(December 23, 2009)

A piece of a soul
All covered in blue
I picked up by a stream
A steady stone pathing my way

A part of a soul
All warm like sunshine
Shimmered and blazed like light
Just behind the waterfall
Guiding my way like
A torch in the night

A pocketful of a soul
Clear and wishful
Like midday
Swims around me like air
Through to the mountaintops
It leads my way

Pieces of a puzzle
A puzzle I make my bridgeway
My bridgeway of steel, wood, and rope
Steady leading the way o’er
The waterfalls
To the other side

Pieces of a puzzle
A puzzle I make my pathway
My pathway of stone, brick, and tar
Steady providing my tread o’er
The forest moss-grounds
Through the woods thick

Pieces of a puzzle
Feelings that I see
Are whispers in my ear
Are voices calling me

Copyright © 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


  1. My favorite lines...
    " A pocketful of a soul
    Clear and wishful
    Like midday"
    .........................those resonate!

  2. :)

    Midday is always wishful, I think, because it's not early enough to be worried, and not late enough to be disappointed...midday is always wishful...


  3. You are a clever wee lassie. I like all of it, it inspires romantic imagination.

  4. Love the last stanza! I could relate :))

    Greetings from Bangkok! Happy Chinese New Year.

  5. That's for your wonderful comments on my photographs. For a novice like me, there uplifting and encouraging.

    I've replied to your questions in my blog.

    Thank you.

    Btw, you're poem points out many interesting subjects to photograph like waterfalls, mountaintops, forest moss-grounds, pathway of stone, brick & tar, especially the torch in the night.

  6. Charity, thank you so much for my Beautiful Blog Award! I think you have given me more awards than anyone in the land, you sweet thing! Thank you thank you again and once again your words speak to the heart!

  7. So rich and flavorful in imagery, you've done a wonderful job C.

  8. First, yes voices are calling you to write as you are so gifted, and then the color is so beautiful it must be our souls and I felt mine as I read your words...astounding...I love this the color was in touch with the words.

    Dorothy from grammology

  9. Great job as usual, C. Keep it coming!

  10. Lovely one, this is so well done, a painting so visual!

  11. Hi Charity,

    Wonderful writing and always great to come and visit you.

    Enjoy your week

  12. Thank you Carolyn, for your visit and for your comment. :)

  13. Donald S- Thank you Donald. :)

    MS- Thank you for your visit and for your comment. :)

    dio t'ama- So I guess you would like to take a camera into my head and photograph all of my thoughts... ?? :)

    Sares - I always think about you first, when I get an award! So I can't help but to award you, too! :)It makes me happy that my words always speak to your heart. :)

  14. Shutterbug/Joanne- thank you for your visit and for your comment. :)

  15. Dorothy- I am especially touched to hear from you how you feel your own soul inside you, whilst reading my writing. That stirs me in so many ways.

  16. Veronica, Lynn, RNSANE- thank you once again for your visit and for your comments. :)


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