Water Lilies

Well, I was hoping to save this piece for my new book (second edition of The Sun Is Snowing Poetry & Prose) but there are some writings of mine that I try hard to hold onto so I can keep for a next book, but I just can't. As I write and share what I write, I feel that I do myself a great deal of good (in the writing and in the sharing), also that I am giving and sharing something that can do and is doing a great deal of magic in and for the reader. This particular piece is very meaningful and I feel the urge to share it now, and not wait and keep it away from human eyes...

Water Lilies

I think there are those of us who are born into this world like fervently glorious water lilies blooming upon an open aquamarine sky in the Summer! Or maybe some of us are born in the Spring, or in the Fall, or even the Winter! But we are all born glorious water lilies that blossom and float in the skies, like meaning, like answers, like visions, like dreams. But then as time goes by, we are lied to, we are abused, we are accused, judged, denied, and misunderstood. We are envied, and pulled down, we are stoned and we are crushed, we are left bloody and bruised. We are blinded by the shadow of religion, strangled by the hand of society, and bludgeoned by the fists of mediocrity. When these things happen, it’s hard to remember how we were born, it’s difficult to recall who we once were, it takes a lot to see even a glimpse of the glory that we came into this world in, it’s too easy to forget what we used to be. But I have learned that it is possible. We can remember, it is possible to again become what we once were. We can remember.

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  1. I think that's why we all envy the innocence of childhood. Once it's gone, it's lost forever but hopefully we are lucky enough that we can still capture the "feeling" we had when we were young and new the world and didn't have any preconceived notions or prejudices. Not to mention that feeling of pure joy that comes so easily to children!


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