A Little Wonderful & Fireflies

This piece of mine is one of my absolute favorites, and it also drew a a great reaction from my readers! :) It remains, and will always remain, as one of my favorites, as it stays very very close to my heart. A Little Wonderful.

A Little Wonderful
(August 8, '09)

I feel like I am

a little wonderful.

In this

whole, whole
big, big
horrible, horrible

And there I am-

a little wonderful.

© 2009 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


  1. I always feel special wonderful when I'm looking at the ocean.
    Hope you have a great weekend Charity.

  2. It is wonderful to find individuals who feel as if they re a bit of magic in this world. Most of the time I feel as if I am little but an annoyance giving nothing to the world and taking everything that it sends my way. You can find out some of the stuff that happens in my life by checking out my blog.

  3. maybe more than a little wonderful, don't you think?

  4. You are a lot Wonderful! We all are.

  5. Well, my friend, wonderful is your middle name :)

  6. Hello Sares. :) Thank you. :)

    Struggling person...it's funny that you think you are an annoyance in the world-taking everything and giving nothing-yet you think I should visit you and read your writings...hahahhahhaha! Ok, I will pay you a visit... :)

  7. Star... no, not all Star. A lot of people are a lot of horrible! Not a lot of wonderful! :))

  8. G Tribe... and your comment has made me smile.

  9. Joanne/shutterbug... thank you... :)

    Thank you, Robin... :)

  10. I so know you better now after this post. Thats whats so great about blogging is getting to know so many gifted wonderful people out here.
    Thanks for sharing this and oh thanks OMG for leaving that funny comment on my site....You are the one that is funny lol

  11. and the world is a little beautiful...
    and we as a part...should try to create more of that beauty :)

  12. Hi Charity,

    A little Wonderful and Fireflies is what it says .... wonderful.
    And so are you!
    Thanks for visiting me and I hope that you have a fabulous week.


  13. Draffin/Carolyn- Thank you, and thank you also for your visit and comment! :)

    Veronica- Thank you. You are very kind. :)

    Muse- Yes, the world is, isn't it? :)

    Grandma Yellow Hair- aaahhh...yes...without the internet, our knowledge of people would be limited to the neighbor in our backyard. :) Cheers to the internet! And cheers to our blogs! :)

  14. You are wonderful. I love that song too. My girls listen to it alot so I hear it around my house and it makes me happy.
    ♥ Joy

  15. Thank you Joy. :) And I'm glad my song makes you happy. :)


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