A Tragedy

A Tragedy
(November 11, 2009)

I think I caught
A glimpse
Of the whisper left
With you
The whisper that I
Left you
On the day when
You doubted

From the corner of
My eye
I see a feather
Laying there
A feather from my
Wing dropped
On the day when
You feared

On the edge of
My skin
I feel a teardrop
Your tear
Still warm but frozen
In time
On the day when
We lost

The whisper in your
Ear and
My feather on the
Ground and
Your tear somewhere near
My skin
On the day when
We fell

I hoped my soul
To whisper
For forever in your
Ear and
Cradle you in my
Wings and
Feel your every tear
But then…

…you stopped believing in angels.

Copyright © 2009 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


  1. It's a real tragedy that someone stops believing in angels. As you said in the comment you left in my blog, which I deeply appreciate, we must believe in magic. You're magic, Charity, and you're real. So you're the proof for the existence of angels!

  2. I am deeply, deeply moved by your comment, and I am left overwhelmed. Thank you.

  3. What a true moment of devastation you caught here. I can very nearly feel the loss, the way you described it. Sad, but beautiful.

    Thank you for your wonderfully sweet comments about my Christmas Angel. It is sad you don't have any childhood Christmas treasures, but I suspect with all of your travels you have some fabulous memories of far off places and people I can never even imagine.

    Thanks for coming by, I ALWAYS love your visits and comments!

  4. Hi Charity,

    Your words are always like magic ~ I love this sad, but yet beautiful piece.

    Thank you for visiting me.
    Have a great week


  5. Your words are so moving Charity. If only I could express myself in a fraction of the way you, but its your gift and I'm so happy you share it with us. I hope that someone is believing in angels again.

    P.S. I mentioned you in a post :)

  6. C,

    What a beautifully written piece, words from the soul are so profound and I will enjoy following you. I must use this venue to thank you for visiting my site since I cannot find a way to contact you on your site. Your poetry comes from deep within and I related to it instantly. Your comment on “Shattered” resonates within me; the poetry I create is “my life in poetry”. To me, poetry is like a painting, when I visit galleries I study a painting in hopes to discover the story behind the artwork. In writing poetry, I want the reader to discover the story hidden among my words.

    Best Regards,

  7. Magic is in the air this week I guess. The holidays always make me think of Angels and other mystical and wonderful creatures.

    Your poem unfolded like Angels wings. Yeah, a guy just said that! :)

  8. Hi there Charity. So sad was your poem, but very nice. Your writing is always very soft and gentle...

  9. Hi Charity! your writing is a fine art that can only come from you...I love it!! I would love to sell you my home, sometimes it gets to be too much to keep up!!! have a lovely day! hugs, Jennifer : )

  10. What a powerful poem, sad, heartfelt and hopeful all rolled into a piece of expressive brilliance. Your poetry C, continues to amaze and delight me.


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