Be Ready To Fly!

To me, the New Year isn't about what you plan to do in the fresh year to come; it's about what you're going to do before the year ends! Listen to me first. The reason why New Years resolutions don't work is because we can't plan our lives, because idealism fails, and because what we really want is to be surprised; not to foresee the good things that happen to us by chance. We want to be receivers of good things and we want to be surprised by them. But you can do something about the year that's passed. The end of the year is the time to forgive, to get out your big trash can and throw away all the things that you accumulated along the way that you don't want to have around anymore! At the end of the year, shut doors that need to be shut, let go of things that need to be let go of, look back at that hurtful memory and say "It's okay that happened, because it's over now, because I have decided that it's over." The end of the year is the time to watch all the pieces of your past float away into a black hole! And the best thing you can do about the new year to come, is to be open to good change! Is to be ready to not give into fear! Is to be ready for a new beginning, with all the surprises that it has to offer! So as this year ends, get out your big trash can! Throw all the shit away. Get out your scissors! Cut off all those rocks tied to your ankles. And do the things that you should've done earlier, before the year ends! Tell her how you feel about her, tell him how you feel about him; whether its a positive feeling or a negative feeling. Kiss that person. Dance that dance. Sing that song. Forgive. Be ready to fly!


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