Finding Worlds


       We have inner worlds. Many of us do. Not all, but many. Some have souls very young, too young to have formed any worlds on the inside yet. But many of us do and these worlds vary in their form, in their terrain, in their flora and fauna.
       Fewer are those with worlds that run deeply. Everything is deep: the oceans, the lakes, even the ponds are deep! The trees are ancient, their roots run for miles! The temples within are archaic, some even abandoned and covered by the seas. Those with worlds like this one have roots that entangle with the roots of others; the tangles are ferocious and sudden! It hurts very much to discover that the roots of the other person do not actually run for miles, but instead only run for a meter or two, into the grounds of their inner worlds. And since it is very difficult to come across another with depths and age as this, it becomes a pattern to feel pain. What is this pain? This pain is the feeling of the roots recoiling and returning to the former position. For roots must return to their former position within, upon the discovery that the other one possesses trees so young and roots so short... too short to entangle with. Maybe long enough to entice, but the entangling falls short because the roots are shorter!
       Those whose inner worlds are new, young and without ancient trees, also meet well with others of their same kind. Their oceans are shallow, their seas are shallow, their temples are new... it is of no fault of their own, they are merely babies, they are very young! They are enticed by the depths of the ancient worlds and often would like to join them. But the waters are bottomless, so they drown. The mountains too high, so they fall down. The forests and the fields too thick for them, they get lost...
       The ancient ones long to be discovered, long to be known. The ancient ones desire to hold a hand and lead a person into the thick forests, into the lavender fields. The ancient ones yearn to find roots that can entangle with their own! Alas, this is a gargantuan task! For the old ones are few and far in between.
       You must find a person by looking for the inner world that you recognize, that you may entangle with, without the pain of having to recoil your roots. And those of you who have newborn souls, newborn worlds within— I know that the pull of the old ones is captivating and intense; nevertheless, you ought to not go where you cannot stay! For the inner worlds of the ancient souls are not places for you to take from as you wish, to grow in as you wish, to become as you wish and then later to just walk away. The fruits of the forefathers are not there for your taking. Everything you take, you must earn, you must pay for. Do not walk in and then walk out.
       You must find a person, by searching for the world that you recognize. Have you been there before? Have you shared this world before? Have you climbed those trees together in some world, in some time, in some place? Because this is what you are really looking for. That hole in your heart? That hole is where the other world fits into yours! Now, will you find it? Because you should.

For Every Parent, Everywhere


       Today I would like to write a little something about parenting. I think that all fathers and mothers strive to be the best parents that they can possibly be, and I can add something to that, today, by discussing a point which I find to be crucial.
       My son is now 16-years-old, and I find that it is during his teenage years that I have made the most "interventions" into his life. Now, this is nothing dramatic, by "interventions" I just mean that I notice something and then I step him aside to talk with him.
       The important point here is when, as a parent, we are watchful enough to indeed notice something. A character trait, a thought pattern, a habit—  paths that our child is taking which we foresee to be hazardous, or just plain unbeneficial. When I see my son on such paths, ones that I foresee to be hazardous to his mind or to his life in the future, I sit down and talk to him. Or, I take him for a long walk and we talk while we walk. I give him my vision. I show him what is waiting for him down that path if he will continue to walk on it. When he sees the future as I see the future, then he, by himself, is able to make the necessary choices to change the path that he is on and to begin taking a new one.
       What I am saying here, is that vision is a crucial tool that parents may utilize. I suppose this is not easy, since many adults themselves have no vision of their own futures. If you have no vision of your own, how can you give vision to your child? And this is why I wrote the book entitled Raising Nobility. The goal of Raising Nobility is to give vision to the parent so that the parent may give vision to the child.
       Vision is the most-needed spiritual tool that exists. They will tell you this and they will tell you that, but, I am telling you right now that it is the vision of the Eagle that we must cultivate. The vision of the Owl, the Eagle, the Raven. If there is a single spiritual path that you wish to dedicate time to developing, let this be the path of vision. As a parent, it is the most precious gift that you can utilize while raising your child. When you give vision to your child, your child is able to put into action the necessary changes that he/she must take, in order to correct his/her future. Giving tools to our children is more important than just telling our children what to do and trying to make them do it. They must try to make themselves do it. And the only way that they will try to make themselves do it, is when they see what is in store for them up along that road they are currently on.
       If I were to tell you that 50 meters down the road, an oak tree is going to fall down on your car and crush you (God forbid this happen to you), I know that you would do everything in your power to avoid that road, to turn and take another way, or to just stop in your tracks and wait for help to come. Anything at all to avoid the outcome. You would change your own direction; not me. I wouldn't be the one making you do it, I would simply be the one showing you what lies ahead!
       It is the same thing when we parent our children. The technique is to show them in such a way that you are actually showing the truth, not some fearful imagination, not a sort-of-a- threat and not something ridiculous; rather, THE TRUTH! If there is an oak tree about to fall on them along the path they are on, then this is what you must show them, in a way that they will see it for themselves.
       How does a parent do this? You do this by being immersed in vision, yourself. Being immersed in Truth, yourself. From your vantage point, your children will see what you see, as the Raven sends warning signs out to its family members, so will you be sending warning signs out to your children.
       I hope that this short writing today has encouraged you on a better path for yourself and for the ones that you love. Have a wonderful day ahead!

