The Goddess

Point Of Birth
This photo I shot in Portovenere, Italian Riviera, Italia in the year 2010, under the sunset.
All rights reserved.

The Goddess
(May 7,2010)

These dark waves have rolled over
My face before
I have been here before
Emusled in these rushing waters
The night is deep and black and I
Think I should be feeling lost but I
Feel like I’m here again
In the dark of night
In these black waters
Rolling with the ocean’s current
Being too familiar I am not lost
But being too far away I am
Afraid to be lost
And is this a place I’ve come from?
From the midnight waters was I born?
And is this a place I return to
When my soul remembers?
These waves they know me too well
This current pulsates
My bloodstream
The rush in my ears

From somewhere I have always known

Copyright © 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

C. JoyBell C. - Writer


  1. Hello,C!

    How are you? I have missesd you too !! You are a very good poetry and an exotic beauty!!

    Kisses from Romania,


  2. Welcome into His marvelous light and out from under the dark waves!

  3. I'll listen around about possible places for your book donation. Most of our seniors are in the 'large print' category! What a thoughtful idea though!

  4. It's a pleasure to dive into your writings again, and this time beautifully accompanied with two photos. At this moment everyone should have purchased your book! :)

  5. Hi Charity,

    Lovely to see you back posting, this poem and photograph are so beautiful.
    Was so happy to read about your weekend and what an exciting time for your Son and you. What a star and yes, you must be so proud of him. Thanks for your visits.

    Have a happy week

  6. Once humankind understand the forces of tides, it will be like discovering fire for the second time. Impressive writing of yours indeed. Please have a wonderful Tuesday.

    daily athens

  7. "Music/From somewhere I have always known." That's beautiful. What a haunting poem-a place both familiar and unfamiliar. A dark place, where nonetheless one feels strangely at home.

  8. Goddess Charity. From the ocean we have come. Therefore to the ocean we shall go. Do not be afraid of the dark. Our souls will guide us to the the final light.Be free and fear not.

  9. hehehehehhe....Grampy, you're busting out some seriously polished words right there! wow! the poet within!!!!! hehehehehehehe .. thank you for such a beautiful comment ♥ And thank you, everybody, for your comments and for your visit ♥ love you all..

  10. What a beautiful piece! It speaks to my soul today and gives it the words it can't find for itself. Thank you!


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