Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Beta Reader Godfrey

This is Godfrey Lule. Godfrey lives in Uganda. This is what he has to say about The Conversation of Venusta:


Allow me admit that reading in my society is a luxury. It is a pastime or some kind of activity reserved for that special group of people. I cannot define them but at the end of this review, we may have a name not the mundane type mentioned in the conversations. My encounter with reading has been from the coursed class, the group that is either manipulated or rewarded or persuaded to read. In that if someone tells me that read and you will get this a lollypop then I would read very fast. I am forming a backdrop of my presentation to enable you appreciate the kind of readers that we are and I know I am not alone especially from this part of the world that I come from. There is no excuse whatsoever it is our grooming and our way of life that has kept us this way. This does not mean we cannot get better; we actually can get better especially with readings like this and with authors that speak to your heart. The Conversation of Venusta are not from another planet, they are REAL with your heart. I faulted you for being so real and then I realised that you are very different, you are at a higher calling in that line... you from another planet. And how did this affect my reading, I had to go back and forth to analyze the script, the voices and the mood of the presentations in the pages of this book.


The Conversation of Venusta reminds me of the same inspiration I got from some readings of the sages of Navanah. Be reminded I have mentioned inspiration and in no way do I imply that they are in the same league. I also want to believe that inspiration cannot be measured. To save the comparisons here, I will not mention the author, just to make him/ her proud that I mention his/her scripts in this review. Joybell has given a Divine painting to the human being. She has painted our inner thoughts and created two actually more than two shades of us all that we need to identify so that we can help others know the best of us if we so wish or show the worst of us to protect selves. The identification of these shades in our life paintings is what will bring us to full appreciation of selves. One will decide to stand like a wild flower or wait to be repainted on a wall or be sculptured into immortality.

We all die. Oh... We all sleep. No way; we all pass on into the other life. I do not know much about the subject but the little that I captured from the conversations made me grapple with the thoughts for farther research on the subject. Sorry that is my thought.

I now comprehend from The Conversation of Venusta that we work towards our legacy. We work towards our death and we ultimately determine whatever happens to us after we pass on into the other life.

The examples fused within the conversation do not keep it refreshing like aging wine but also like a cookie with coconut white- each bite melts with sweetness. The Artist Michelangelo comes alive as he creates life in his sculptures, the cats in give us real lessons of our interactions with nature but also with other species on the planet and our relations are as real as those we have with our own. The flowers, the wild flowers are so scented that I am drawn to the journey into the wilderness to look out for the actual flowers not to take them but to reflect on the conversation, the Serenity in Humanity, the beauty of a girl, the beauty of purity and the power of the word not the languages and search for wisdom all packed just to always keep me the reader wanting for more yet am restricted to a diet, yet I am humbled by the gracefulness of the narrative to keep me flipping to the next page expecting more than what is beyond the sleeves.


Please keep us wanting and never give up on those you love. My review is as a result of your love to me. Still wondering why you picked me out and I still wonder why I never said No to you.


If any is needed here, I was challenged by the fact that reality and myths are all stocked in the brain. And our choice or perceptions of anything is dependent on our levels of awareness and exposure. If we can believe in prophets of the past, and yet they were ordinary persons like us, if we believe in inventions and evolutions of realities like what we see in this same planet we have been on for our life time, with the same Divine or God we have always believed then we can be anything, and we can invent anything and we can evolve anything.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…..Philippians 4:13New King James Version (NKJV)

About Godfrey Lule:

Godfrey is the Team Leader of Tourism Alumni Consultants Ltd., Uganda. He holds a Post Graduate Degree in Sustainable Tourism Management from Maastricht School of Management. He is passionate about animal welfare, children, the environment and the arts. Godfrey has children of his own, the youngest is named "Joybell", after me! As far as I know, his daughter is the first baby named after me, and it was a true delight to find this out!

You may connect with Godfrey via LinkedIn.

