The veins in his arms
Protruded right below the
Very surface of his skin
And a faint hue of scarlet
Spread itself slowly
His flesh washed in warmth
And bound by his skin
Were shapely muscles
Tense and firm
I detected beads of sweat
Appear on his brow
Right along his hairline

The movement of your blood through your veins
The pulsating throb of your heart in your chest
The distributing warmth running through your flesh

It grabs me
It pulls me

And I can feel my own pulse beat faster
As if my own arteries share in your blood
I can feel my forehead moisten with sweat
You’d think we were covered in the same skin

It was a humid summer afternoon
The day he walked into that place
I like to watch the heat of the sun
Work its wonders on
A red-blooded man

Copyright © 2011 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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