(November 16, 2009)

The universe is infinite. Never-ending, constantly expanding, always growing. And we know this. And since we know this, I wonder why we choose to put limits onto ourselves. I wonder why we would rather build roofs on top of our spirits and say “That’s the top and that’s as far as I will go and then I will be happy.”

Too often, and for too many of us, our stars are hanging too low, too shallow in the deep, vast universe. And we pick the nearest stars to gaze at when in fact; there are horizons of stars far beyond the ones that we pick. There are galaxies and solar systems and supernovas and star clusters and nebulas…

If we can only see a certain horizon of stars now, that may be only what we can see, but we can know that when we reach these stars- then we will be nearer to the next star cluster. We will be all that closer to the next supernova, the next galaxy, the next solar system. And if we want to zoom through the universe faster, we can always ride on comets!

We must always know. Even if we do not yet see. We must know that after good there is always best and after best there is always better than best and then after that, there is even the best of the best and then after that there is always spectacular!

We come from a limitless universe. We began from an infinite beginning. Why do we put limits onto our visions? Why do we measure up ourselves according only to just what our two eyes in our heads can see?

I know that I will always be zooming on the back of a comet.

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  1. We definitely are infinite souls and we are only given the opportunity in our finite state to decide where to spend eternity. We shine the brightest when we allow Christ to live His life through us - He is the bright and morning star! That is a huge mystery! Have a great week-end.

  2. The mystery of the planets and where we fit is always so overwhelming, I loved for that reason planet of the apes, and the thought that what if things were different.

    Hugs Dorothy from grammology

  3. I don't doubt, Charity, that you will be whizzing about the universe on a comet and I hope that we will be out there among the shooting stars together, having a high old time.

  4. this is an encouragement. our mind can achieve this infinity, it can even conceive something beyond our body can achieved.

    i guess limits and infinity are asymptotic if i may use math. we may approach infinity closer and closer but we'll never gonna meet. that's the limitation, because we are creatures subject to time - that makes us a finite being. subject to an end, a limit.


  5. Thank you for writing this and yes most of us including myself have limited myself in my dreams and other parts of my life.
    I am sure that as young and bright as you are you will be on that comet zooming here and there.
    You stopped by my site and ask is that my tub. Yes it is mine alone except when Tinkerbell jumps into it to play hide and seek.
    Take care

  6. Thank you for the pep talk Charity. I needed it.
    I know you are soaring and will continue to soar.
    ♥ Joy

  7. Hi Charity,

    I loved the thought of you zooming on the back of a comet around the universe.
    Lovely writing and may all your dreams and wishes come true.

    Happy week

  8. What a lovely post! Thank you so much for sharing this.

  9. You on point, gurl! hehe..I'm not That evolved, I wrote this piece about two people taking nature spirit elixirs as the shamans work with to reach higher dimensions, so I hear what your saying, those arthurian realms and stuff are real as well, I will actually explore this stuff in my writings, anyways you neednt publish this more of just a msg.

    Thank you!


  10. I thought you had wings, and didn't need a comet.
    That is a lovely piece you have written.

  11. If you really stopped to think about the universe being infinite, you can make yourself dizzy! I have a post next week on stars and while looking at photos from the Hubbel telescope, I was awestruck, I am awestruck too think that our spirits could be infinite.

    Thanks for stopping by Bells, it's always such a pleasure to read your wonderful comments!

  12. Wonderful words! Beautifully said. Charity, I hope that you will always ride zooming on the back of a comet. You certainly deserve to!

  13. thanks for the visit... :)
    hows the book going?

  14. Hope to see you at I have some art of mine there on todays post
    at I have some lovely flowers with poetry.

  15. Karin- That's true, Karin! Jesus, the Son of God, is the Bright Morning Star! :)

  16. RNSANE/Carmen- "Having a high old time" -- indeed Carmen, indeed!! :)

  17. Mike- hahahahahahaahahahahhaahhaha! And you are the person who is there only seeing the stars in your own horizon! This piece, my friend, is for you, I guess! :)

  18. Grandma Yellow Hair- Oh... but one does not stop and ask oneself "how old am I?" before jumping onto the back of a comet! :) One just does it! :) So you still can, too! ;)

    Joy-ie - Anytime, Joy! :) And why don't you soar with me? :)

    Draffin/Carolyn- How lovely of you to wish all my dreams and wishes come true! :) Thank you! :)

    Veronica Lee- Your welcome. And thank you for your visit! :)

  19. Freedom For China- Surprise! I published your comment! hehehehehe! Oh, you seem to understand what I am talking about, but, I don't understand what you are talking about... hahaha! :D

  20. Donald S- Well, my dear Donald, sometimes comets zoom faster than wings! :)

  21. Sares- But our souls ARE infinite! Of course they are! Of course WE are! Then where do you think that we go to, if you're not sure that we're infinite? But you must know, you must know. :)

  22. Mary Anne- Thank you. What heartwarming words. :) Thank you. :)


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