The Twenty Thousand

Photograph by Mr. Y.

The Twenty Thousand
(January 15, 2010)

About twenty thousand
Divided into four
All at my right hand
On the grey ocean shore

Golden horses leap
With knights on their backs
Statues come to life
They breathe as I pass

O’er the blue-grey stones I tread
The sky grey as the shore
Captured by the cold beneath my feet
The smooth stones; weathered but unworn

Five thousand golden horses
Suddenly they leap
Five thousand grounded warriors
Alas! They lift their feet!

Five thousand great rocks
True soldiers they’ve become!
Five thousand bronze statues
Together lift their swords!

The sky a still blue-grey
Reflected on the waters
The stones beneath my feet
Licked by the frosty vapors

Here beyond the great door
The great door that I opened
I breathe life to something ancient
Ancient and long-forgotten

About twenty thousand soldiers
Divided into four
And the golden horses
Awaited me on these shores

And now they breathe

To where they go

I don’t know

© 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


  1. I love the new look! It's much softer and suits your beautiful writings so well. This latest poem is another masterpiece! I hope your week goes well, now that you have the nasty re-design out of your hair!

  2. This is a very magnificent poem, Charity.

  3. Wow Ms Charity, a nice job. It looks good and is very pleasing to read. You are a great writer and I love to visit. Very profound and inspiring poem. Keep writing.

  4. Well done Charity, thats a great piece of work once again.

  5. Excellent my dear C, you are the mistress of verse, this is stunning in it's form and style. BTW, Love the new look.

  6. An amazing growing intensity, and that final breathe...!

    How is your book doing? I hope that you're enjoying the prepress process (that's my job, I'm at the prepress department of our publishing house). Tell those fellows, whoever they are, to treat you well, OK? And squeeze them until they make a proper design and printing! (we can be so lazy, he he).

  7. Just like life, no one is sure..where the serenity or peace we feel comes or goes from.

    Hugs to you sweet lady..

    Dorothy from grammology

  8. You did it again Charity! Just Beautiful!
    I'm sending you an email.


  9. Charity,
    I couldn't find your email address. Here is the info:

    I think it is so Awesome that you are in the process of publication of a new book!
    I am a member of a group called First. It means Fiction in Rather Short Takes. Yes, they do help book writers to promote their books. I am however, not in charge of this. I want to give your the information so that you can contact the woman in charge of the group. Her name is Mimi Pearson. Her email address is: The web site is:
    Feel free to check it out. Many Christian writers are involved in it.

    God Bless You,

  10. Sounds like the Muse talking, conjuring strange shapes out of aery nothingness and breathing into them the fire of life.

  11. C

    First, I like your new template. Cleaner, simple and elegant than the old one.

    Second, I've missed a lot of your post - poetry most which are excellent. I've been busy should I say rested for a while.

    Third, about this poem. It's magnificent, great imagery. I like the rhythm and rhyme. I'm drowned by the poem that I couldn't get its logical meaning. Sorry hehehe

    How's the start of the year?

    Take care always. And oh, I'm still waiting for the release of your book! Keep me posted! :-)

  12. Thank you for leaving your Friend Description Word :)
    Hi there you !!! I do believe it is fixed...I had several readers check for me, and they represent the 4 corners of the globe (as if the globe had corners! LOL )

    Your image matches your words perfectly...
    The stillness....
    Where do they go?
    I will keep trying to figure that out.

  13. Mike- Hello! Where have you been for so long?? I hope you are well and rested now! Mike, if you search for logic, you will not find it here with me. :) Before you come here, leave your logic at the door, and set your spirit free. :) And expect not to find your logic again here with me, for you will not find it here!!!!

    Free yourself.


  14. Muse- Okay I will try to check your site again to see if it is fixed. Thank you for the info. And I doubt you will find them, unless you know where to find the door that I speak of, and I think only I know where it is.... :)

  15. Jack (truth in china) - Thank you for your visit and comment, Jack! :)

  16. Nothing Profound- I am not sure what "the Muse" is... but I like how you describe her... yes maybe it is me.... :)

  17. Jeanie- thank you! thank you! and thank you!!!!! :) For your visit, for your comment, and for the info you have left with me!!!!! :) Blessings upon you, as well!!!!! :)

  18. Queen Mother Mamaw- And you are a dear friend of mine and I love for you to visit me and read my writings. I'm very thankful to have you as my reader and as my friend, and I'm very glad and very touched to know just how much my writing means to you, and how much you love this here piece. :)

    Many kisses,

  19. RNSANE- Magnificent is a very strong word. I am honored that this word is associated with my writing. Thank you for crowning me with this honor.


  20. Sares- so glad that you adore this new blog design I have!!! Thank you!!!!

    And thank you for calling my writings masterpieces! That makes my heart swell with pride and joy!!! :)


  21. Wonderful writing Charity and the photo is lovely.

    I hope that you are having a great week


  22. You never cease to amaze me. I love your poems. I stop by everyday. The ocean picture is also great.

  23. Thank you. I'm very touched and happy to hear your words. Thank you for your kindness, and you are always welcome, every day, to stop by. :)

  24. Thank you for the beautiful poem! May the golden horses always watch over you!

  25. Those words in your poem are so artistic! Used so finely. I have enjoyed reading your poems. The new look is attractive.

  26. Self Sagacity-- Thank you, and I appreciate your visits and your comments. :)


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