving, at some point, the best in people will come out and things will be a lot better and a lot different. And I consider this to be a "fault" of mine, because, one must realise that rarely is there any "best" about any human being. Usually, what you're already looking at is already the best! There are these rare instances when people are worth it... but those are rare and worth waiting for. All the other times, it's as good as it gets! What you see is what you get!
       I think that people so easily mistake generosity, kindness and affection as traits that other people develop within themselves in order to please. So, then they think that, they are rewarding you by letting you please them. I don't think that people understand that many affectionate people are not people-pleasers! And if there is one takeaway from today's post that I want you to always remember (and that I really hope changes the world soon), it's that many affectionate, brightly natured people are not being kind and generous because they want to please you. They are being that way because they were born that way. I think one woman has put this into words the best, it's when Audrey Hepburn said,"I was born with an enormous need for affection and a terrible need to give it." That's not a trait of a people-pleaser, that's just a personality. People like Kate, Audrey and I— we thrive on human relationships and the warmth that these connections generate. But if it's going to be anything less than authentic, then we don't need you in our lives. We don't keep people around just for the sake of keeping people around so we can please them and in doing so, thus feel successful and fulfilled. No. I have never been a people-pleaser. The most insulting thing anyone has ever said to me, was when a guy once told me (a very, very, very long time ago), "I really appreciate your desire to please", and that was the most insulting thing I have ever heard in my life. Never talked to him again after that! I guess then he realised I couldn't care less if I pleased him or not (and I don't mean sexually, I am only referring to kindness and my embodiment of a joyful disposition). If people are pleased with me, I want them to know that it's because of me, it's not because of them. You're not pleased with me because I'm trying to please you; you're pleased with me because you are blessed enough to have me around. I know I'm a blessing and really, I'm not afraid to say it, either.
       Kate told me, "If you're toooooo nice, that's really what happens. I think it has to do with the fact that if you have an attitude and you come across as this person with a strong attitude, then people know they need to think twice before they treat you a certain way or say something that might be offensive and could hurt you." And she's right, I think that's the cherry on top of this sundae cone of thoughts.
       She and I are related, my first-degree-cousin married her, which makes us pretty closely related as in-laws. Couldn't have asked for a better in-law. She regularly gifts me with cakes and greets me with a presence that I often see reflected in the mirror when I look at myself. It's like when you look into the mirror and wonder if anyone is remotely like you and then you one day see the answer walking around outside of you (yes, there is a person who is remotely like you). That's what she's like, to me.
       I wonder if it has to do with "spoiling" people. You know how you can spoil a child by giving it everything it wants? Perhaps it happens between adults, too. Although, I genuinely do not believe in this concept applied to children. I gave my son absolutely every single form of attention and affection that he could have ever dreamt of and he truly is a well-rounded, well-founded young man today. I don't believe that children can be given too much of a good thing. At least, not my children! When something is good, it is truly good and it doesn't spoil. I suppose I think too highly of people in this world and maybe I see them as I would see my own children? That's wrong of me, though. We have to have a clear distinction of what we can expect from people and have a very clear distinction between the value of people. Really, no matter what the systems of this world tell you, not all people have the same value, and they shouldn't. Some people in your life need to have the utmost value and from there on it becomes a pyramid-shaped visual. We can't place the same value upon all, nor the same expectations upon all. Our expectations must be in ourselves and those closest to us in soul. We just can't expect the same from everyone out there.
       At the same time, I also have mercy on all of these people in the world! Why? Because we are all learning and some of us have learnt more than others. Should those who have learnt less, be chastised for their own stupidity? We treat stupidity as if it is something funny, or to be angry about... I know it's hard to realise this... but stupidity is just like a disability. We don't mock or hate those who are differently-abled. We help them. And that's where my perception of mercy comes from. And also, I feel mercy because, I am beginning to realise that appreciation is actually a form of art that not all are fluent at. The art of appreciation does not come easy to some. I would go so far to say that appreciation is a language and people really do need to learn how to speak that language and just like any language-learning endeavour, it takes time and hard work! I myself, learnt the beautiful art of appreciation from a little girl in my elementary class named, Heaven. Yes, her name really was Heaven! Anyway, she would write "notes of appreciation" to me, every single day for 3 years! I kept every single note! I looked forward to going to school each day to find those notes in my desk, saying things like, "I really, really like the way you smile, it lights the room", or, "Your kindness makes my life worthwhile", or, "Your outfit yesterday was so perfect." She would draw hearts and flowers and glue glitters on her notes... I really did keep every single note, those notes changed my life and opened me up at a subatomic level to what it means to appreciate other people. Before I learnt it from Heaven, I didn't know how to do that, either! She taught me a language over a period of 3 years and that's how I know how to speak it, today. So how can I not have mercy for the inability of others to speak a language that I myself had to learn over a long period of time? This is where my understanding comes from, where my patience comes from. Because I was once a student, myself.
       People want generosity when it's not coming from them. People want understanding when they are not the ones required to understand. People want loyalty but they are not the first to give it. And this is universally the character of mankind, the sooner you accept it, the faster your life will get better. So how are we supposed to live our lives whilst being our genuinely authentic, affectionate selves? I guess the answer is to find people who understand affection, who speak the language of gentleness and who know that kindness isn't a noun; kindness is a verb! Look for those people, but until then, keep the best of yourself to yourself. 🌹 On the other hand, you can be to others what my classmate Heaven was, to me. You, too, can teach others a language they may have never even heard before! 🌹

