On Two Things: Politics & Marriage

On Two Things: Politics & Marriage

The reason why politics fails, is because idealism fails. Politics fails the people, because people are given a set of ideals to believe in, by each politician. During a campaign people are told what to expect for the future, politicians tell the people what they are definitely going to do if they win, they tell people what's going to happen and what to expect and hope for. And so you see, the whole system of a campaign is contradictory to the nature of mankind. And it is immature. Because when we are immature, we wait for our ideals to materialize because we think they're real; when we are mature, we realize that our ideals aren't real because they haven't happened to us. What is happening to us right now is what we have, as a matter of fact! Faith is different from idealism. When you have faith, you have a desire and a hope in that desire as if it is already in front of you. But idealism deals with standards set by dogma. Dogma is unnatural, it is not developed according to the natural state of man, but it is developed according to the natural state of greed and fear. So ideals are developed with you thinking that those things are the best things for you, when they are in fact not.

We can begin to build our identity upon reality. Moreover, mankind doesn't really want to foresee the good things that are to happen, but it is the innate state of humanity that we want to be receivers of good things by chance, we want to be surprised! That's why marriage doesn't work out most of the time: because marriage is one big ancient ideal with a predestined ending– death!

The thing is, we can't plan the future, we can't lay out a map for our lives and expect all things to turn out as we planned for them to turn out! A presidential candidate can't do everything he promised to do, because there are a lot of things that are going to happen along the way that he didn't know were going to happen! And that's why politics fails and disappoints people. Politics hurts the hearts of people and political parties divide not only a nation but families and friends! Something that innately creates division as well as contradicts the natural state of mankind, can never be expected to unite anyone or anything. Therefore if you want to have a better government, you must elect someone based upon what he or she has already done, not based upon what their ideals are. What they've already done is the only thing that's already happened to them. Faith shouldn't be put in politicians, faith should be put in the divine, if you have faith in the visions you have for your country, that faith is the desire and the hope in it as if it is already there– but that faith is yours. You have that power. You can't put that faith in your politicians. You have got to look at what the candidates have already done.

If the nature of the political campaign is re-capsulated, as well as the nature of the marriage vows, then we can really create an earth-transforming amount of change eventually!  Why don't we start being real with marriage vows and just say it like it is? Marriage is a sanction of society created for order, justice, and security. It is created for the bigger picture of a nation, of a society as a whole, in order for that society and in order for that nation to be stronger. Marriage is a cornerstone, a foundation. You can love someone truly without marrying the person but you can also love someone truly and choose to marry and together become one of the cornerstones of your nation, your society, the world! Love is a devoted madness while marriage is a responsibility. But then it is possible to be devotedly mad and responsible at the same time, yes it is. And so this is how we should begin to see marriage: as it is, for what it is! Marriage needs to cease being an eternal ideal with the predestined ending of death! We must allow it to be and to appear as what it is! Perhaps if we approach marriage with eyes open to the reality of the nature of it, we will stop failing at it! We fail at it because we think of it as something it is not! We are romanced by an ideal that is not in touch with reality and that's why when we begin to discover the reality of it, we see ourselves as failures! It is a wild and blessed thing to want to spend the rest of your adult life with one person, growing and changing together, while stepping deeper into the depths of love; notwithstanding, we must understand that we may not get it "right" the first time. A divorce doesn't mean a failure; a divorce just means that you have discovered you cannot spend the rest of your life with that person you once thought you could spend the rest of your life with. But failure– failure is the shattering of a beautiful dream, the ruining of beliefs and hopes, the looking into the mirror and seeing yourself and your spouse as "errors"– this is an evil. That is the failure. Love is greater than marriage, love is the greater thing while marriage, though noble and honorable, is questionable in its origins. I question the creations of man, I do not question the masterpieces of God. Love is the greatest force that was ever known, is known, and that will ever be known; while marriage is a need of society. Society needs marriage in order for everything else to work. There is nothing wrong with the act of getting married, and I do see it as a wild, flaming, and attainable thing for all of mankind to desire finding the one to spend the rest of life with and then fulfilling that desire. And I believe that what is Caesar's should be given to Caesar. Marriage is something worth respecting and honoring. But I only ask that it be approached with eyes unveiled! I only ask that it be presented as what it is! For the great good of the hearts of mankind! Likewise, government is needful. Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. But I ask that politics be made mature and that the nature of the political campaign be re-invented so that the people can see what already is and not be taught to place their hope in a set of ideals and promises that may not ever take place in reality.

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  1. Happy New Year Charity, wishing you a wonderful 2012, with good health, happiness and blessings.
    Enjoyed reading your message on Politics and Marriage, also how lovely your background photo to your blog is.


  2. The writing on Politics and Marriage is spot on! I can't thank you enough for this truth. This is "NORMAL" to me...not sure about anyone else and I'm starting to learn NOT to care less about all that noise!


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