My Gay Friends

       I have plenty of gay guy friends. A few gay girl friends, more gay guy friends, but the bottom line is that I have gay friends. Gay people inspire me and today I would like to share with you exactly why and how they inspire me.
       It is not my wish to write a political post, so do not consider this to be political in nature. This is a post about people: about me, about my friends, and perhaps about you.
       Us straight people— we all know how difficult it is to find that one person to spend the rest of our lives with and to build a family with. That in itself is probably the most important and difficult task that any of us have to make in our lives. Sometimes (many times) it doesn't work the first time, so we try again... and sometimes again and again! It's hard. It's important, it's crucial, and it's hard.
       If it's hard for us straight people, imagine how hard it is for my gay friends! My gay friends live everyday, day by day, knowing and very aware of the possibility that they might never find a partner in life, never be able to create a family. We all live with that possibility, but, being gay makes that possibility just about 50% more possible. Despite this fact, they choose to live every day happy and trying to bring other people joy in their lives.
       Being gay is never a choice. Who on Earth would choose to be gay? Nobody wants to be gay. Who would choose a life so discriminated against, with challenges and obstacles double the challenges and obstacles that a straight person faces? If for anything at all, a person would choose to not be gay just to make life easier, because life is already hard enough as it is. You don't choose to be gay, just like a lot of us do not choose the circumstances that we are living in, in this life. Do you choose the color of your eyes? Your hair? Do you choose the color of your skin or the parents you were born to? Really, the only thing that we are born into which we CAN choose, is our religion! Aside from that, what else are we born into that we may choose or choose away?
       Love is a double-sided monster. One half of love is a beautiful creature, the other half of love is a horrific creature. Two creatures in one. When you are on the good side of love, it is the most beautiful thing that you can ever aspire for. But when you are on the bad side of love, it can destroy your life. And love has destroyed lives: many of them! And yet, this monster is the monster that we all long for in this life and that we all need during our journeys in this world. What does it profit a man if he wins the whole world but loses his own soul? What is a soul? A soul is not only you, but a soul is the one you love, too. Facing this monster as a straight person is difficult enough. But gay people face the bad side of love every day, and some are lucky enough to make friends with it! And even those lucky enough to make friends with it, face serious opposition from the people around them and not just from the people around them, but, from their governments and the people who ought to look out for them.
       This is why I am inspired by my gay friends. Because they are strong, because they are forgiving, because they hope against hope. And really, this is just something I wanted to share and to say. Have a wonderful day, wonderfuls!

The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Uzma Khan

It is time to meet Uzma Khan, a CEO living in Pakistan. You will love what she has to say about her experience reading The Conversation of Dragons!

"As I consumed the words and the pages of this prodigious book, questions kept forming and niggling in the back of my head; will you bequeath your legacy as having dwelt the unchartered, unknown and innermost or will you live prosaically having numbly surrendered to the lazy comfort of the ordinary, the known? Will you have the courage to turn your eyes backwards and look deep inside, stare right into the void, the darkness within? Will you walk inside the mirror and hold on to the other you and say I understand?