Kay Macleod's Indie Advent Calendar


Hey, wonderfuls! I will be joining the Indie Advent Calendar event hosted by Kay Macleod Books. Beginning on December the 1st, each day until Christmas she will be posting a spotlight on two indie authors, along with a particular book recommendation from those authors. The effort is to encourage gift-giving of indie books this holiday season! You can also get to know new indie authors in the process and become acquainted with their work.
       I will be spotlighted along with another indie author, on December 11! Of course, right? I would be the one to get the number eleven! The esoteric one! 😃  Please give Kay Macleod a visit every day starting on December 1 and discover a new indie author and their work, until Christmas Day! And who knows, you just might find the perfect gifts for your friends and your loved ones! Merry Christmas! 🎁🎄

The Sensitives


       I am allergic to dust. The mites in the dust, to be specific. Yes, there are living miniature monsters that live in dust! Didn't know it? Now you do! And some people are allergic to those tiny monsters! Thanks to dust, I live with perennial allergic rhinitis. I have a really good friend who is allergic to ants. ANTS! She needs to bring a syringe with her all the time, in case she's bitten by an ant, she must inject herself with the syringe so that she won't die. DIE!
       People have sensitivities. It doesn't just stop with the physical, either. Some people are clairsentient: people who are so sensitive, they can know the history of a thing just by touching it (not advisable to visit antique stores, because there you will be overcome with other people's memories).
       But there is always that line in the sand and people always eventually cross it. They shouldn't. People have already crossed the line and nowadays people are so "sensitive" about everything, all they really need is a slap in their faces. We witnessed this during this US election. Pandemonium. We witness this when people break down because they see a picture of a hamburger. Ridiculous. People today are choosing to apply sensitivity to their minds, in the midst of the need to be strong.
       You can be strong and sensitive. What you shouldn't be is ridiculous and sensitive. Or immature and sensitive. For example, I don't go around crying because there is dust in the air everywhere I go! Instead of doing that, I look to spend my days happily! Same with my friend who could die from an ant bite. She doesn't go around complaining to people if they have ants in their house that could kill her. She doesn't call people insensitive murderers for not ridding their entire house of ants before she arrives; rather, she lives her life with intent to be joyful.
       This world is really always going out of balance. Yes, there are the sensitives, but then there is a level of responsibility that comes with being sensitive. A level of strength. You don't require the rest of the world to understand you; nobody owes you anything! Instead, you become strong enough to look for the beauty in every day!
       My message to this generation of sensitives— reality check— most of you don't even understand what it means to actually be sensitive; so sensitive that you must be strong! Most of you are being sensitive for the sake of being sensitive and my advice to you is to get over yourselves, find a hobby, get a job, and improve your minds. Now, do have a wonderful day!