Godfrey is smart. Be like Godfrey. =)

The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon, at CreateSpace, and at many other online stores. If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Dawn Of The Singularity And What That Means To You And Me

        My interest in The Singularity and Futurism was conceived a year ago. I read some things and noticed some trends, all pointing to the fact that we were beginning to move at incredibly accelerated speeds towards the dominance of Artificial Intelligence in our world. The speeds at which we were already moving, were truly staggering! It was very unnerving and it took a few months for my mind to wrap itself around what was happening. I was eventually able to grasp what was going on, and through a little bit of research, I confirmed to what extent we were really moving towards Transhumanism and total AI takeover. Just think: here in this timetable by Kurzweil, we are shown that beyond the year 2019, people will regularly use computer translators to translate language, thus closing off the language barriers; meanwhile, today you can already preorder a universal automatic translator that you can wear in your ear! And guess what? It's not even 2019 yet.
       What do I mean by "total AI takeover"? Maybe I should just say "total AI integration". Artificial Intelligence is being integrated into human life at alarmingly fast rates. Why not more people notice this, is beyond me. Perhaps the minds of people are too preoccupied with other current and trendy events (U.S. Elections, Syrian Refugee Crisis) that people are not seeing something that is propelling us so very quickly into an era of AI dominance. Or, it could be that, just as it was difficult for me to wrap my brain around this, it is equally difficult for others to wrap their brains around it, too, and what we are not able to wrap our brains around; we leave to rot at the wayside. But that doesn't mean it's actually rotting away, that just means in our minds it's rotting away!    
       I don't know if I can just simply call it "integration". There is not enough proof to claim that AI dominance will be a very real issue, aside from the fact that one of the most brilliant minds believes so and that other very brilliant minds also believe so. The word "integration", though, might just be the understatement of the decade, considering the fact that you may soon be swallowing AI robots, and that you may soon have nanorobots swimming through your bloodstream. I do think that "dominance" is the word when robots begin to take over the types of jobs that would normally require souls!  And I think "dominance" would be the word to describe humans developing deep emotional connections with AI robots!  Then, as if that isn't enough to use the word "dominance", then how would you feel about losing your job to a robot? 
       I am actually not even contemplating the pros and cons here. I am rather saying, that what is happening is going to continue to unfold, and that it is inevitable. I'm not saying that human beings should stand up and revolt; rather, I am contemplating and pondering upon whether or not— if there were ever to be an immediate political and societal struggle for dominance between human and robot— I would be on the side of the robots or on the side of the humans? At first, I most certainly believed that I would be standing beside my fellow human beings. But then on second thought... the human race is becoming rather despicable lately! I mean... what if robots don't become terrorists? What if robots don't tell everybody that they're vegan? What if robots don't steal your mobile phone? What if robots one day exceed the general human capacity for improvement and growth? Would you still stand by the human race then, or would you declare yourself a transhuman robot-advocate? Who knows! Worldwide events could have a dramatic effect upon how all these questions could be answered!
       But if you were to ask me if I would like the human race to be dominated by robots, my answer would be a resounding "no". I don't want to be on holiday, walking down broodingly romantic alleyways in Siena or in Rome, not knowing if the "person" I see at the other end of the sidewalk has a soul or not! For some reason, that just removes a bit of magic from the whole idea of going on holiday and walking through broodingly romantic alleyways! The cobblestone under your feet has been there since Pagan times, while the individual on the other side of the street might be a robot covered in 3D printed skin from head to toe. Something just doesn't seem right in that scenario. Does it make me feel sorrowful just thinking about the direction in which we are going? Yes, it does. I want the magic of the human soul and all of its capabilities to remain intact. In fact, if I could turn back time, I would turn it back to long ago, taking back with me the advancements in modern-day medicine, in order to enable the longevity of archaic human lives. But then it is not a matter of if I want this to happen or not. Inevitably, robots will dominate, whether we like it or not. The unnerving part is that right now we really can't say for sure which side we would stand by in the end— human or robot?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

