-This piece was inspired by the song that follows below-

(Feb. 22, 2010)

The moon is high and shiny
Above me and the papers
Are torn into pieces all around me

Shreds float on the grass

All the words that I write
I’ve forgotten if I wrote them
To hurt me or to hurt you

Prickly pins on papers

But the sun is high and shining
Above me and the balloons
Are down on the ground all around me

They stay here with me

All the tears I’ve cried
I’ve forgotten if they have fallen
Before or probably not yet

I wish I knew

And the moon is high and shiny
And the sun is high and shining
Papers torn, balloons on the ground

I am here

But laughter…it fills my heart…at
Just the thought that maybe
You could look at me

And look past

What I see

Under the torn words and
Just over the drowned balloons

Is me

And I

Know that you’re used to

Balloons in colors flying in the sky

But if you see me

Could pick me up and

Have something sort of beautiful

Copyright © 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


  1. Hello,C!

    You are so creative!C,you have a real talent!!!!Beautiful words...



  2. Hi C. Your blog looks great. Your poetry is so expressive but so profound. We are way off the time schedule around here due to all the snow so the Valentine Dance had to be rescheduled. Thanks for stopping by dear one. Blessings

  3. Thank you for sharing, you are so talented and creative my friend.

  4. Here is my favorite part:

    You could look at me

    And look past

    What I see

    That says so much.....
    Here in thos lines...I felt my heart yearning :)!!!!!

  5. thank you so much...for all the hugs and thoughts and prayers about Dad. your kindness means more than you will ever know.

  6. Dear Charity,

    Beautifully penned poem.
    The feelings are warm in your words.
    The poem speaks of romance.

    PS: Thank you for visiting the Buddha of Hollywood blog.
    I am just a CO- Blogger to that one. Buddha is the one who get the work done. I have post only two postings there.
    He asked if I can help, so I agreed.

    Nice work,

  7. hi C, nice to be back here.

    i feel ache and sadness, why is it the most painful can inspire something so beautiful.....

    i love it, every word, every phrase.


  8. it is completely beautiful . . . very touching :)

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  10. how wonderful and full of imagery...

  11. Charity, I meant to reply to your questions sooner but have been so cluttered with other stuff on my mind. The water fountain picture is in California, US and I am Vietnamese - another question you had in the comments. I stopped by today to let you know that I find you a Beautiful Blogger, and have an award waiting for you on my blog today. If you are interested please visit me and accept the award. Chao` my dear!

  12. Someone will pick you up and see beauty, your Guardian will see to that, as long as you have patience.

  13. Hi Charity,

    What lovely writing ~ thank you for sharing your talent with us.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend


  14. Love the new name change! I hope it works for you and brings all sorts of positive energy your way Bells!

  15. Yes-to see beyond the words, the tears, even the laughter, to discover the person behind would certainly be "To have some sort of beautiful."

  16. Thank you, Irina, for your kind words.. :) I'm thankful to have you as a reader.. :) And a friend.. :)

  17. Queen mother mamaw- thank you, I'm honored to have anyone refer to my writings as "profound" ... thank you. :)

    Umihoney- thank you so much for your visits, and for your kind comments. :) I'm thankful to have you here. :)

    Muse- I am glad to be a "shoulder to cry on" for you. This makes me glad for you to have found this in me.

    And thank you for your visits and comments, and I am very glad to hear that my words can make your heart yearn... :)

  18. Zuzanna- I am thankful and very glad for you to feel warmth when reading my words. :)

  19. Eng- If you say that you feel aches and sadness both at the same time, then you are reciprocating very well to my writing.

    This is very human- and this is why you find so much beauty in my writings (you have said this about my writings many times also in the past) because there is beauty in being human. And in being human- we are not all happy and we are not all sad- we are both and when we can take that and mix that together in our chalice, we can have beauty in our cup.


  20. B.Held- Thank you. Very much. :) I truly enjoy your visits. :) :)

  21. S Sagacity- Thank you for the award! I will probably pick it up in a month or so... but thank you so much, I will pick it up and post it by and by... :)

    Donald S- And by "guardian" I suppose you are meaning yourself?? :)

    Draffin Bears- Thank you, and a wonderful week ahead, to you! :)

    Hey Sareski- I'm happy you like my new pen name!!! :D Thank you so much for you "blessings" .. :D

  22. M Who Hurts- Your screen name makes my heart ache... why do you hurt so...?


    Thank you, I am glad my writing has touched your heart.


  23. Your new picture is very pretty! Woohoo for another good looking girl on this planet. Smiles.


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