You Can't Catch Me!

You Can’t Catch Me!
December 11, 2010

Did you not know?
That my soul has wings
Bigger than your wings
And I take flight?
In the night and
In the daylight and
Right below your nose
I take flight and
I do not care of
Your formalities and
Your hypocrisies and
Your bondages and
Did you not know?
Right below your nose
I take flight and
My wings are far
Bigger than your wings!

Copyright © 2010 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

I just sat down and wrote this only a few minutes ago! I had no plans of sharing any of my writings today, but I want to share this one right away, so I am! I'd also like to share with you that my second book's press release is already prepared and ready to be released to the press! I read it, and I must say, reading the press release of your book, for the first time, is similar to looking at the ultrasound of your baby in your womb for the first time- such a thrill! I am in love!


  1. Sensing a little competition wings are far bigger than your wings! Hmmm, wonder what it means.

  2. This is a spiritual piece, this can speak for the spirit which refuses to be bound and oppressed, for the soaring soul who flies.

  3. Hello, C!

    Your poem is lovely!
    As always you write from the soul for the soul and that I like so much ...

    You are a person so beautiful both outside and inside ...

    Thanks so much for the message posted on my blog, which honors me!



  4. I can't believe you wrote this in a few minutes! You are very talented :-)

    Thank you for all your comments on my blog, too!

  5. Great poem and I like the mystery behind the flight with your wings, I wonder where the Soul was up to flying?

    Great poem..:)

    Merry Christmas dear Charity,
    and a happy and a blessed New Year 2011!

    PS: Thank you for always commenting on my writing,
    much appreciated..Sending my warmest wishes to you, Zuzanna

  6. You should post your press release. Brag a little, why not? We love to hear all about it! You sure woke up in a creative mood today, what a delight! I on the other hand did nothing more creative than shop for Christmas. At least I put a big dent in it. Have a scrumptious Sunday Bells and congrats again on your new book!

  7. That's very good news. You're such a prolific author, how I envy you! Congrats on the press release.

  8. Such passion!

    Yes, we'd like to see the ultrasound er, the press release :)


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