       Today, I would like to talk about the virtue of helping people. I know that this is something that people project all the time, because people know that this is a highly-admirable character trait. So they are so loud about how good it is to help others, how we all need to help refugees, and so on and so forth.
       But I would like to talk about the deep virtue of helping people. The virtue that is not only Facebook-deep. You see, the universal problem in the world today is this: That people want forgiveness, but they don't know how to forgive; that people feel entitled to receive help from others, but they don't know how to help; that people want to be seen as good people, but they don't actually act like good people.
       We should not help others if it could cost us our lives, or if it could cost us everything we have. I am not an advocate of taking one's shirt off of one's back and giving that away to another person. But if you can help, and when you can help, even just a little, then why the hell not?
       It seems like when someone is in need, the reaction is to turn away rather than to run towards. Why is this the case? If you can help in a way that is not going to rob you of what you already have, then why aren't you going to do that? Do you not realise that one day, you will also need help? And do you not know that if you do not know how to help others, then help will also not be there for you? It is even possible to be a kind of person who always helps others, and yet, you do not receive help from others in return! Goodness is not always repaid by goodness, in this world. How much more if you do not know how to help another! Then surely, help will not in return come to you. Seldom is evil repaid by goodness in this universe.
       We must know when to help and when not to help. But one must always know the virtue of honestly helping another. My mother, father, and I— we have been helping people for as long as I can remember. My parents are the kinds of people who would take their own shirts off their own backs and give them to others. I am not that kind of person, simply because I have seen that there is no justice in this act. I will not take my shirt off and give it to you. But if I can, I can buy you your own shirt! Or I can give you a different shirt of mine, if I don't need it.
       Since I grew up with parents constantly helping others (my parents aren't perfect people, but one thing they truly are— are givers), helping people comes naturally to me. But I never really knew what it feels like to be helped, until the time came that I was stuck in my own hours of need. In your own hours of need— that is when you will learn the virtue of helping others, because you feel the need, yourself. It is something that (hopefully) you will never want any other person to feel.
       I know that this message has been taught and preached and taught and preached over and over again, to the point of sounding worthless; but I just want to say, that the people of the world need to ask themselves, "What is my worth in this world, if I am unable to help other people?"
       If Facebook points counted as points going to Paradise after death, then I'm sure, everyone would go to Paradise! But as it turns out, Facebook points don't count as real-life Paradise points! Passing Jesus' face around on Easter Sunday isn't going to help cleanse you of your sins. If you want forgiveness— forgive others. If you want help— help others in the ways that you can help. If you want to be a good person— act like a good person. This is just a friendly reminder.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Beta Reader Tayla

This is Tayla Beaumont. Tayla lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

This is what Tayla has to say about her experience reading The Conversation of Venusta:

“As a long time enthusiast of Ms JoyBell’s work, I was extremely honoured to have been given the chance to read the book prior to its release. There is something delicate and graceful in the way C. JoyBell C. writes – providing messages that resonate deeply with my soul. Throughout the book, much introspection was needed and I found myself learning and trying to unlearn many characteristics and mannerisms of who I am and who I strive to be. Learning to love yourself, and doing so selfishly, because you are worthy and deserve so much – but also not being blinded by the ego. Many emotions were triggered in these profound 215 pages and it was ultimately necessary to help me gain a better insight into myself and my actions. It is almost as if the author is speaking to me – this allowed me to confront and grow from those experiences and aspects of who I am, which I am extremely grateful for. I will be returning to this book often. I recommend the Conversations of Venusta to everyone who hopes to explore themselves in a raw and reassuring way. Everyone can learn and take guidance from it.”

And here's more to discover about her:

Tayla is the youngest member on my team of beta readers. She just very recently began her first year in University, working towards a Bachelor of Law at the University of Cape Town. I am thrilled that Tayla has been reading my work from high school, crossing that bridge on into University.

Zulu Land is Tayla’s hometown, she grew up on a farm in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal where she rides horses and also competes as an equestrienne. Tayla says that her animals have been a large part of her life, taken up a big space in her heart. Another thing she cares about is Women’s Rights, especially when having to do with her native land. Women’s Rights in South Africa has become a passion of hers, particularly in the context of race and gender intersecting, which is an area needing urgent attention in her region.