Why I'm Not Vegan

       Here is an earnest post about why I am not vegan. Every day, I see people telling other people why they are vegan and seeing as we all have equal rights to the freedom of speech (and the freedom of pen), now it is my turn to write down and broadcast why I am not vegan. Please read this unto the very end, as the pinnacle is found at the very ending of this post (I promise it will be worth the climb).
       First of all, what is veganism? Veganism is when people choose to consume only food and drinks that have absolutely no animal by-products. You know how you go into your health stores and the supplement bottles sometimes say, "Safe for vegans"? Well, what that means is that the supplements contain absolutely no animal by-products. Oh wait, I almost forgot, veganism also means, as much as possible, abstaining from the use of any cosmetic, clothing item, or medication that contains animal by-products. What are animal by-products? For example, cow and goat milk are animal by-products; snake antivenom is an animal by-product (the antivenom is derived from the snake's venom, itself); animal skins, feathers, fluids, et al... animal by-products! Anything connected to the life or the existence of an animal. Of course, nothing is actually "safe" for vegans and if vegans realised this, they would probably commit suicide (please don't commit suicide after reading this post). All the plants that you eat take sustenance from the ground. What is the ground? The ground is pretty much an accumulation of dead animals, dead people, and poop and pee! Accumulated over the centuries! That's right, people, plants are NOT vegans! Plants themselves eat animals and people and the by-products of animals and people! Fact.
       Now that I have explained veganism, let me tell you why I am not a vegan. First of all, as I have already elaborated above, there is no such thing as vegan, as even plants are not vegan or even just vegetarian. While animals and people will not survive on poop and pee; plants include that in their diet, as well. Reality. So aside from the fact that nobody and nothing is actually vegan, I am not a vegan because I eat meat— surprise! Easy answer, right? But why do I eat meat? Is it because I don't care about animals? Is it because I am a murderer who supports the killing of innocent animals? Is it because I want to watch the planet crumble in an inevitable apocalypse? I really don't think so.
       If I didn't know that veganism was and I were to judge the movement merely based upon the general, daily attitude of vegan individuals, that alone would make me stay far away from any ideologies they hold as true. These are people who feel offended over what other people eat. In my opinion, it doesn't get any lower than that. See, I live in the real world, there are plenty offensive behaviours and plenty of offensive attitudes, ideals, and actions of people in this world. There is terrorism, murder, rape, theft, corruption, drug addiction, sickness, disease, divorce, death, paedophelia... these things are offensive. And I mean— OFFENSIVE. When you are the kind of person who feels offended over what other people eat, we immediately are not living in the same world! I want to spend my time looking for things that are beautiful, that bring people together and I believe that food is one of the most beautiful parts of life. Food brings families together, friends together and nations together. Food brings joy to the heart and sustenance to the body, it unites and it nourishes. Families gather around a table to eat, nations gather around a holiday to celebrate with food and festivities. I believe that when people begin to turn food into a divisive object amongst family members, friends, neighbors and co workers— I really believe that is as low as it gets. It's really low. Not to mention rude. People ruin other people's holidays all the time, by calling them hypocritical murderers for eating a turkey! Do you know how rude that is? To make a comment about what another person is eating? This is basic etiquette we are talking about, really. You don't walk into another person's house and tell them that they're hypocritical murderers because they're eating a turkey. You don't make comments about other people's food. It's not your food, it's none of your business. You are not supplying that family or those people with a salary that they will use to buy their food with, you therefore are in no place to judge what they are capable of buying for themselves, what kind of food they have access to and what kind of food they choose to eat just because that is their choice.
       There are plenty of people in this world with special needs. Plenty of differently-abled individuals. Generally speaking, vegans are fully-abled people who act like they are special needs individuals and everyone needs to not hurt their feelings at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and at any mealtime or family get-together. Other people are expected to prepare a special dish for them if they are to be invited over to a dinner party. Aside from that being incredibly rude to the host, that is really just vulgar. You really cannot eat anything containing any animal by-product, even if it means you'll have to miss your nephew's birthday party? Oh, what was that you say? You would love to be there for the little one's birthday party, as long as there is a special table prepared for you far away from all of the omnivores?
       Human beings are a part of the animal kingdom and in the animal kingdom there are herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. The difference amongst the animals, is that the herbivores don't use facebook, where they can post daily about how everyone else is a murderer and everyone is hurting their feelings every time they eat meat. The herbivores are just herbivores; the omnivores are just omnivores and the carnivores are just carnivores. Nobody feels like they need to change what other animals are eating. That's the difference between the eating preferences of animals and the eating preferences of human beings.
       Citizens of progressive nations think that their act of not eating meat is going to help save the planet, when in reality, their slaughterhouses in their own progressive nations stand up to par with the most rigorous requirements of animal welfare societies and environmental protection programs. In this whole world, you will find the strictest and most rigorous laws and rules regarding animal welfare and environmental protection, that their slaughterhouses and farms are demanded to come up to par with. I know this because I studied animal welfare courses in the past (yes, I am an animal lover!) In reality, it is the slaughterhouses in developing nations where the most heinous forms of brutality are found. In fact, in developing nations, animal cruelty is not only confined to the slaughterhouses; it is in fact widespread in neighborhoods and in every city! It is not at all uncommon to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to the sound of a wailing dog being dragged behind a truck, tied to a rope, until it dies of its injuries. This is the reality of this world. When you in a progressive nation stop eating meat made available to you by your top notch slaughterhouses and farms, that all come up to par with the most rigorous animal welfare laws and requirements, this does NOTHING— absolutely nothing— to change where the real animal brutality happens: in developing nations!
       Sometimes people need a dose of reality, because the reality is far worse than the fears they are hiding from. When you think you are hiding from the worst, then you realise that there is far worse than what you are hiding from, that right there forces you to deal with real issues and stop hiding under your bed.
       Instead of expecting this whole world to become vegan like you, why not focus on what this world really needs and what you are more likely to be able to accomplish: the proliferation of animal welfare standards in slaughterhouses all over the world, not just in progressive nations! In reality, this world will NEVER become 100% vegan. Not even 90%. Not even 80%. Honestly, not even 50% of the Earth's population will ever become vegan. You're talking about people's cultures, people's traditions, people's lifestyles. You will never be able to influence or change that. But what you might be able to really have an impact on, is in the area of animal welfare systems in governments across the world, including developing nations. If all slaughterhouses in this world were demanded by their governments to come up to par with the same exact standards expected in the most rigorous progressive nations, then that is what is going to make a huge difference for this planet! No, it doesn't give you the chance to act like a self-righteous, judgmental asshat; but, it does give you the opportunity to actually change this world and make a helluva difference in the lives of animals and of people, everywhere.

