Mermaid's Heart

I wrote this poem some 2 months ago, then I passed it to a poetry magazine for consideration to be included in their magazine circulation. I didn't get to share it here with you, because literary magazines, agencies, and the like, will only accept writings that have never been previously shared even in the most personal of ways (yes I don't agree with that either, but, that's their rules because they want to have control and ownership, exclusivity.) So, I submitted this piece to them instead, even if I wanted to share it immediately at the time I wrote it. Well, the magazine rejected this poem so now I finally get to share it with all of you. I'm really not sure if submitting pieces to literary authorities is worth it, because all that time while this writing of mine was sitting on their desk, could have been time given to many people around the world reading it and enjoying it. Please feel free to frolic and swim in my words...

Mermaid’s Heart

Must I be concerned with you and those of your likeness?
That I am to care about your downfall?
Did you not already know that I would drown you and then eat you alive?
So why did you still cross my waters?
You did! You did know that it is my kind who drown those like you
Who dare cross my seas
Evidently, you have still sailed
And perish
Is this to be of any concern of mine?
I fear not. I do not take responsibility and apologize
For the fate of you and your crew
When you knew plainly well where you were going
And what you were doing
When you crossed my waters
Destiny has dealt with you
I only dwell with Destiny; Venus has formed me
Have I sinned? I doubt so.
Is it a sin to exist inside Destiny and with God?
Of course not
But only a fool sails a sea he knows will take him
Is it a fault of mine that I am placed within these waters?
Not so.
But it is your lack of understanding that brought you here
No I will not apologize for your fate

Copyright 2011 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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