The Princess

The Princess
(December 8, 2009)

I tell you a tale
Come from a time long ago.
And from a place
That only I know.
A place and a time that
I come from; a place
From the magics of old!

There once was a soul,
The soul of a girl; from the
Brightest star dusts she was made!
From the dusts of Alcyone
One of the seven sisters
In Pleiades there she was formed!

Into her God breathed life
And called her “Alnair” (the bright)
For a true princess
That she would be!
Gifted with the brave heart of
Monoceros and the winged soul of
Altair, a real and true princess was she!

On the back of Pegasus
She descended to earth
And was one day born a girl.
Every mountain she climbed, every
Dark valley walked
Dared her forget who she was!

She learned bravery from the lambs,
Faith from the soft voices
She learned love and care
From a stone.
With what she had;
From this she made glad;
Unshakeable and trustworthy was she!

For the princesses of today
Are not princesses at all!
A princess is never naïve nor weak!
Nay! Though blessed with the angels’ face,
And all of the angels’ grace;
Unmovable in valor she should be!

Though they dared her forget
Her own heart, her own soul; Alnair
Faltered not in the end!
She toppled beasts and fought witches
From the stead of her throne
The throne which her soul
Sat upon!

For your enemies can never make you
Who you are not
And darkness can never make you forget!
You who are born a princess
With the angels’ face and all of their grace
And inside you lies a true hero’s heart!

Copyright © 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


  1. mmmm... one of my absolute favorites... very close to my heart... :)

  2. For your enemies can never make you
    Who you are not
    And darkness can never make you forget!
    You who are born a princess
    With the angels’ face and all of their grace
    And inside you lies a true hero’s heart!


    Happy spring my dear friend!



  3. My dear friend, when you can spare the time please visit my blog,I have an award for you :)

  4. I love fairytale. I believe we all live in fairytale. It is the only place we can escape too when reality is too much to take. Thanks for your wonderful comment on my post at TSS.

    Maine is indeed beautiful and I did love winter at some point. If only I didn't have that almost fatal accident winter of 2008 winter will always be my favorite season.

  5. hi C, me!

    now, i do not feel sad. you make me feel bold enough to fight a battle like a true princess should.know what, this reminds me of one of your writing before....something like someone who truly belongs on top of the mountain and someone down the valley. i don't know, just thought about it.

    have a lovely day!

  6. Hi Charity,

    Love your Princess tale and I think there is a little magical
    quality in us all.
    Beautiful piece and thanks for sharing.

    I hope that you are having a wonderful week

  7. I love this Charity. I wish it had been a children's fairy tale book, read to me as a little girl.

  8. Star- I also wish that this was something that was read to me when I was a little girl. It would have changed the way I grew up, had I read it before, I would have hidden it inside my heart, kept it forever, and it would have been my shield against all the darts and arrows and stones and swords. Well... we didn't have this for ourselves when we were little girls...but somebody had to write it...and I'm glad that someone is me!


  9. Draffin/Carolyn- Thank you. I am smiling to read your comment. :)

    Eng- I am very very glad that I have opened the door for you into the truths of the true princesses. Souls filled with valor, honor, and a heart of a true hero. :)

    Ruthi- Thank you for your visit and for your comment, and, feel free to create your own magic all around you. :) There in Maine. :) I'm sure it won't be hard for you. :)

    Umihoney- thank you, so much, for the award. :) I will post it by and by, my friend. :) Thanks again. :)

  10. Brian- How nice to see a man who appreciates this writing. :) Do you have a daughter/daughters? Read this to her/them! :) Thank you, for your visits and comments. I appreciate them very much. :)

    Irina! ♥ You always make me smile big and wide when you pay me a visit! :) Just the thought of your visit makes me smile, already! :) Thank you so much, and I am very thankful and glad to hear of how beautiful you think my writing is, and have enjoyed it much. :) Read this to your daughter. ♥

  11. Hi Bells! Now this would make a beautiful song/ music video! The visuals come to my head so vividly, that's what your amazing writing can do!

    I hope you are doing well and I am glad to hear I was missed, it warm the soul to hear!

  12. What a beautiful tale. I think there's a princess in each of us. I so love the last stanza!

  13. HI.Just happen to come across your blog...and i'm glad I did.Like finding a hidden treasure.

    I love your works.I write ,too.Not that good,but i do love doing it.Reading your works inspired me to do better.And I guess you touched the princess in me.^-^

  14. That is an amazing piece of work. Congrats Ms. C.

  15. So brave! What about her brothers, princes?

  16. Beautiful words, Charity...and speaking of beautiful, I love your picture there! Very nice.

  17. This is great! I've always loved strong princesses in fairytales (the weak ones waiting to be rescued by princes are just sooo boring)

  18. s Nice poem. Beaitiful words and a nice story work of art.

    The Torch Bearers


  19. Hi Charity! I decided to start blogging again...I love the princess poem...My new blog explains everything but read the first post, first...I havre missed you!! Hugs, Jennifer

  20. Sareski- OF COURSE you are missed- always- every time you "go away" ... Thank you for saying my writings are amazing... :) ♥ you, Sareski! ♥

    MS- The last stanza makes me cry, as well... :)

    June Butterfly- I'm honored to be an inspiration to you. Thank you for allowing me that privilege. :) Thank you for your visit and for your comment, and you are always welcome here, please feel free to come back, whenever... :)

  21. Queen Mamaw- Thank you, Queen Mamaw, ♥

    Truth in China- Her brothers? Oh...she has no brothers and no sisters... she is an only child.... :) Thank you for your question. :)

    Holly- Why thank you, Holly ♥

  22. Lynn- Well, Lynn, there are real princesses and there are fake princesses. To be a true princess, you must possess a true hero's heart. ♥

    Colleen- Thank you Colleen. ♥

    Torch Bearers- Thank you, very much for your visit and for your comment. :) :)

    My PPL- Jennifer, thanks so much for writing again!!!! We all missed you!!!! We're glad you've come back with a new blog! We'll all be visiting you again soon (I know I will) loooooove ♥

  23. Well Charity, I am thinking this is one of the mythology princess. I am so not into fancy words, but so far learning from reading your blog!

  24. SS- No, this is no other princess, but my own princess. :) I have created her, she comes from no myths, she shares no legends with another. :) But yes, you may always learn from my creations... :) Of course, the names of stars and constellations that I use, are taken from history, astronomy, legends, and writings. :)

  25. Charity, most beautiful poem dear you have written. Much enjoyed reading and visiting with you...Thank you my friend...Z...:)

  26. Okay, I will read this to "my" princess Trinity, and tell her about princess Charity. :-)

  27. •♥•Yes, so passionate! I love this mighty princess of yours!

    "There once was a soul,
    The soul of a girl; from the
    Brightest star dusts she was made!"´¯`•.¸¸.♥•

    Ah, you've made me feel like a princess too, haha!



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