The Conversation of Dragons: A Review by Grace Abaho

Today, I'd like everyone to meet Grace Abaho, a paracounsellor and blogger from Uganda. Listen to what he has to say about his experience reading The Conversation of Dragons:

“I have turned some pages of books but I must admit when I read the work(s) of the phenomenal Joybell, I feel awakened. It is good to know that words matter; The Conversation of Dragons spells out the picture perfectly. I think the introduction and epilogue of the book are very important elements of a book and for me; I found these words magical throughout. It is not hype — this book is a self-help book dressed in casual clothes. This, as seen in the introduction is straight outta the park: ‘One day, the tangible to us now will become intangible to us and the intangible to us now is what will become our physical reality. When I write, I see structures being built that are physical in a different world.’ Yes, for me words matter, you couldn’t have given this breathtaking book a better picture, I totally agree.

The book offers a sublime deep look into the perils of human frailty in ways only The Conversation of Dragons ever will. She doesn’t mince words; she induces the readers to looking way beyond their ego and while at it; she encourages self-love. I learned from her powerful message about the “thirteenth tenet” and if I am to paint a picture of what I learned, this is it: Believe people when they show you who they really are. It is not only fair to them; it’s also fair to you. When you become an honest, healthy person, you can cultivate honest, healthy relationships with others—(Dragon unto Dragon, Creed unto Creed). If anyone wants to blossom in their daily lives; relationships with others, have the pure love of self and nourish their humanity, this book is the real deal. I think the essence here is that we can always wrestle our demons only if we give an approach of not just being cowards but knowing the innate strength we have inside of us. God bless you for this wonderful book!!”

