The Dawn

The Dawn
(December 31, 2009)

On the ghostly mists
That float over the
Darkness of the shadows
Of a day that’s past
Bloom and bud the
Blossoms of promise in
Tiny shining rays
Of light nourished by
The eternal soul and
As we stand at the
Cliff of a new day
Twilight will soon set in
All around us and
The tiny shining rays of
Blossoming promises will lead
Us home into the dawn
Of a new day

As the shadows of twilight
Fall and rest all around us
 At our feet
The dawn of our brand new
Horizons reach forth and
Call us into and forward

Steady as she goes

Forward always forward

© 2009 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


  1. Love those last two lines! Fabulous! It sounds like you've been in quite the whirlwind. I am happy to hear things are well with you and your family, I hope Christmas was joyous for you.

    As to Facebook, i don't have an account. I've been thinking about it but don't know if I want to do both. I'll let you know if I open one.

    Happy New year Charity, I hope 2010 brings you joy and blessings, not to mention the book coming out next year!

  2. Dear Charity,

    The Dawn is wonderful and thank you for sharing, my friend.
    I enjoy all you have to share with us.

    Happy New Year and may you have a wonderful year ahead with much love, good health and many blessings.


  3. Hey C,

    I just wanted to come by & wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    May 2010 be a beautiful, joyful, loving & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    I pray that all your dreams come true & that you will be so very fulfilled & happy!

    I thank you so much,
    With Love, Hugs & Kisses...
    D ^_^

  4. Hi Charity!!
    I was thrilled to see you had visited me, and even more thrilled to hear you have a book coming out!! Congratulations, that is absolutely wonderful!!!!! I am so happy for you, and cannot wait, I definitely will have to buy a copy, your prose is so beautiful! Sounds like you have been doing great!! Happy New Year to you my friend.
    ♥ Teresa

  5. Whoa, you really are so much more than just another very pretty face. That was a great poem!

  6. In the twinkling of an eye and the sparkle of the sun, words are born...blessings and hoping you have a happy New Year. (I love your thoughts)

    Dorothy from grammology

  7. Let us hope te bad times ends here as we start this year anew with the spirit of hope and peace. However there is one good thing about adversity. It makes frends become close, very close, closer to your heart than ever before. This alone makes it seem like a blessing.

  8. A lovely poem, Charity, to welcome in the fledgling year. I look forward to many more!

    Blessing to you in 2010.

  9. Yes, we have to move forward. What a beautiful poem for the new year. Wish you and your loved ones the best in 2010.

  10. The new year is going to oh so MARVELOUS!

    Don't you agree, my lovely?

  11. Hi Charity
    I want to Thank You for that wonderful comment you left on my blog. I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year.

  12. Happy New Year Dear Ms. Charity to you and all your loved ones.

  13. Everybody, thank you for your comments, your visits, your holiday greetings, thank you very much!!!!! :) I appreciate each one of you!!!! :)

    Muse... yes I do agree, Muse! marvelous and magical! And very magical! :)

    FishHawk... that's very touching, thank you very much. :)

    EPRose... thank you so much, and YOU'D BETTER buy a copy!!!!! hahahhaha!!!! Hugs!!!!

    D...thank you so much, D. :) I appreciate your friendship. :)

    Thank you, thank you, everybody! I hope that everyone is walking into the new dawn armed with magic, courage, grace, faith, trust, and love! A very happy and very prosperous New Year to all of you, my friends! :)

  14. A great sentiment moving forward in 2010! Happy New Year!!

    And steady as she goes.....


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