You Forgot Me

 Sands of Time image by Primefocus

You Forgot Me
(March 22, 2010)

Was it around
Ten thousand years ago?
I promised never to leave you
I promised you I would
Come back

To you

I found you again

When you lost me
You never really lost me
All those lifetimes
I stayed by
Your side

It was me

Who looked into your eyes

All that time when
The sunshine kissed your
Face and made halos
Into your eyes and
Encompassed your soul

It was me

I looked into your eyes

You couldn’t see me
But I promised you I
Would stay and I never
Left your side and this time
We came back together

But you don’t remember

You don’t remember me

I found you again just
Like you promised I
Would but you left
Me and now I don’t
Know where to go

You forgot me

Why can’t you remember?

© 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


  1. What a beautiful piece!

    What news is there on your book? I can't wait!

  2. Before I was born, someone cleaned my memory. I can not remember the relationship ever, maybe I will find it some day.

  3. Hi C- I have made those photos into book-like. Glad you like it. Chinese Sugar Plum is a very beautiful tree!
    I like your's sweet and bitter at the same time!

  4. Mary Anne~ I have growing anticipation, as well! It's supposed to be released by now, but my publishers made major errors in the proofing process, so we're taking my book back to the beginning of the proofing process, so we will take a few more weeks.... oooohhhhh.... I'm so filled with anticipation, as well...!!! I want it to be out, already!!!!! Not to worry, I will let EVERYONE know, once it is out!!!!! No doubt about that!!!!!!

    And thank you, I am pleased to read that you love my writing.

  5. Truth in China (Jack)~ Jack, you'll remember when you meet the person, the soul you once knew from long ago. I hope you remember. And if you do, I hope she remembers, too.

  6. SS~ You like bittersweet? Bittersweet is painful.

  7. Hi Charity, you can have all 4 cats !!! I loved this poem, it kinda reminds me of people with alzhimers how they forget the people around them and how sad it is for the family's that have someone with the disease...I like your works because they make you think...Hugs, Jennifer

  8. This is truly sensational. One of my favorites, for sure :)

  9. This is a sad one... I'm excited about your book too. :)

  10. C - looking forward to the book of course - I've been wondering - but well that's what proofs are for, finding mistakes. This is a very spiritual poem - 10,000 years is a long time - or a minute for lovers. It's so hard to imagine someone not remembering you. . . Maybe it's really about someone else?

  11. Hi Charity,

    Love this little poem ~ especially... where the sunshine kissed your face.
    Also the photo, of the footprints on the sand is lovely.
    How exciting that your book is coming out soon!

    Happy week

  12. Truly one of your best works! (super hugs) !

    (i am now following anonymously, due to some stalking issues...)wanted to let you know :)

  13. beautiful easily forgotten until a time of need...

  14. How sad this poem is. It must be so heartbreaking to have such deep feelings for someone, yearn for them, remember them and then discover they never gave you a passing thought.
    I hope you are having a super duper week Bells, I wouldn't want anything less for you!

  15. As soon as one understands the movement of the tides, one will understand love, it will feel like discovering fire for the second time.

    An impressive piece of art your poetry. Please have a nice Thursday.

  16. Hello Jennifer (My Passionate Pink Life)~ You may read and interpret my writings as they bring life to their words, inside you. :)

  17. B.Held~ "sensational" .. I like that. Thank you. I am glad that this is one of your favorites.

  18. Lynn~ Yes. And thank you, I'm glad that you're excited about my book. :)

  19. Kow Kow~ Well yes, ten thousand years is a long time.

  20. Carolyn/ Draffin Bears~ Thank you, and I am glad that the upcoming release of my book is exciting you. :) It is exciting me, too!!!!! :)

  21. Muse~ You have stalker issues? Oh my! I'm sorry to hear that. Well, you can follow and read my writings any which way you'd like to. :)

    Hello Brian~ Thank you for your visit and for your comment.

    Sares~ Thank you, Sareski ♥

    Rompert (ρομπερτ) ~ I am very thankful for your comments, and your comments are works of art in themselves. Thank you.

    Donald S. ~ You are funny. :)

  22. Umi~ Thank you, and your description fits perfectly.. :)

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