Safely Yours...

~ C


  1. a star in your hand. i have so much guilt.

  2. These pictures are unique, what do you make of it? Is there a tale behind this that you would like to share with these common eyes? For me it expresses protection, such delicate thing inside a firm loving palm. Well, am I close? Smiles.

  3. Brian- Yes, Brian. :)

    Kow- Don't be guilty. :)

    Muse- Yes, I always do... :)

    SS- Well, I know that these photos are poignant. When I share photos, I don't want to add words to them, as I think that the photos themselves can provoke and conjure up human emotions. :) They may provoke different emotions, differently in each person. :) Personally, I feel like those little flowers right there... :) This is how I really feel... :)

  4. oh my, you photo's so cute (^^p)
    what a petite flower you had.. :D

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  5. Omigosh how sweet! I love your new layout too! ^-^


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