Truth is that which is hidden. In truth there is found power, if everyone has the truth then everyone can have the power. Truth is hidden from the multitudes by those who have that power, by those who need to stay in power. If something is fed to you and given to you openly, if you are born into something that wishes to instill itself upon you and make you believe in it always, think again before you commit yourself to believing that this is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If it were the whole truth, undiluted and as it is and always was, do you think it would arrive to you so easily? Do you think it would so desperately ingrain itself into you? No, what is fed to you is what the people who have the truth want you to believe in, so that you will not look for the truth, so that you will think it is an evil in itself to look any further from what was taught to you. And on your journey to find truth, you will discover that you are on an odyssey into yourself, into your own soul. The Kingdom of God is within you! Every step you take towards the truth, will nearly paralyze you in fear for you will be thinking that each of those steps is a sin! A sin because you were taught not to look right and not to look left and that there is only one truth to believe in!

Who has truth? Those who have power have truth, but for power to remain a true power, only few can have it. Do you think that there would be many great religions if there were no powerful people behind those religions, fragmenting and diluting and mixing the truth so that it has become so polluted and you have become so afraid to even think differently for a moment? Why this fear? To keep you from the truth. But this same fear will also be the reminder in your heart that should tell you "Keep going, something is worth it."

I encourage you. Seek the truth. 

Copyright 2011 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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  1. Warmest wishes Charity for a merry Christmas, happy holidays and a year ahead filled with happy days.



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