A Celebration!!!!!!!!

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Tonight I'd like to offer up to all of you (and me!!!!) ... to all of US.... a big slice of RAINBOW CAKE!!!! There's enough to go all around!!!! Why???? Well........ this is in CELEBRATION of my very first book sold!!!!!! Francisco Castro of Portugal is the very first person to purchase my very first published book, on this here day of April 18, 2010!!!!!! :) :) :) :) And this calls for a celebration!!!!!! And to me, a celebration means some cake!!!!! Some extra special cake like this one!!!!! :) :) :)

There is no way for me to know for sure if Francisco Castro (of Portugal) is in fact my very first book buyer (because there's not way for me to track the sales of my book aside from quarterly reports from the publishers) BUT for as far as I am aware of right now on this here day, he IS my very first buyer, because he told me he bought my book. :) Now if anyone else has bought my book before Francisco, well, then this cake goes out to you, too!!!! Have the biggest slice right here!!!!! :) :) :) :)

Now all of you put down the cake, brush off the crumbs, and go grab your very own copy of my book (with clean hands) OVER HERE!!!! OOOOOHHHHHH you just know you want to!!!!! :) :)

If you buy from this link, you will be making a direct purchase from the wholesaler. And that's a smart thing to do. :)


  1. Yes. My book can be shipped to you wherever in this world you may be. :)

  2. I can show you the proof that i bought the book when i told you. :p

    Yes, it is Francisco who is leaving this comment :)

  3. Congratulations to you. This is, indeed, an exciting event. Now, is it available through Amazon or in the U. S. - I'd like to get a copy myself.

  4. It's available to anyone in the world at this link. :) You can wait for my book to go live on Amazon, but, you will be paying 50% more the price. :)

    It just went live today!!!! By and by, it will be available in bookstores and on Amazon, at it's Channel Price (or you can call it retail price) which is 50% more. :)

    Of course, I want my valued readers and other valued people to be able to buy at the better deal. :)

  5. Franciso~ Of course I know you bought my book when you said you bought my book, but there's no way for me to know if anyone else in the world bought their own copy before you, so technically, you may not be my very first buyer, but, to my knowledge you are, and so we shall all celebrate!!!!!! :D

    p.s. Francisco, I didn't know you had a blogger account!!!!! I am so surprised!!!!! :)

  6. Congratulations on your success! Thanks for the cake; it went well with my cup of coffee!

  7. Concratulations upon this milestone. Concratulations.

    A wonderful start into the new week for you.

  8. Oh Congratulations Charity! ... that is wonderful and thank you for the slice of cake.
    Here's to great sales of your book.

    Happy week

  9. I take it my signed copy will be arriving by post.ha ha.
    Congratulations, I hope you get many sales. You have put in a lot of hard work and deserve to reap the rewards.
    I'll skip on the cake, but thanks. lol

  10. Congratulations. And yes that was great cake. Just what I needed this morning.

  11. I am most proud of you on this very special day! You richly deserve each and every positive accolade that comes your way.
    Congratulations my dear friend!

  12. So, many many congratulations to you! I can't wait to read it. And re-read it, as I'm sure I will. I'm away right now, but I'll buy it as soon as I'm able.

  13. Congratulations! A writer that you are indeed! Good job, and you go girl.

  14. Congratulations on your book publishing. It must feel great to have accomplished this. I'm sure that many people will enjoy your writing as I have enjoyed reading your posts. That cake looks delicious.

  15. Fun, uplifting blog. I wish you much success!

  16. Congratulations, well done, you have all motives to celebrate, and celebrate big, and by the way, that cake looks wonderful I am here thinking about eating one like yours, enjoy your moment, you deserve it.

    "Thoughts of a Career Woman"

  17. I just finished buying my copy, too! Congratulations to you, Charity!!! And, uh, can I have TWO slices? ;) I can't wait to sit down with a cup of coffee, a slice of cake and your book.

  18. Laura~ Thank you Laura, and I hope you find a rainbow cake like this one (with strawberries on top too) XD

    Anfinsen~ Thank you very much for your well-wishes.. ^^

    Lara~ First of all, I'm glad that you like the cake! And, thank you very much, for your kind words.. XD

    Sagacity~ Thank you very much .. :)

  19. Mary Anne~ Thank you oh-so much! I also can't wait for you to have my book in your hands! :) :) Thank you for being with be during this whole, long journey Mary Anne and still here in the end! :) :)

    Kimmy~ Thank you, Kimmy! I feel like I have known you since forever!!!! :)

    Grampy~ I'm very happy that you have enjoyed your slice of cake, grampy!!!! :) :) And thank you!!!!! :) :)

    Donald S~ You should never skip on a slice of cake, Donald S! Especially a rainbow cake one!!!! :)

    Thank you! :) :)

    Thank you, Carolyn, and thank you, Rompert! :) Very much so! :)

  20. Amy!!!!!! :D :D :D

    Thank you Amy!!!!!! :D :D :D

    I swear I have known you since the beginning of time! Two slices of rainbow cake! That's my girl!!!!! :D

    Keep my book with you as a treasure for a lifetime. I am so happy for my book to be in your hands. :)

  21. Well done to you, the first of many sales I'm sure judging by the quality and effortless style of your writing - look forward to reading many more of your posts!

  22. Hey C, is it going to be available in bookstores here?

  23. Congratulations!! That cake is something else! Hope you got yourself a really big slice!

  24. Thank you, magic darts! :) And thank you for darting the world with magic! (I presume that's what you do??) :D

    Lynn~ The literary and publication industry/world is a very complicated experience to explain. To make the long story short- books don't go from production and publication to bookshelves that easily! You can wait for my book on local bookshelves- but that is a journey it will take. I encourage you to purchase my book now and at it's cheapest price. :)

    Campbell Jane- good to see you around here again, girl!

    Thank you!! :)

    Yes the cake was good! Did you enjoy your slice?? :)

  25. Look at what we have here! Congratulations, C! Is your book available in National Bookstores? Or is there a discount in the cost of shipping within Manila? (Ahem!^^)

    I want to have a copy..^^

  26. Hello, you live in Manila?? :)

    Well, my book has just very recently went live in the UK and my book will hit UK bookstores first.

    The process of a book's moving from the publishing house to the bookstore shelves is a process which doesn't happen at a fast pace. I didn't know this before I became a published author. You learn these things later when you have become a published author yourself... :)

    I'm so happy, and thankful, that you want to buy a copy of my book...I think that people should try to understand, though, that the cheapest price of a book is if bought directly from the publishing house (that is what I am providing on my web site) the retail price of my book will be doubled. :) So if you want to buy from a bookstore, you'll also be paying double the price. :)

    All the shipping is international, so don't worry about that. I would love for you to have a copy of my book in your hands, too!!!

    I don't even have a copy of my own book yet! I am still waiting for my own copies, while other people already have my books in their hands! :D

    Hopefully, my book will reach Manila soon, but like I said, it's coming to UK bookstores first, since it's been published in the UK. :)


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