(November 25, 2009)

In our eternal existence, who has the right to say that we only have one lifetime to live?

I think it is our mortal minds that put that lid on top of our vision, our beliefs. Our mortal instincts of logic, reasoning, become a lid screwed tightly onto our beliefs, trying to contain the magnitude of our existence.

Some of us go through our lifetimes keeping the lid in place. And even fastening it on tighter.

But I have taken the lid off and thrown it away! All away! Because I want to live this lifetime with no top end- and no bottom end! I want to breathe on the knowledge, the understanding, the passions, the lusts, the love, everything- that I have lived in all of my lifetimes before- I want to breathe on, breathe from- all of that. And then I want to feed on all the visions that I can have of many more lifetimes I will live after this one. I want to feed on the passions I know I will have, the love I know is mine, the many lusts and many joys that are all for my taking, the safety, the true love, that are anew and are awaiting me… I want to feed on all of that, today!

And so if I were a bottle…I would have no cork screwed into the top of me…and no bottom at the end of me. And so ordinary people would look at me and say to themselves “What use is there for a bottle like that?” But then the gods and God would look at me and say “Look at this funnel! This beautiful funnel of light!”

In the world today…there ought to be more funnels!

We like to think that eternity is something that we can see when we look up into the sky. Something that is far away. Out there. Something that we are not yet a part of. But the reality is that we are there- we are in the middle of it all. We are on one of the gazillions of planets in the universe- and we are there. We are here. We have eternity. Eternity is all around us. And it is inside us. What we must do is let it flow through us. Never-ending. Unfathomable. Never bound. Always flowing. Through us.



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  1. Hi Charity! This is some serious thinking going on here! Eternity can get to be overwhelming if you really stop to think about it. I like to think that we are all eternal, that we just exist on a different level as we're born and die and are reborn again.

    Thanks for the heads up about my comments not showing up. I don't know why, but I changed the format and it seems to be working now. A weird Blogger issue that crops up from time to time I guess.

    How DID you know I'd be going after the dessert! Actually, I'll probably eat the most of the sweet potatoes, which is like dessert! Christmas goodies are the ones I can't stay out of. Thanks for stopping in for a visit and I hope You have a beautiful eternal day!

  2. What a beautiful perspective of eternity. As a funnel, we don't have a load, we are light. We could be anywhere. I like it.

    Happy thanksgiving :)

  3. Hi, C!

    Beautiful philosophy about life! Subscribe to those written by you here ... Move all barriers and life will give you everything!



  4. Oh, you talk about a big question.
    Prince Hamlet said, To be, or not to be--that is the question. I say something, attitude is everything, heavens judge people by one how to treat Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, let one to be or not to be.
    personal opinion.


  5. What is eternity? That is the question. Past, present, future, up, down, near, far.....

    It's a lot to ponder.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    From the "softie" guys.

  6. Sares...eternity shouldn't make anyone feel overwhelmed. People should reach the point where eternity flows freely, never overwhelming.

    Malou, happy thanksgiving to you, too! :) Yes, your understanding of my writing is a good understanding, and has made me smile. :)

  7. Irina...thank you for your beautiful understanding of my writing! :) Many hugs to you, too! :)

    Jack(truth in china) ... yes of course...truth, compassion, and forbearance are substances of eternity! :)

  8. One of the Guys... eternity is what is continuous, what is forever growing, it is the absence of limitations of our spirit... the absence of ends (and tops) ... :) Ever-growing...all-encompassing... :)

  9. Beautiful words....I know I want to enjoy each and every day....I take everything in and am forever grateful for my life....

  10. what a wisdom you got in there C!

    i always am inspired whenever you write about life... it's a fuel that keeps us going...

    God bless you more!

  11. Hi Charity,

    What beautiful words you have written on life and eternity.
    Sure is a lot to think about and thanks for sharing this lovely writing with us.

    I hope that you are having a great weekend.


  12. Carolyn, Thank you for your visit and for your comment. :)

    Mike... I'm so happy to hear that your every visit inspires you. :) And you think my writings are a fuel that keeps everyone going? Thank you very much, I'm honored for people to consider my writings as such, it makes my heart swell with thankfulness. :)

    Diana E... Thank you, I'm very pleased to hear that you treat your life as such, and thank you for your visit and comment. :)

  13. Deep and beautiful, as always C. You are definitely a funnel of light. :)

  14. C, how well said. I also believe that we are the energy that fuels that eternity therefore we go round in circles so to speak. We are energy and life, therefore eternal.

  15. Thank you, Diana P., for seeing me as such. :) Hugs! :)

    Joanne, thank you Joanne, for your comment and visit! :)

  16. C, it is always a pleasure coming back here - in this cozy corner of your's - to ponder on life, love and eternity.

    you make this rusty brain of mind think,my views to be contemplated time and again as to its veracity and pertinence.

    yes, i concur that we need more funnels...for light to passes through. For an energy that feed life cannot be constrained in a bottle, it means to freeflow to experience eternity.


  17. Eng @ Salitype... Thank you very much for your visit, and you should always know that you are very welcome to come here and ponder and reflect and contemplate... :)

  18. I really like this post. Indeed, you are an excellent writer. There is no such thing as death, life is but a temporary illusion, and this time could be our last challenge. The more enlightened we become, the more likely we are to advance to a higher plane of existence. Having been to the other side, I can tell you that there is nothing to fear. There is much love and a never ending stream of knowledge on the other side, I wanted so much to take some of that knowledge back with me. The future past, and present are all there in the light, I suppose it would have given me an unfair advantage in this life. I was returned with only a faint memory of all the glory that I had witnessed, but I know it will still be there when we crossover for the last time.

  19. I have been thinking about this very idea a lot lately. I can't begin to explain, let alone understand, Einstein's theory of relativity but I think that is what you are talking about here. It is all relative and we are all part of this thing, whatever it is called.

  20. Thank you Charity for this. I love it. I too want to be a funnel!

  21. Nice and very spiritual words C.

    They reminds me the story of some waves who want to go to the ocean.
    They just forget that they are the ocean ...

  22. Hi Jen! Thank you for your visit and your comment! :) Continue to ponder and search! :)

    Star...together Star, lets be funnels of light! Beautiful funnels of light! :)

  23. Walt...thank you for your visit and your comment, Walt! :) I'm glad my writing has caused you to think and to remember many things. :)

    Patrick...that was a beautiful comment, Patrick! Say, I do believe I see a little peak into a little poet inside of you! :)


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