An Update On My Book!

And as I promised...keeping you guys up-to-date and informed.....


  1. Congrats for your's beautiful baby!!Great work!!



  2. How wonderful for you, my friend. I, too, am in the process of publishing my first book of poetry, "Life's Journey." At 65, it is about time, I would say.

  3. That's great, Charity, it's almost done! I've checked out the "How to order" thing and they deliver their books worldwide, and besides, they are from the UK, relatively close to my home, so I'll have no problems when purchasing it. I'm so proud of you!

  4. Congratulations dear Charity for your hard work ~ great reviews and wish you well with the book.

    Happy week

  5. Congratulations sweetie!!! you have waited a long time for enjoy every single moment...I can't wait to get a copy of it! Big Hugs to you sweetheart! Hugs, Jennifer

  6. Thank you very much, Irina!!!!!! :)

    Thank you, RNSANE! And godspeed to you on your publishing journey! :) It's not a simple journey, trust me! But one worth the travel! :)

  7. Fullet, I am very touched that you are proud of me. :) And that makes me very happy as well. :) And I'm very thankful that you have already looked into a means of purchasing my book. I'm very thankful for that! And when you receive your very own copy of my book, know that all my warmest thoughts go with it, for you! Yes, AuthorHouse can get my book to you regardless of wherever in the world you may be!!!!!!!! :)

  8. Draffin Bears, Thank you, Carolyn! :)

    Lynn, and I can't wait for you to get it too! :D

    Jennifer, thank you thank you thank you Jennifer, yes, I've waited a long time for this! And here we are! And you are here with me! All of you! Love to you!!!! :)

  9. Charity,

    Awesome! You Dit It! I Am SO PROUD of YOU!
    I loved reading about the author. That's just one more thing we have in common. Success is doing God's Will for our lives! I think that writing is defintely that for you! You are Blessed Dear One!
    I look forward to reading it!



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