Yesterday & Today & A Lesson

Yesterday- I spent the whole day working on this new web site design. I spent the morning searching for the perfect design template that I want, then I spent the afternoon installing and uploading and customizing it for myself.

Today- I am thankful that my old design got broken, because I love this new design so much more than the older one! Not only is it more aesthetically pleasing, but it's ten times more functional and efficient than the older one!

Lesson we can all learn from this- Never be afraid of change!

May all of my treasured readers and friends and family enjoy my new web site design as much as I do! Cheers to change and beautiful new beginnings!

p.s. If you look closely, you'll find two snowflakes on here! One is white and one is blue! They are my good luck charms! :)


  1. congrats on the new is fresh and modern..
    bright and light :)

  2. oh goodness, really?
    I will go see right away :)
    thank you for telling me...
    do you get an error message? :(

  3. Well, you got it all done, Charity, and it doesn't seem to have traumatized you a bit. It's lovely!!

  4. Congratulations on your new look! Enjoy!

  5. Charity, I'm so impressed, I wish I had you here to help me give my tired blog a good sprucing up. This looks wonderful. Good for you for going for it with your inspiring detemination.
    Love it,
    ♥ Joy

  6. Hi Charity,

    What a lovely new look to your blog ~ you have done a wonderful job ~ Congratulations and enjoy the new look.
    I look forward to coming back to visit.

    Happy week

  7. I love snowflakes..and the site is lovely.


    Dorothy from grammology

  8. Wow!! Charity, impressive blog with the new design!

    Much enjoyed reading your journey with the Template change, yes, it is true, "Never be afraid of change."
    Love this Sooooooooo Much!

    Have a beautiful week ahead...:)

    Warmest greetings,
    From Zuzanna

  9. The new design and layout is great. A job well done!

  10. C, I love your new design and I found both of your good luck charms. Like fairy dust they watch over, protect and sprinkle you with happiness and love :)

  11. Thank you, one and all!!!! And I am so glad that everybody loves my new blog design so much!!!! :)

    And Joanne (Shutterbug)- yes, they watch over me, protecting and sprinkling me with happiness and love :)


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