It exposed me to a plethora of emotions. It led me to ruminate over not the usual 'purpose of being' but more importantly over 'being'. It pushed me around in discomfort like one feels when one lands in a lake not knowing what swimming is. And when you emerge alive it’s not just with the knowledge of how the body and mind must coordinate a response or a series of actions but also a knowledge of the properties of the lake and water and of breathing. Everything outer and inner locked together in the synergy of existence. It led me to think, introspect, contemplate and meditate. For it urges you to arrive somewhere. It compels to build up that courage and a knowledge so wide and deep. It gives you a treasure that can never be stolen. It gives you a creed.

For me the book is all about courage. You need that throughout your reading and throughout your life if indeed you wish to remain pure of heart. And it’s about discovery! I discovered the most curious paradox when I was left bedazzled by the brightness of darkness. I discovered the beauty and grace in regret, the uselessness of guilt, the futility of the lingering fears that I have amassed during my unguided journey, the destructibility of those character flaws and those scars of self-condemnation. It is about opening your heart and examining the darkness for there lies the possibility! It is about the Eternal Flame of Life.

Thank you C. Joybell C. for giving vision to my soul. You are a Mystic whom I revere from the pit of my darkness to the infinity of my ethereal light."

Get to know Uzma:

Uzma is the Chief Executive Officer of INJAZ, Pakistan chapter of Junior Achievement Worldwide. With almost 3 decades of experience in the banking sector, she has successfully led and inspired highly motivated and successful teams in top global banks like Chase, ANZ and Standard Chartered; across Pakistan, South Arica and Singapore. Her passion has always been people and her recent move from banking to social development was rooted in her desire to transform the lives of youth and creating positive change for the underserved segment of society. She is passionate about living a meaningful and a purposeful life and for spreading the same message to those who feel adrift. She believes in the power of conversations and stories and the effect they can have on our lives and the lives of all those we touch. She believes in a creed of goodness, beauty and purity of heart. She believes in “Raising Nobility” and hopes her beautiful daughter, Natalia, is a herald of all such virtues.

You may connect with Uzma on LinkedIn.

Uzma is luminous and loving. Be luminous and loving like Uzma. 😊

The Conversation of Dragons is now available for purchase on Amazon and other online bookstores. If you would rather, you can always place an order at your local brick-and-mortar bookstore and they will ship in the book for you within a few weeks.

Seven Billion People

7 billion people on the planet and almost everyone can't find someone to love. Evidence of this can be seen on dating websites. Thousands of dating websites. If it were easy, why is everyone still looking? Because love isn't like that; love is epic; we're not looking for "somebody to love"; we're looking for ONE PERSON whom we RECOGNIZE. "Hey, I know you, like, here inside my soul I know you, because I know me and me is somehow you!" And that's what EVERYONE is looking for. People think they're looking for something easy or something simple. But they're not. They're looking for something epic. Something real. Warts and all! And THAT is why almost everyone is not in love with anyone. Because in a world filled with 7 billion people, the chances of finding exactly that, are simply ridiculously low. We don't fall in love with a checklist. We fall in love with finding ourselves in another.
In mythology, we are taught that two parts of one, when together, is too powerful. Zeus feared such power, so Zeus split each into two and put them in different places in this world. Only the strongest would find their other half, again.

My Interview with David Ellis

Hey, wonderfuls! I recently had an interview with David Ellis, the famous poet who won the Edgar Allan Poe award. It is an interview that would serve well the curiosities of any would-be writers, as well as the curiosities of anyone who admires my work. Visit the interview here and do enjoy your read!

The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Israel Johnson

Everybody, meet Israel Johnson, an engineer who works in the U.S. Defense sector. Read what he has to say about his experience with The Conversation of Dragons:

“The Conversation of Dragons proves to be a very exciting read. Like C. Joybell C’s previous book, The Conversation of Venusta, Dragons is quite insightful and provides a look into humanity itself.

As I was reading, I realized that Dragons reflects on similar themes expressed in her previous entry, The Conversation of Venusta. Like Venusta, Dragons focuses on concepts such as happiness, joy, and how one should distinguish between the two. Dragons also covers other themes such as human intimacy, family values, relationship bonds, and freedom. However, this is where the similarities appear to end between the two works. Dragons takes these concepts one step further, and puts more emphasis on humans’ capability for self-improvement.