Come learn more about him:

Grace Abaho (Sr) is a Ugandan freelance writer and blogger and a graduate in Procurement and Logistics Management at Uganda Christian University. He also has a certificate in Paracounselling from the same university and he has work experience as a student nurse at hospitals in his area. Grace began writing four years ago and has since done free online blogging (for now; as he looks for gainful employment) on the contemporary issues affecting our world. He says about his writing: “I am for the most part blogging about justice and international peace. I am a believer in the notion that people empower people; I am because we all are.” He goes on to say: “I am proudly a mentee of one of the most phenomenal writers in the world, JoyBell. I am not perfect but her work and formal mentoring has built confidence in me.”

You may also connect with him on Facebook, on LinkedIn and discover more about his passion for writing over at his blog.

Grace is an earnest, sincere and sweethearted man. Be an earnest, sincere and sweethearted person like Grace. 😊

The Conversation of Dragons is with my beta reader team and will be available to the public early next year. Look for it, find it!

The Conversation of Dragons: A Review by Toula Fanariotou

Today, I would like you to meet Toula Fanariotou. Toula is a peach farmer and an English teacher living in Greece. Read what she has to say about her experience reading The Conversation of Dragons:

"My grandpa was a father to me, and over the years, we used to go and sit under a nut tree in our yard and have endless conversation about, well, anything. My grandpa wasn’t educated, but he was a wise man. So, through our conversations he was trying to teach me life. His motto was, “always live with dignity, never tolerate injustice and try to protect those weaker than you”. While reading The Conversation of Dragons, it was like sitting under that tree again with a beloved person and having conversations, while looking at the wildflower field in front of us. Deep inside of me, those conversations felt familiar, so they helped me see more clearly when my vision was blurred, made me see behind a curtain of uncertainty, made me remember who I am, made me have a little precious time with the memory of my grandpa.

The Conversation of Dragons is not just a book, it is a unique guide to my inner self. Reading it was almost a ritual to me: making tea and starting to read it. Pure magic. Sometimes, I read it aloud for the girls to listen and to feel what I felt, to learn what I learnt through this amazing book. While reading it, it made me rediscover my stronger, wiser, better self. It helped me find that other Toula I once used to be and welcome her back into me. The Conversation of Dragons is a fabulous book that should be read aloud for everyone to listen to, to be drawn in and to become the person they are destined to be."

More about Toula:

Toula Fanariotou comes from northern Greece, near Thessaloniki. She is thirty-eight years old, a mother of two girls (Despoina and Helene), a peach farmer, and a private tutor in English. She also is a jack-of-all-trades, of a kind. She draws, writes and crochets! She loves George, her girls, coffee, chocolate and all the simple things that make her life great! Oh, and books. She also loves books.

Toula is a dedicated and warmhearted person. Be dedicated and warmhearted like Toula. 😊

I Teach The Rabbit


       The medicine to fear, these days, is a dose of reality! Because these days the reality is far worse than the disembodiment of the ideal. People today are afraid of the disembodiment of the ideal, because they think the ideal is the reality. A rabbit that does not know it lives in the ground with snakes, is constantly afraid of the sea hawk possibly finding its way to land, to destroy the rabbit's meadowy existence. In the meadow, living in fear of the sea hawk, not knowing the hole in the ground next to its burrow belongs to a snake. I show the rabbit where the snakes are, thus eliminating its hazardous fear. Misplaced fear is hazardous fear. Fear well placed is a skill for survival.
       They have taught the rabbit to never feel fear; instead, they have taught the rabbit to dream. Dream of your meadow: you are in your meadow; dream of the sea: the sea is right next to you; dream of the sea hawk: it is your enemy, it lives in the sea and you live in the meadow but if you dream hard enough, it will never pass your meadow. They have not taught the rabbit that the other holes in the ground do not all belong to rabbits, but some belong to snakes! They have not taught the rabbit that the meadow is nestled in between hills, the sea is far away! They have taught the rabbit a dream, and to dream the dream very hard. They have taught the rabbit never to fear, only to dream.
       I teach the rabbit to see the holes, some belong to other rabbits, but others belong to snakes. I teach the rabbit that the meadow is nestled between hills, the sea hawk is far away. The nightmare that the rabbit was taught to dream away, will never happen. Because the meadow is not where the rabbit thinks it is. But the reality that exists around it, is far worse than the nightmare, for it is there and it is real and the rabbit has not been taught to see the snakes. I tell the rabbit not to fear all things, but to fear some things. 
       The meadow is still beautiful, the flowers are all around! The reality is still a wondrous one! But the meadow is not beside the sea and in the ground there are many snakes. 