Tayla says that she aspires every day to become a better person than she was yesterday, and to hopefully help those around her in a way that will benefit and transform her society.

Tay would like to bring attention to the Women’s Legal Centre in Cape Town

You can connect with Tayla via her LinkedIn account

You can also follow Tayla on Instagram: @Tayla_Beaumont

Tayla is smart. Be like Tayla! =)

The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon, at CreateSpace, and at many other online stores. If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.

Monday, March 28, 2016

And So It Is Easter

       Today is Easter Sunday. We all have seen many posts about this Holiday, many beautiful pictures, and most probably you have also seen many articles about the Pagan origins of this particular Holiday; articles peddled by those who would seek to "enlighten" the masses and "set them free."
       Yes, I am aware of the Pagan origins of Easter. Also of Christmas, and nearly everything else. Even Thanksgiving is a Holiday celebrating the harmonious banquet that took place between Animist Native Americans and the newly settled Protestant British colonies in Northern America. But so what? I mean, really, so what?
       So, you have some ancient information that not everybody knows about— so what. So you feel that you have been set free by knowing the truth about a Holiday— so what? Does this make you a kinder person? A more loving person? Because if it doesn't, then what good is this knowledge in your hands? No good at all.
       It is amusing to me, to watch many people say to many other people, "Do not be a sheep! Wake up! Follow the Truth! Become enlightened! You are a slave, stop being a slave! Do not walk with the blind masses! Forge your own unique path!" And I am amused by this, because, while they are advocates of forging a unique path, they all share the same exact opinion. And they are all saying the same things. Therefore, they are another group defined as "masses" who share the same ideas, same opinions... albeit they are different from others, but then that just means that the others are also different from them. :-)
       So, Easter is all about Ishtar, and also all about Idunn, and also related to the Goddesses like Iris and Selene and Venus... so what? The eggs are all about Ishtar, Spring and the rabbits are all about Idunn, The rainbow belongs to Iris, the deer are loyal to Selene, the Love and Beauty is all about Venus... so what? Who said that all the gods are fighting, anyway? Jesus rose again after three days, therefore overcoming darkness, just as Spring overcame Winter... the reemergence of life! Is it not only man who makes the gods appear to be fighting one another? Men want to fight one another, and so they want their gods to fight one another, as well. Just because Easter is about Ishtar, that doesn't mean Ishtar hates Jesus. And Jesus doesn't hate Ishtar, either. The gods get along. All except for Loki, of course. So why can't people all get along?
       More valuable is the man who, in his heart, is steadfast to his religion, oblivious to "truths" and "enlightenments", than the man who has all knowledge about all ancient and secret things, yet holds no innocence within his heart. Innocence is far more valuable than knowledge. I could stand here in front of you, and know every single truth in the universe, and yet, none of that would be as valuable as the innocence that I also hold within my heart.
       More valuable is the man who visits Cathedral and bows a knee to pray at the marble feet of a Saint who, oblivious to him, is actually the reconstruction of an old Roman Deity; more valuable is he than the man who says, "I am free because I have knowledge!" Yes, knowledge sets us free, but sweetness of heart brings us eternal life. Religion does not bring us eternal life; sweetness of heart does that. There is far more sweetness of heart in a prayer on the lips of a man who humbles himself, than in the knowledge of the other man that does not cause him to be a more loving person or a more caring person.
       Blessed is the man who spends not his time finding fault in others, or in the ways of others. Blessed is the man who lives his life in love, harmony, humility, and acceptance.  May you have a blessed Easter, whether you are innocent or not.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Beta Reader Laurie

This is Laurie Anne Jackson. Laurie lives in Massachusetts.

This is what Laurie first had to say about Venusta, while she was still reading it:

“Five minutes in and I have the chills. I am only a few pages in and I was meant to read this book. Completely teary. Bless your beautiful heart and Soul.”

“This work of yours is truly needed in this world right now. These words are light and breath combined.”

