The Brotherhood Of The Fathers

The River God, Tigris: Vatican City

The Brotherhood Of The Fathers

Let us go yonder
Beyond our own seas and valleys
Past our ports and trading steads
To the distant towns and those peculiar peoples

Let us tear down their pagan temples
Dismantle their altars stone by stone
Desecrate their steps and pedestals
We will bring to naught their holy of holies

Let us build our sanctuaries on their sacred foundations
We will tell them that we are their redemption
Their salvation, the forgiveness of their sins
We will give them to shame

Banish them!
Enslave them!
Cast these people out!

Let us garnish them as sinners
As nothing more than savage
Lesser ones to be forgotten
Dismissed ignorant barbarians

Let us confine the gods to myth and legend
Stories for the children
Tall tales, lies, imagery!
Nothing more than simple amusements

Then let us carefully remove the statues
The sculptures of Zeus
Those figures of Venus
This replica of Poseidon

Then let us bind the gods to us
Here with us, in our chambers!
Under our roof, within our walls!
We will break bread in their presence!

Then let us emulsify in the glory
Of the imprints of the gods
Their thoughts bent always towards us
Captured in their images

We are their sanctuary now!
We are their new foundation!
We will bind and harness the gods!

And let us fear not
For there will be none to come and free them
Their peoples have been silenced
In their own fear of sin and accusation

And let us sleep well
The world cannot remember them
They are only bedtime stories
There is none to fear but us

Us alone

Copyright 2012 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

*When I visited the Vatican, I saw that within her walls could be found many statues of gods and goddesses. We know that throughout history The Catholic Church has been responsible for destroying countless pagan temples and erecting Catholic Churches in their place. I saw that the pagan idols could be found within meters of where the Pope resides! Inside the walls of the Musei Vaticani, within the premises where you can find St. Peter's Basilica. Evidently, temples were destroyed but the sacred statues,replicas of the gods were kept and housed in the Vatican.


  1. Beautiful lines of poetry based on the vatican city. You every line makes justice to the history hidden within the walls of the city.

  2. Thank you Elvirah! As I wrote this, I put myself there in the time that they conspired with themselves and gathered and concocted everything that we see and know today! :) Thank you, I'm very thankful that you understand and appreciate it!


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