Not Everything New Is Bad

       This US election season has brought to the surface a profound change in the placement of self-righteousness in society. Not so long ago, the average Christian was categorised as the self-righteous one. Not so long ago, it was the average Christian who was telling others that they were less than. When you thought of the word "Christian" you associated it with the word "self-righteous". And that was just ten years ago.
       Fast forward to the year 2016 and the US elections has brought to light a truly profound shift in the way it once once! Today, the average Christian is just someone who thinks they really, really need to go to church because otherwise, they're not going to be good enough for God. A truly profound change in such a short time. Now, when you look at the average "liberal" today (self-described liberals), you are looking at an individual who, more often than not, sees him/herself as the better person out there on the street, out there in the mall, on Facebook, in school, at work, etc. In their minds, they are the better people. This is a gigantuan leap from the state of society just a decade ago.
       Today, the average liberal is unwittingly embodying the very traits they perceive others as "less than", for having. Meanwhile, the average Christian is just trying to get things right with God, in order to be "worthy enough". And so as you can see, the shift of the placement of this characteristic of self-righteousness has taken a very dramatic turn!
       Somewhere along the way, during the past decade, Christians realised that Jesus was actually the guy who was friends with tax collectors, prostitutes, and generally "bad" people. He wasn't friends with them because he was having sex with the prostitutes, conniving with the tax collectors, or was "generally a bad person"; rather, he was friends with them because he saw past what others could see. He looked at the hearts of the people; not the words, not the facade, not the face that they presented to others, to the public. On the contrary, the Pharisees (the religious leaders of Jesus' day), were the ones who judged people according to their outer actions and words, rather than according to the inner fuel of their hearts. And somewhere along the way, the self-righteous Pharisees of old incarnated into the average liberal of today. How did this happen?
       There was a burning hate for the hypocritical ways of the average Christian, once upon a time. They disapproved of homosexuality, then they went and got caught in homosexual scandals, themselves. So on and so forth. This kind of two-facedness, coupled with condescending comments about the lifestyles and the choices of others, caused people to hate them. But faced with the error of their ways, they began to see that they were just as bad as the everyday sinner, and if anybody needed Jesus— it was they who needed him!
       Who then, stepped into the Pharisees' shoes? The liberals did. The ones who once hated the Pharisees; became the Pharisees. Now, everyone else is a lesser human being. Everyone else is a "racist", "fascist", "bigot", and generally "disgusting human being." Liberals have given Pharisees a new name and a new face. The average liberal, that is. I am not saying every single person with a politically liberal mindset is so. I am describing mainstream, here. There are always those who are not mainstream, and thank God for them. The average liberal, during the US elections, made daily comments and innuendos on social media, putting down conservative values, putting down and mocking traditional families, traditional thought process and traditional ways. It was not even about Clinton and Trump, anymore. It was about everybody who was different being lesser human beings. Everybody who didn't hold liberal values was lesser for it, was hilarious,  was a joke. When you do that, you put down and you belittle someone's mother, father, uncle, aunt, sister, brother, grandfather, grandmother... it became about "my right to protect my family" vs. "your right to shove a liberal candidate down my throat."
       Where is Jesus in all of this? Jesus has always been a Centrist. There in the middle. Not a conservative, not a liberal. Just a radical. And that's, well, that's radical!
       Speaking of "radical", we have seen a rise in radical leaders this year. President Rodrigo Duterte in The Philippines and President Donald Trump in the USA. We have also witnessed radical actions that were taken, such as Britain exiting the EU. People and circumstances that are so far outside of our mindframe, so far outside of our circumference of acceptance, that we have to stretch our minds like play dough in order to be able to grasp WHAT is exactly going on! It's actually called neuroplasticity. Yes, it is an actual term.
       There's only one word that can describe what we are all going through and what we have been witnessing, this year: radical. It's been a radical year. Some people feel overwhelmed, some people can literally not mentally handle it, some people are afraid, some people are angry... the world is changing and some brains have more "plasticity" than others. And that's okay. I want you to know that you are going to be okay. What you need to do is understand, get ready to treat your brain like play dough, don't harden yourselves to the changes that are occurring because that only makes it harder. There's something new, embrace it. Not everything new is bad.