And this is what Laurie is saying about The Conversation of Venusta now that she's done reading:

"From the moment I began her new novel and saw the introduction by C JoyBell C which read, 'This is for the Brave, This is for the True, This is for the Seeker, The Sage, The Pure', I knew that I was about to embark on a beautiful adventure with this book. I was ready to dive in and that I did. Whenever I have connected in the past with the words of C Joybell, I would always find myself at my deepest source and engulfed in words of truth. From that point on, I became almost obsessed with looking for more of her words, more of her quotes so that I could feel that sense of true understanding again! This book is no different from before. She helps the reader tap into their true nature of being whole and broken all at the same time. She does so by her own incredible capacity to share her deeply rooted, soulful and humanistic perspective with us. I wept at times and quite frankly I couldn't put the book down. It was as if I was reading precisely what I needed to hear at that moment as if an angel came to me whispering... 'Here, this is what you have been waiting for!' I felt truly seen while reading this book and after all, isn't that all we crave and desire: to feel seen by another?!

Although each one of us has indeed been broken in the past and maybe some of us even today still feel broken from loss, grief and heartache, The Conversation of Venusta is a reminder of what we each one of us share collectively and all that binds us as earthly human beings. What a way to heal! She articulately communicates (with passion that only she can do!) the fundamental need to feel connected to one another as human souls and that to be needed and to want another for intimacy, love and connection is our souls' highest purpose.

It is so easy to get caught up in the trance of feeling 'less than' in our society these days where we disconnect from ourselves and the world, but The Conversation of Venusta brings us directly home. Home is the place we most long for isn't it!? The place where we can be ourselves and weep if we wish to do so! This is the perfect book to pick up when we need the reminder that we are not alone in our hopes and our dreams. This is the perfect book to rediscover a glimpse into our soul and to cry even, as I did many times reading The Conversation of Venusta.

From a dialogue on the truth of the soul, the truth of the whole self, emotionality, shame and fear, she is able to emerge this great sense of knowingness within the reader which is incredibly familiar and profoundly beautiful. For someone seeking Freedom within their mind, body and soul, this is the book for them."

Discover more about Laurie:

Laurie provides mental health services in Southeastern Massachusetts, serving all populations from children to grandparents. In this capacity, she specializes in chronic relationship and family issues, facilitating children’s emotional and behavioral strengths, the impacts of loss, domestic violence, substance abuse and treating post-traumatic stress.

Laurie is currently an adjunct faculty member and Senior Instructor at both Bridgewater State University and Cambridge College in their Counseling and Psychology programs. Ms. Jackson’s passion is in the field of trauma as she received a Post Masters Clinical Certificate in Relational and Multi-Contextual Treatment of Trauma from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts in 2010. She earned a Master of Education degree from Bridgewater State University in 2009 with a concentration in Mental Health Counseling.

Her experience has primarily been with those impacted by trauma and also with diverse populations in low income communities. Her dedication to working with diverse populations affected by trauma is reflected in her travels to Uganda for an international service project in 2010 and also as a former child protective social worker. Ms. Jackson served as State Program Director in MA for the FEMA Crisis Counseling Program due to the tornado that devastated Western, MA. Ms. Jackson had the honor of being an external reviewer for the New Jersey Crisis Counseling Program grant application due to the Sandy disaster. Ms. Jackson recently completed the Fema-SAMHSA Train-the-Trainer Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program: Training State Trainers in 2012.

Ms. Jackson has conducted trainings related to all phases of the FEMA Crisis Counseling Program in Massachusetts. She is also familiar with the SAMHSA Crisis Counseling Program Data Collection and Online evaluation database. Lastly, Ms. Jackson has recently joined SAMHSA as a mental health disaster consultant.

You can connect with Laurie via her website and through her LinkedIn account:

Laurie is definitely smart. Be like Laurie. =)

The Conversation of Venusta is available on Amazon, at CreateSpace, and at many other online stores. If you would rather place an order of this book via your brick and mortar bookstore, simply order it at their front desk and it will arrive in two weeks, regardless of where you are in the world.