" You Talk In Your Sleep..."

“You know...you talk in your sleep.” He looked at her with dilated, concerned eyes, as if he thought she might be crazy. His eyes were of gray and blue.

“Oh! Yes! It’s called dreaming!” She replied cheerfully, pointing towards her head.

They were in France and he hardly spoke English, and she didn’t speak French.

He thought the gesture of her pointing towards her head meant she was actually admitting that she was crazy! And she understood what he was thinking by the feeling she got looking into his eyes. “No I mean dreaming! Dreaming, like when you dream at night, when you are asleep!”

“Yes, but you talk in your sleep!” He still looked genuinely concerned.

“What did I say?” She still sounded cheerful.

“I couldn’t understand it, it was in English, but this is very strange!”

“Strange? Why? Everyone talks in their sleep! In fact, I like to listen when someone talks in their sleep, to find out what they are dreaming!” Her eyes danced with delight. Her eyes were the color of chocolate truffles.

They both were sitting on the edge of the bed.

“This is so strange to me, I have never seen this before,” and in that moment he felt cold and distant to her, like a driftwood on a winter lake.

“This is a normal thing!” She could not contain her irritation at him actually thinking she was crazy for talking in her sleep. “Don’t you like to listen to what the person is saying to find out what they are dreaming? Everyone in my family talks in their sleep, I used to gather around with my cousins during nap time and we would wait for who would fall asleep first and then we would listen to them laugh or talk or watch them smile in their sleep, my son always laughs in his sleep and I love to listen to it, why is this strange? This is normal!”

“Because...I have never seen this before...”

“Well then you come from a world where people do nothing in their sleep and I come from a world where people are alive even in their sleep and laugh and smile in their sleep.”

She was irritated. He looked like he didn’t understand.

“Look at your photos! They are all in black and white! Look at my photos! They are all in full color! Many beautiful colors! You think everything is strange! You think I’m strange! But you’re the one who’s strange! But I don’t think you’re strange because I like you!”

But I don’t think he understood all of that, anyway, because he didn’t really understand English.

They were from different worlds; but they both felt like they had known each other for forever.

Copyright © 2011 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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  1. Iloved the whole writing,which shows a great truth in life:although people are different,they still love each other and believe in each other.These differences make a relationship with other people unique.We can`t understand everyone or see eye to eye with everyone,but we are still there for them,love them and support them no matter what.I think the last line sums up a whole philosophy of life!Amazing!

  2. Awesome, can't get enough of this story!

  3. Do YOU talk in your sleep Bells?! Did you draw on this little snippet from your own life? Most of my family talk in their sleep too. Nothing big, just little snippets here and there. My 4 year old nephew does and it's SO funny. You can hardly tell what he's saying, it sounds like jibberish or a foreign language most of the time. Maybe he spoke another language in a former life and it's carried over!It's precious.


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