Invisible Happenings

Invisible Happenings
(November 24, 2009)

As your ship sails
Away into the
Misty horizon
Silent whispers
Go with it
Into the night like
Invisible happenings
I see them like
Ghosts that once
Laughed and skipped
With me but now
Turn their backs
On me
The ghosts fade away
Into the overcast horizon
They follow your ship
I am beginning to forget
That I once
Was there
Sailing your ship
With you

Copyright © 2009 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


  1. speaking of ships my great grandfather was the look out on the titanic... say no more ha ha

  2. what a great imagery for a sad loss... this is something new... first time i read a poem of loss from your blog...

    Big thanks for the award! I'm in gratitude...

    Before you totally miss this one, my poem "Ode to the Blue Rose" was really for you... notice the first letters on every lines of the poem... it spells out someting... find it out yourself... :-)

    Take care C!

  3. Stugod...if your great grandfather was the lookout on the Titanic then I am not sure I would ever want to sit in a car with you at the wheel, or anything else like that... hahahahahahahahaha! That is interesting, upon reaching your blog, I felt that you had some very rich history attached to you (although your blog is only all about things I don't even know how to identify....are those mechanical parts or something?) and alas, you truly have some very rich history attached to you! :) Although I wouldn't want to sail a ship with you! hahahhahahaha! :)

  4. Mike... You haven't been reading my writings for a long time, I can tell, for if you have, then you would have read many poignant writings by now.

    So your Blue Rose poem is actually for me? I am happy that I have inspired a poet so much as to write poetry about me! I am humbled.

    But I must admit, it is a bit embarrassing to read poetry that is actually written about me! Yikes! I read it again now, and I don't see any clues at all as to why it is for me (aside from the fact that the blue rose is obviously my symbol).

    Thank you for being poetically inspired by me, and thank you for reading my writings, thank you for your visits, and thank you for your comments. :)

  5. Some ships in my life sailed away, enjoyed life in exotic places for a season, gained life experience and maturity in their many journeys, and now have returned to join my voyage again. Blessings!

  6. So sad. We all have to watch ships sail away sometimes.

  7. Hi Charity, I feel like one of those passing ships....Sometiimes life gets away on you. I have missed you!!! It's been really busy around here the last few months but I'm finally posting again and hope nothing else goes wrong. Do you know when your book is going to come out yet? I can't wait to get it. You inspire me! Have a beautiful day! Hugs, Jennifer

  8. It is a wee bit chilly in this poem! A wee bit desolate but beautiful nonetheless.

    Thank you for the award sweet Charity! I think I've gotten three from you now, you are the award queen. I love your award page too. I've been trying to come up with another way to display my awards and your idea is a great one. Do you think I could borrow it? It might just be the solution to my problem. Thank you again for the SWEET award!

  9. Sad about the loss, yet
    "I am beginning to forget
    That I once
    Was there
    Sailing your ship
    With you".
    Short yet so poignant, as usual. I could relate to the feeling of loss and sadness, yet there's a sign that of moving on. Unforgettable poem. I like it very much C.

  10. I like this one, can certainly relate to it, a little sad but upbeat too.

  11. I often feel like a ship in the wind and clouds passing others and never knowing it.

    Dorothy from grammology

  12. Hi Charity,

    I enjoyed reading your poem and I think we all feel a little like this sometimes.

    I hope that you are having a great week


  13. Karin...that was beautiful, Karin! :) I read it over 3 times! :)

    Diana P. ... thank you for your visit and for your comment! :)

  14. Jennifer (For The Love...) ... Thank you for always thinking of me, and my book will be out soon, you can be sure I will announce it's release! :) Thank you for being so excited to grab a copy! I am immensely thankful for the support I have from you! :) Cheers!

  15. Sares...feel free to borrow my idea! And I hope that it will serve you well and solve your problem of arranging/what to do with all the awards that you get! :) I'd be happy if you borrowed my idea! Well, I didn't copyright it, did I? :)

    I like how you have internalized my writing... "A wee bit desolate but beautiful nonetheless..." You have indeed felt all my words. :) That makes me happy. :)

  16. MaLou...thank you for your constant support of my writings, and thank you for feeling that this poem is unforgettable. That is a strong word. Unforgettable.

    I am very glad that you appreciate this so. Thank you.

    Jen...Thank you for relating to my writing, and thank you for your visits and comments.

    Grandma D...oh Grandma stop sometimes to wave!

    Carolyn...thank you for your visits and for your comments! I appreciate it! :)

  17. Hi there, Charity. I've missed you and your blog!

    Your poem is beautiful and immediately reminded me of my dad's passing. You described exactly how I feel...

    Hope all is good on your end. :o)

  18. The imagery and metaphor grasp on to the senses like a cold wind and mist from the sea. Excellent C.

  19. I guess I haven't read the old ones... started reading posts from the day I followed your blog... hehehe... haven't explored the old ones yet.

    well, as for the poem... i didn't made it as obvious as it should be... but the poem is about the beauty of a blue rose - which is quite unique in the family of roses - and hidden in each lines is your name. the first letter of every lines spells your name...

    as for the inspiration... all i can say is "a thing of beauty is worth an inspiration". :-)

    God bless!

  20. such imagery........
    i have been transported!

    Hugs to you!

  21. such loss, such sadness! you transported me to a place where time standstill.

    exquisitely painful!!

  22. Salitype... "exquisitely painful".... I have no more to say!

    Muse...where have you been Muse? It is so wonderful to see you here again! I am glad to have transported you! :), I didn't notice any words spelling out my name or anything like that. :) Thank you very much, you are very kind to me. :) And I suppose I am "the thing of beauty" ? :) How very kind of you. :) Although, I think that soon I will become thoroughly embarrassed if you write any more poems for me! hehehehehe!

    Shutterbug... yes I do suppose so. Thank you Joanne. Very much. :)

    Holly...I am very sad for you at the passing of your father. I am glad, though, that my writing has been something for you to take deep into heart. I have also missed you. Wishing you well!


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