The Way I Made Christmas

I had such a joy preparing our Christmas Eve table, December 24, 2009. ♥

The cake is a white chocolate cake and I bought it as just a plain white chocolate cake; and the red, red strawberries and cranberries are my own personal touch to it!!! I thought I would really enliven the cake and make it joyous and festive!!!! :)

Of course, festive times are an "East- meets- West" sort of a celebration, in my home! Hence, the Chinese pork and shrimp dumplings! :)

As you can see, I used rolled up Christmas wrapping paper layed out on the edge of the table (at the back) as a decoration to add the the festivity of the whole gathering of food, as a collection.... I think this made for a very creative and simple and heartwarming touch to the overall feel of my Christmas Eve table... :) The little, short colorful rolls scattered across the table are actually cooked/baked milk rolls! Very yummy! A local delicacy children and adults both adore and love! ♥

These are beef and pork dumplings my mama and I made together ...♥ 

I love Christmas Eve.... I love my Christmas Eve table...... :)


  1. I think this is what a writer's Christmas Eve table should look like~ fresh out of a fairy tale story~ :D

  2. Wow, it had to be delicious. It's the best Nochebuena table I've ever seen, and the combination with Chinese food is perfect! I adore fairy tales.

  3. Yes Fullet, you are right to call this a "Nochebuena" table! :) And thank you, for adoring fairy tales! :)

  4. wow. beautiful table with lots of wonderful food...

  5. Hello,C!

    What are these?????

    What a beautiful table with so delicious things...I whant it!!!Now!!!



  6. Absolutely beautiful. I would love to have Christmas Eve dinner with you and family. We have Christmas Eve get together after Christmas Eve Mass. So I would have to make it quick. I found my award below and thank you for thinking of me. I find it hard to find folds who will take awards. They think they are a lot of trouble and they do take some time. But I consider it impolite not to accept. Thanks Charity.

  7. What a wonderful feast! Both for the tummy and the eyes! The pictures are wonderful. Your table was truly a work of art! I'm afraid when I cook art never enters into my mind. Beautiful!

  8. Oh wow! These are divine!

  9. The dumplings look delish and your table is so beautiful. I love it.
    ♥ Joy

  10. I couldn't stop drooling looking at these pics... pathetic, LOL. I wish I know how to make dumplings, love them!

  11. Wow! I am very impressed! You put such care and love into your table and the feast the lies upon it. No wonder you love it so much! I always like to take pictures of the table with the food so i can look back on it too. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us!

  12. Yummy. The dumplings and chocolate would be my first choice to eat.

  13. Wow Charity! The dumplings looked delicious! You're quite a cook my dear! Yumm...all your decors looked beautiful as well!

  14. Oh you are such an artistic hostess! is BEAUTIFUL !

  15. Irina~ Just come over here, you can have some, anytime! :)

    Brian Miller~ Thank you, Brian! Want some? :)

    Queen Mamaw~ I would LOVE to have you over for Christmas Eve! And Christmas Day, too! :)

    Mary Anne~ It's my desire to make everything my hands touch, a truly beautiful work of art! :)

    B.Held~ Thank you, I'm glad that you feel so! :)

    Joy~ Come over next Christmas Eve, Joy!!!! :)

  16. Lynn~ No, it is not pathetic to fall in love! Whether it be with a person or with my Christmas Eve table! Why would you think you are pathetic? That's odd....stop being this way and ENJOY your LIFE!!!! Every moment of it!!!! :)

  17. Sareski~ I'm so glad you enjoyed the product of my care and love, Sares! ♥

  18. Dio t'ama~ Dumplings and chocolate together....hmmmmm....that sounds gooooood!!!! ahahaha!!!! Surprisingly good!!!! :D :D

    Self Sagacity~ Glad you enjoyed!!!!! :)

  19. Muse~ OOOOHHHH!!!! How wonderful!!!! :) :) :) Come and visit me next time!!!! :)

  20. Charity,

    I see you have more talents! Absolutely beautiful! You did a fabulous job with your Christmas table!
    Drop by my blog when you have a chance, I have a blog award for you.


  21. Wonderful items that spread the message of Christmas.

    Hope you had a blessed and wonderful one.

    Kind Regards,
    Torch Bearers


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