The Conversation of Dragons: A Review by Lilly Burchstead

I would like you all to meet Lilly Burchstead. Lilly works at Paramount Pictures, Hollywood. Here, she shares all about her experience reading my book, The Conversation of Dragons. I am so sure that you will be awe-inspired by what she has to say:

"The Conversation of Dragons is a magical, mystical, supernatural book. Because of this, I would highly recommend to read the first two books of the series before reading this one. The Conversation of Dragons is my favorite book of the three. It is the strongest and most powerful and has challenged me the most. The book has taken me to places that I have not visited before.

This book will reveal yourself (who you truly are), to find and accept your uniqueness and celebrate others’ uniqueness. It discusses family, guilt, regret, kindness, gratitude, misconceptions of love and hate, misunderstanding of darkness, light, and more. It will light your life. If this book is for you, you will find the answers that you have been asking yourself (your inner self). You will be able to understand and appreciate your inner qualities and to acknowledge your element. It explains how the elements affect each other and how their distinctiveness allows life to be possible without the search of 'oneness'.

C. JoyBell C. always amazes me with her writing as if she senses, feels and knows what we have been through, the understanding of our past, our present and what our next chapter is. The Conversation of Dragons is a deep conversation with a loving, wise, older, pure, strong, beautiful, protective soul. You feel her strength and see all the colors of her flame.

The book presents the Creed of Dragons which teaches you their characters. It is different from other Creeds you might have read, however, it might feel very familiar to you. It describes the Dragons’ beliefs, values, honor, word, their truth. The Creed fortifies you and guides you on how to control and balance your emotions (to master your flame). It reminds you that Dragons are 'Pure of Heart' but they are also warriors, protectors, visionaries — they guard and protect their treasures. They defend their truth even if they are standing alone. This is the beauty of the Dragon.

The book is written in a way that you will understand if it is meant for you. It is a book that you will live, that goes beyond words and takes you to a very physical journey. It brings powerful manifestations. It is essential to share this so you know what you can experience while reading the book. I truly believe this is the difference of this third book. It is a journey of examining, analyzing, understanding, living our spiritual and physical capacities that we didn’t realize we had or that were possibly dormant. You will also discover or accept your intuitive power and let it be manifested in your life. While you are experiencing this, you feel the presence of a guide. You are not alone on your path. It has been quite a nonstop month for me while reading the book. It has been challenging: reliving emotions, situations, loss, chaos and noise all while in search of silence. It will reveal the true characters of people that you know, as well, but you will have the strength to be able to deal, cope and adjust just like FIRE. I didn’t stop reading the book while this was happening. On the contrary, I loved the feeling of the awakening of my dragon, the strength, the growth, the brightness, the warmth and softness of my flame. For those of us that are Dragons, you will meet your Dragon and understand your flame."

I asked Lilly for a bio and she wrote it in her own words, in first person. I'd like you to get to know her better:

"I live in Los Angeles, California. I am a Finance Manager at Paramount Pictures. I have worked at Paramount for almost 13 years. I have been fortunate to work with incredible people who have become mentors, friends and family. I have a beautiful daughter who inspires me every day.

I am involved with Mixed Roots Foundation and a proud ambassador. Mixed Roots is a nonprofit organization. 2016 is our 5 year anniversary. Mixed Roots collaborates with individuals, businesses and organizations to promote and support organizations, create awareness and inspire future generations touched by adoption and foster care to achieve their dreams and goals. It educates and inspires the greater community about the importance of knowing and embracing your own identity of being mixed roots including your biological, cultural, and spiritual roots which ultimately makes up and brings together the diversity in the community. November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Mixed Roots has officially launched GAGP (Global Adoptee Genealogy Project) this month. GAGP is collaboratively project to help adoptees and their families discover their biological and cultural roots via DNA testing and search and reunion resources.

My friend and I produced Stars Are Already Dead. It is an independent film that will be released soon. The film is about hope, faith and light.

Click here to find out more about Mixed Roots Foundation and GAGP. "

Lilly is a Fire Keeper! Be a Fire Keeper like Lilly! 😊

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