The character traits of humans are an important subject matter that is revisited throughout the book, and Joybell provides a series of ‘tenets’ or principles on how one can improve upon their own self-confidence and be more courageous. I like how she uses the concept of the dragon to convey a person’s courage, and how that we have the ability to express that courage, especially when it comes to standing up for one’s principles. I recommend the book to anyone who seeks a thought-provoking read. The book will give you a different perspective on what it means to be courageous as well as on life itself.”

Learn more about Israel:

Israel Johnson is a software engineer who works in the U.S. Defense sector. He is a college graduate from the University of Virginia, having worked in research and development as well as in the healthcare industry. He also enjoys doing freelance work as an artist, having completed work as a concept artist for many volunteer projects in local communities.

You may connect with Israel on LinkedIn.

Israel is a brave and intelligent man. Be brave and intelligent like Israel. 😊

A Conversation With C. JoyBell C.: An interview with Hannah and Cailin Loesch

It was morning for me, nighttime for them; it was Sunday for me, Saturday for them. This is the most comprehensive interview I have done, thus far. Hannah and Cailin tell me that they grew up on my words, so they have been waiting a long time (many years) to ask me important questions! I told them to ask fully and freely to their hearts' desire! The result is rather extraordinary and I know that these questions are not only ones that they have been waiting to ask me, but are also ones that many, many other people have been wanting to ask me.

The interview is up on Tumblr and also up on their website. Enjoy it! It's a worthwhile read!

The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Joanna Basior Yeh

Today I would like to introduce you to Joanna Basior Yeh (pictured here with her mother), company owner and business connoisseur. Familiarize yourself with her experience reading The Conversation of Dragons:

The Conversation of Dragons is a tell-all book; everything was laid out in front of me, in its true form, utterly bared and speaking directly into my Soul. This book challenged my own ideas, as well as many New Age “values”, forcing me to look deep into my Being and to acknowledge the Truth. Whether we deal with regret, the notion if we are all the same or different, religion, purity, evil, Water or Fire, this book guides the reader to help understand and adapt to what is naturally fitting; because essentially we are NOT the same. Everything is called, named and explained as it is, so very honestly and in the most straightforward way. Reading this book was truly an illuminative experience, which made me realize that a number of recent ideologies have been brainwashing us to abandon our true feelings, such as regret, confusing it with guilt, and as a result dulling our senses, making us lie to ourselves, thus depriving many of being who they genuinely are. The book acts as a no-nonsense guide to get back on the path of one’s Destiny, to become better and to shine brighter.

The book universally addresses any person who is willing to use his or her knowledge, intelligence and ability to understand the universal Truth. It is written in such a way, that the message is discovered and clearly seen by people of different backgrounds. This is not to say it is easy and immediately obvious. What especially had me in a knot was the mention of the elements and the Yin and Yang; it took me days to dissect this! I faced a tremendous disorder in my mind because of my personal idea of the elements, the Yin and Yang and the Confucian philosophy as I understood it; C. JoyBell C.’s discourse about the elements and the feminine and masculine energies displayed a unique perspective I have never been exposed to. It is incredible how putting myself through the process of writing out, verbalizing and thinking about these ideas has created a shift (about a third way into the book) that completely altered how I read the rest of the book and how deeply it affected me. Suddenly, I had to question what I knew, research frantically, look inside myself, meditate… and finally all the pieces were beautifully put into their right place - this experience made me realize how limited yet unique and universal all of this can be. From that moment on, I continued reading hungrily; very frequently as a question formed in my mind, it was answered almost immediately. Seeming contradictions were skillfully put in front of me to consider, to take in, to understand and finally to embrace.

Truth and Beauty are universal values to pursue, to honor and to hold dear; everything else lies within darkness and light, all there for a reason. Realizing for the first time, or again, that indeed I am Fire, helps me place my attention where it matters. Guarding, handling, understanding and surrendering to my Flame, understanding its Power, be it raging, powerful, burning, playfully dancing, stepping back or providing guiding light; this brings me back to a meaningful existence here again: I’m ALIVE!

This book contains so much wisdom and help for all that you seek; a multitude of appreciation for being yourself, understanding wholeness — with all of its elements, from the outer layers to the inner depths — and invaluable insight and encouragement to proudly and bravely carry your flame, or to trust, appreciate and learn from the Fire-Bearers. It calls our Souls back to the basics and exposes them to their inner depths, helping us realize our Essence, while encouraging to flow with the fitting energy.

