I’m barely human. I’m more like a creature; to me, everything gives off a scent! Thoughts, moments, feelings, movements, words left unsaid, words barely spoken; they all have a distinct sense, distinct fragrances! Both a smell and a touch! To inhale is to capture, to experience! I can perceive and I can “touch” in so many odd ways! And so I am made up of all these scents, all these feelings! An illumination of nerve endings!

I show you my photos, because when I look at photos, in them I have caught an aroma, each one exciting, and I share these photos with you because I want you to inhale! I want these scents to become a part of you, too!

And what I write...they are encapsulated aromas that I pick up, and I share this with you, because I want you to inhale what I’m inhaling, I want you to smell this scent.

Copyright © 2011 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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  1. Hi, Charity. I think this is a comelling post, and we all have a lot to learn from you. Keep sharing these scents and fragances!

  2. Josep! Thank you for letting me be a part of your life! And thank you for the encouragement and appreciation! : )

  3. Hi Charity,

    Such a wonderful post and yes, scents evoke memories for me and I have enjoyed what you wrote here.
    Have a happy week

  4. How evocative Bells! What rawness, makes me want to see, smell and feel whatever you want to share!


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