The Londoner

Today, I spent and hour in the garden, there was a very strong wind and a wild drizzle of rain which I soaked up and enjoyed. There is a certain strength in a gray sky coupled with strong winds.

After I decided that the oncoming storm was already making me thoroughly dizzy, I made the short walk home. Then I stood with wind-blown hair, dampened clothes and skin, waiting for my elevator to take me to my floor.

A young man came around the corner. He looked a small bit of weary and was pulling behind him an enormous luggage which was donned by his expensive gray coat. In his other hand he carried a messenger bag and from his shoulder hung a backpack with a light sweater thrown on top of it.

He looked at me, I looked at him. He appeared to be awakened when he looked at me, but nervous. His nervousness began to make me nervous, but I quickly eased the feeling away and smiled. The elevator went "ding!" and opened it's doors, I pressed the "up" button and said "You can go in first with all of that luggage." "Are you sure?" he asked me politely. He's from London the thought immediately pieced itself together in my mind: he spoke  with a British accent that was relaxed, not forced nor heavy, the coat draped over his English luggage smelled like London Heathrow, he had obviously taken off his light sweater and his coat; he was previously in much colder weather. He was Middle Eastern. London is the most multinational city on the globe, where you will meet Middle Easterners, Indians, Eastern Europeans, Asians, Africans, on a daily basis; a young Middle-Easterner with a relaxed British accent carrying expensive British luggage color-coordinated with his backpack, sweater and coat, with a coat that smells like London Heathrow, is most probably from London. "Yes, I'm sure." I quickly assured him with a sincere gaze, and held open the door for him. He pulled his extra large luggage over the precarious entrance to the elevator, with some trouble, and his backpack and messenger bag weighed him down. I stepped inside the elevator after him.

"Are you from London?" I turned to him and asked.

"Yes I am, how did you know that?"

The elevator came to a stop at my floor, I smiled at him and stepped out.

Sometimes, I feel like a jaguar, or a cheetah...the smells, the details I pick up in a matter of a few seconds...

I hope our new Londoner neighbor finds himself at home.




  1. How funny, it's as if I could actually see this Londoner, so nicely described.

  2. Oh hello Josep, how lovely to have a visit from you here! Thank you!

  3. Interesting encounter Bells. It also sounds like you enjoyed the rain a bit before you quickly tired of it. That happens really fast around here where it rains 9-10 months of the year!

  4. Hi Charity,

    Great to read a little of what you are up to in your day. I liked hearing about the Londoner and feel like I can see him too.

    Have a great week


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