Set In Stone, Carved In Time
I took this photo myself with use of my little tripod in the Chiesa di San Pietro
(formerly the  Temple of Venus), Portovenere, Italian Riviera, Italia in the year 2010.
All rights reserved.


Her screams resound
On galaxies
They race between
The stars
Her anguished wails
Of pained longings
Through the solar systems
Below and beyond and above
The demons cower
The angels stand still
Her cries tear
The rulers of
A thousand planets
Hide behind
Their thrones and temples
She calls through the Heavens
A heartbreaking command
The light pulsates
From the galaxies
“Give me back what is mine!
Now give it all back to me!
I want what is mine!
What is mine give back to me!”
She grabs the moon
And throws it
With a vengeance
She destroys the white moons
All lined up in a long row
A semi-circle
She crushes them
With every thrust
The white moons are nothing
But white dust
Her neck throws back
In pangs of anguish
Her screams heard through
The universe
The soles of her feet float
Over the pond
The pond of the window
To everything else
“I want to go home!
Give me what is mine!”
The demons see their death draw nigh
And to her small
Plateau of columns
And pillars
She goes; pain in every stride
There she looks
To left and to right
Her spirit blazing
Ablaze in her eyes
The angels stand still
They wait from afar
She clasps the pillars
She grabs on
To these columns
And the lightning bolts
They are held back
In black clouds
The universe
Bows its head
And she screams

“Give me what is mine!”
Her voice like torture

So loud
So loud

It echoes through

Beyond and

“Give me all that is mine!
Give back to me all that is mine!”

Venus wants her temple back

© 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

This photo I took of myself in Chiesa di San Pietro (Church of Saint Peter) in Portovenere (Port of Venus), Italia. The Church of Saint Peter is what has now taken the place of the Temple of Venus, which used to stand upon this ground. Apparently, Catholicism tore down Venus's "pagan" temple.
All rights reserved.

Photos below are all taken in the site of Chiesa di San Pietro (the Temple of Venus)...

Flowers For Venus

Her Windows To The Sea

I think the temple should be restored.

Copyright © 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


  1. Charity, it is such a unique post. I so like the contrast between the strong feelings in the text and the elegant photos. It is likely that the situation creates an inner storm in Venus, but she mantains the pose with dignity.
    It is just one interpretation... Best regards!

  2. Charity you have awakened poetry in me. I have not read any since High School. You bring life and meaning to it. It awakens things in me that I did not know existed.
    And I am also a photo person and just love yours. You also bring them alive.
    Thank You so very much.

  3. Grampy- I feel very thankful, to you for accepting me into your life in such a way, and I feel very touched by your words. Thank you. ♥

    Fullet- I like the way you see and have thought over, all of this. :)

  4. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them.

  5. Hi Charity,

    What beautiful photos of you on your travels and the poetry is so lovely.
    Thank you for sharing and I hope that all is well with you and that you are having a great week


  6. Outstanding entry of yours ! The lines kept me awake way after two o'clock in the morning. Great photography as well ! Thank you for this much needed escape. Please have a good Wednesday.

  7. Now this peom, I like. I can hear and feel the expressions, the scream. I think you've used your words wisely. Love the self portrait. ;-)

  8. Wow Bells. I can really feel the pain and the rage and the hurt hear in your poem. It's so painfully stark and makes me feel all the emotion you put into it. The pictures are beautiful! I bet you had fun posing for them in such a gorgeous setting!

  9. Well, yes, I am sure Venus protests, in great angony, the loss of her temple. There must be a gathering of displaced gods and goddesses in the heavens, mourning together the impudence of mere mortals and their destructiveness.

  10. Yes, the temple should go back up! Nice pics and words.

    Thanks for following me. Happy Weekend, Ev

  11. Charity come over to my new blog for a Creole fish dinner. When you get a chance.

  12. Wow! Beautiful & Powerful! Your words cast such vivid imagery. Fantastic post!


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