Official Disclaimer

My writings (the contents of my FaceBook page, my blog, and my books), are not the contents of my personal diary, nor are they definitive of who I really am as a person. I am an artist, and I may write one thing today, and another thing tomorrow, and though it is natural to feel an attachment to the writings of any writer, it is necessary and very needful to keep in mind constantly, that there is no real personal relationship established between the writer and the reader, and I am not writing to you personally. And if you feel a connection with me through a piece I have written, then this is in the name of art, and does not reflect a personal relationship between me and you. Furthermore, you cannot decide on who I am through reading my writings, as these are not contents of my diary, and they are meant to be read publicly, and they are not personal.


The above is my official disclaimer, and it is my sincerest desire that whoever reads me, reads my disclaimer. I will soon post this permanently at the bottom of this blog.

Thank you.


  1. Hi Charity,

    I can see why you have the need too write a disclaimer with your work.
    Best wishes


  2. Oops. Sounds like some of your fans are trying to get a little frisky with you. That must be a bit scary. I can't imagine being obsessive about someone you don't know like that. I guess it takes all kinds but I don't imagine it has been pleasant to deal with. And you wonder WHY I don;t get a Facebook page?! Hee hee! Not that I'm famous like you Bells!

    I like the new look, it really freshened up your blog, but then I'm always changing mine. THAT is something I can become obsessive about!

  3. I write and maintain a spiritual blog which I have titled “AccordingtotheBook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it.

  4. It sounds like you're having some problems. I hope they get cleared up and you can move on to continue with your art.

  5. Hello Mary Anne! Yes, I was forced to write such a disclaimer, after quite a long time of being patient with delusional people who caused me much emotional stress! Some people read something that I write, and because they feel it so much, they somehow imagine in their minds that the piece must have been written for them, personally! Oh my goodness! So they create their own kind of reality in which I am in some sort of a relationship with them! And then they look for me as if I'm their girlfriend, and they somehow find my personal online accounts and etc. and when I explain that we don't have any kind of a relationship going on, then they get mad and say bad things about me and have tantrums on my facebook page wall, like spoiled rotten two year olds! I just reached a point where I said that I'd had enough! I shouldn't be patient with people like that, they don't have the right to think that we're going to get married or that I'm their girlfriend, just because they like what I write or just because they bought a copy of my book! For God's sake, I'm a writer, I'm not a "wedding per book sold" service, or something like that! People treat me as if I'm a mail-order-bride waiting for a husband! Good grief! They make me go all gangsta on them! HA!


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