The Becoming

The Becoming
(July 23, 2010)

I will break this clay jar
Until every drop of the incense
Will flow out of my soul and
Into my veins
And mix and swim in my bloodstream

And I will smell only like it
Every inch of me
Until I am unrecognizable
Until I have become me

Copyright © 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.


  1. Hi, Charity, I'm doing well, I hope you're fine too. I had a nice time reading this poem, it says a lot with few words. I like so much the idea of incense flowing out of the soul, it's beautiful.

  2. Hi Charity,

    Many thanks for visiting me and always great to hear from you.
    "The Becoming" is a lovely poem, like the last line - Until I have become me.
    Hope that all is well with you and that you are having a great week


  3. Girl, just a quick note for now, I saw your milflores, and they are called hydrangeas in the US. I have some of them and they are as you said, heavenly flowers, so abundant and so unusually beautiful. I have pink ones. :-)

  4. Short, but deep! I always love reading the comments you leave me Bells. I live in the Pacific Northwest. Not what you would call fairy book in the deep depths of a dreary winter!

  5. Hi Charity. I love the deep thoughts of your poems.It is amazing how we can all read them and get something different. I feel we are all encased in a clay jar. I have many cracks in mine. I have yet to break out completely.

  6. A beautiful piece with so much to say! It seems your work always flows from the soul. I love the pictures you've been using with your work as well.

    I gave you an award over at my blog. Don't worry if you don't have time to do the whole award thing. Just know that I think highly of your blog.

  7. Grampy~ it amazes me too, how everyone who reads my writings takes away something different- something unique for the individual.. it's one of the thrilling parts of being a writer... sometimes you feel like you are simply the writer, and it's the words that do that magic, that spin the gold, for people..

  8. Always so much passion and intensity. That's how I've come to think of you and your writing.

  9. wonderful, okay question, what is the clay compared to? understand about the fragrance but why would you want the clay to flow into your vein? LOL
    If we were compared to clay pots, well, I have broke out of mine a long time ago. So when we broke out, how does the smell stay, wouldn't it leak? Just wondering what did you really meant for your readers Charity?

  10. Well, obviously the incense is the object of fragrance and the clay jar the container which is broken hence the incense flows out.

  11. The clay jar is your fleshly bondages (like the one which prohibits you from understanding this piece) and the incense is you on the inside, it is the substance of your soul.

  12. The yearning here is the desire to become one with your flesh, the desire for the substance of your soul to become so very real to you, that it actually becomes as vital to you as your own blood swimming through your veins.

    To become unrecognizable until you have become you– denotes that in your state now, this is all you are recognized for and this is all that you know but when you have broken through and have allowed the substance of your soul to become so vital to you as your own blood and breath, then you will become unrecognizable because you will have become you– who is someone so completely different from the bound and bridled flesh that you were born into.


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