White Shoes

Photo of my son, Gilead, holding a white rose for me.

This piece I dedicate to my son, Gilead, for whom words cannot express my true, deep admiration. And mama, I know you'll be reading this soon... Happy Mother's Day to you!

White Shoes
(March 29,2010)

I really feel that
Our love
Is like no other

And if I were
To compare
It to anything else

Our love is like
The rain
On warm summer afternoons

This love is like
The sun
On chilly winter mornings

You and me are
The answer
To many thoughtful questions

My love for you
The alabaster
On these ancient leathers

Your love for me
White shoes
Down these ordin’ry roads

Copyright © 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


  1. Beautiful Bells! I think it's so cool your little one loves white shoes! He sounds like he marches to the beat of his own drummer. Happy happy Mother's Day bells!

  2. Our love is like
    The rain
    On warm summer afternoons...

    Very nice words...I likethem very much!!



    p.s.(Thank you very much !!)

  3. What a lovely poem as usual. It touches the heart to see your son with the single rose. Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day. I am wishing it to all the mothers of the World.

  4. Hi friend, thanks for your visit and compliments left. Wish you a Happy Mother's Day too! Cheers!

  5. Happy Mothers Day, to you dear Charity and to all the other beautiful Mothers out there.
    Such a lovely post and the photo of your Son is so lovely.
    I love the words you wrote.


  6. Each mom unique - a one-of-a-kind blessing to her family! Enjoyed your poem! Have a Happy Mother's day!

  7. Greetings Dearest C.C.,
    I just popped in to wish you a most lovely Mother's Day. You have such an intelligent child and I am sure he will grow up and possess the beauty, kindness of heart and loveliness his mother possesses now, only in adult form. :-)
    Hope all is well in your beautiful land of words and thoughts..
    Love & Light always my friend, cheers!

  8. You have a lovely way with words, and you sure get your affection for your son over in a powerful way.

  9. You are neglecting your blogcatalog friends since you became famous. ha ha.

  10. Sareski- Thanks so much Sareski ♥ You are simply the sweetest ♥ And yes, my Gil, he marches to the beat of his own drummer! And his own drum, too! :)

    Irina- Thank you very much, and many kisses to you, as well! :)

    Grampy- I am very happy to hear how this piece has touched you, including the photo, Grampy.. :)

    Thank you to each of you, for each of your comments, and I hope that you and yours have had a blessed Mother's Day ♥

  11. Kimmy- as usual, your comment has left me speechless, you are so very precious.

  12. Your Gilead is so precious..."There is a logical explanation for everything." LOL! You are a blessing, can't wait to get your book...

  13. Lynn- hehehehehehehe :D Yes he is, isn't he??? :D :D And I can't wait for you to get it, either!!! :D :D

    Lynn let me know how your experience is reading my book.

  14. This made me smile! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! It sounds like you are the dreamer in the family and Gilead is the more sensible one saying there are logical reasons for everything and not understanding that you might want to eat cupcakes for breakfast. My husband would agree with Gilead. LOL

  15. I can tell you had a lovely Mother's Day. Love the white shoes! What a beautiful poem. "This love is like The sun On chilly winter mornings" Awwww what a great feeling this evokes.
    You are amazing. Have a wonderful day!
    Campbell Jane

  16. what a nice poem, I really liked it, I have to tell you I am here in front of the computer in tears. I am very sensitive.

    Thoughts of a Career Woman

  17. Laura~ it's okay to cry over my writings. I cry over my writings, too. :) So you're not alone. ♥

  18. Campbell~ Thank you so much, Campbell Jane.. :) Your comment has really left me smiling... :) :) :)

  19. Mary Anne~ ahahahahahahahahahahaha! :D :D

  20. Girl, you're famous! :-) This is such a loving post. So cute the conversation between you and your son. Have a great weekend. Chao`

  21. Hello my friend, thanks for stopping by and comment left.
    Wish you a happy Wednesday! Take care!


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