I felt compelled to read the book again, and the second time around I was able to deeply absorb the wisdom contained within this amazing work. I find myself frequently going back for reminders and encouragements within the pages of The Conversation of Dragons. This book is a daring eye-opener for the brave, the frightened, the regretful, the guilty, the loving and the beautiful Truth-Seekers.”

Learn more about Joanna:

Joanna (Basior) Yeh is the President of Sphera International, which she co-founded with her brother and business partner in 2010. She is also Managing Partner of Tempus Development Solutions, Inc; a Dallas, TX-based company, which services building development clientele in the US. Joanna attended University of Michigan, Peking University and Georgetown University where she graduated with degrees in Chinese Language and Linguistics.

Growing up in communist Poland and having acquired an education in Poland, the United States and China, Joanna gained a unique combination of technical knowledge and practical understanding of politics, culture and languages from three very different continents. Combining her unique background, education, cultural and linguistic knowledge, business acumen and creativity, Joanna successfully develops and directs international projects by implementing cutting-edge initiatives.

In line with Joanna's personal linguistic passions, she is an active language consultant and international conference and presentation advisor at National Taiwan University Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan.

Joanna’s passions include volunteering, reading, writing, public speaking and innovation.

Charities close to heart:

Work Website

You may also connect with her on LinkedIn.

Joanna is formidable and kind. Be formidable and kind like Joanna. 😊

The Conversation of Dragons is now available for purchase on Amazon and other online bookstores. You may also place an order for this shipment at any of your local brick and mortar bookstores. Enjoy your journey!

The Conversation of Dragons: A Book Review by Rouba Khattar

Today, I’d like you to meet Rouba Khattar, a graduate from Hariri Canadian University who works as a medical underwriter in Lebanon. Through her words, you can see and feel what it is like to experience The Conversation of Dragons:

“This book is for the brave. If you fear an earthquake within your soul that would shift your pieces and restructure them, I warn you to not reach for this book. This book is a reform, a message sewn with strings from the universe.

The Conversation of Dragons is a continuation of the two prior conversation books, but it’s also an introduction into the Truth, the truth of yourself: your nature, your relationships and your destiny. It’s a guide without guiding, because it exists as a natural calling to those who wish to hear it and believe in it.

While I was reading it, I felt the words running through me all the way down to my roots, like water to a plant! The funny thing is that every one of the conversation books came to me at the perfect time, at phases in my life when I was asking myself certain questions to which I had amazingly found the answers for in the pages of these books!

Only with C. JoyBell C. do you learn how to alter the common meaning of ‘self-centered’ and turn it into a beautiful adventure! When you focus on becoming a better you, you learn how to grow bigger and larger than yourself. As you do so, competing with others and assessing others becomes insignificant, because your energy is fully invested in answering the call of your own destiny. The biggest challenges lie within us and as we tackle them, one by one, it reflects onto our settings and how we react to the world around us. This is a small insight into what The Conversation of Dragons has reinforced in me!

I have begun to understand the connection between the elements of nature and my own soul. I thought I was doing well by allying with water and it taught me to harden as a defense mechanism, but little did I know back then that to me it was self-degradation. Then, one day I saw the flames! They looked enticing to me, but at first I was too afraid to approach. As I gathered my courage, I slowly crawled closer to the heat and that’s when I started melting. In my melting I found the lost pieces of my soul. That’s when my inner dragon came out of its cave and called to me! The memory of my transformation was blurry up until I read this book. Now, I dance with the flame and sway all around it.

All of this comes down to one thing: Be Brave. Grab The Conversation of Dragons.”

Rouba introduces herself:

"I am Rouba Khattar and I am from Lebanon. I live in the lively and crazy city of Beirut. I work as a medical insurance underwriter. I am a dreamer and a cake lover. I grew up among music and books. Music has been and will always be my life companion. I write occasionally, and I have been doing it often lately. Travel is my delight and I hope to see the world one day. I like to inspire and be inspired. I know my dragon; I hope you get to know yours too."

You can connect with Rouba on LinkedIn.

Rouba is a determined and tenacious woman. Be determined and tenacious like Rouba. 😊

Dragons is already here! I published on the 12th of January, under the Full Wolf Moon; the first Full Moon of the year 2017. Look for it, find it!
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