My Take On Profanity

Some people are easily offended by profanity. Profanity is the use of "bad words." Words that are considered "bad" in your language or culture. Profanity makes me laugh out loud. I am being serious and honest with you, when I say that profanity spoken for non-hateful reasons makes me laugh! Now, these are words that certain groups of people in some societies or denominations find very offensive, they feel that they need to take a shower and wash their hands five times with antibacterial detergent if they hear anyone say them and they feel the need to gargle their mouths with antibacterial mouthwash and then scrub their tongues with hand soap if they ever accidentally say any of those words. They're usually Republicans. Or Puritans. People who are easily offended by the world. By a funny twist as fate may have it, most (not all, just most) people I'm related to are Puritans and Republicans. And many (not all but many) of my childhood friends go to confessionals to tell Priests of their sins. So the fact that bad words make me laugh, is reason enough in itself for the people closest to me in name and in geography, to believe that I am on my way to hell. hahahahahhhha. Even this I find funny. I can imagine they pray for me. In fact, I am sure that they do! So this is about my take on profanity. I don't feel the need to explain my humorous understanding of profane language, and I would find it very amusing if everyone continued to pray for my soul meanwhile I dance barefoot and drunk ringing in the New Year, but I think that it's time for me to write about it. You will find this to be food for thought.

In this world, there is true evil. We see bombs exploding, we see people getting hurt. We hear of famines, we watch people starving to death. We watch love wax cold in the world and humans suffering from natural calamities and man-made ones on Wall Street. There is pretension, there is hypocrisy, there is hunger. There is insecurity. There is real reason to be offended. There is real reason to feel like people and things are hell-bound. There is real reason enough to feel like we need to take showers and gargle with antibacterial agents to cleanse ourselves! The true nature of evil is evident in deceit, in manipulation, in fear, in envy, in hate, in judgement inspired by dogma. How is it that we still find the time to be offended by the word fuck? By the word bitch? By the word shit? These are all just words! As long as they are not being used to hurt another person, they are just words! Just as your shoe is just your shoe until you use your shoe to hit someone in the face with! If you are going to spend time being offended by so many things in this world that shouldn't offend you, you're going to stress yourself out and die sooner than you ought to! If there is anything that you find funny, allow it to make you laugh! There are too many things in this world that are truly offensive, that can truly devastate! If man goes to hell for saying the word fuck, then I don't believe in hell! And is Heaven the home of the easily offended? Is that really what the difference between good and evil is all about? And who is more offensive, really? Is it he who says the word "fuck" or is it he who judges another as if he is God?

Too many people are blinded, too many people are easily offended, too many people are victims of the world and of life and if the phrase "what the fuck" makes me laugh, I am going to laugh at it, dammit! I will, I will, and I will! I am not going to spend any amount of time bending myself over little things, trying to take an offense in them! If you all want to grow old fast and die soon, you may do as you wish! I will not join you! I am going to open myself up to all that is superior in the world and beyond and I am going to spend time trying to take delight in things! Not finding ruin in them! If the ruin of you is what you look for, the ruin of you is what you are going to find!

People create sins out of nothing and in doing so have enslaved their fellow man! Man is not bound by sin but man is bound by the idea that almost everything he is doing is a sin!


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  1. The notion that sin can be found in something that hurts no one is itself one of the greatest sins ever dreamed up by humankind.


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