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This is just a note, a passing thought. This isn't a planned blog entry and I don't know how it's going to turn out, my fingers are going at the keyboard just as my words bud in my thoughts. But I just want to pen these thoughts, I only want to say, that I am in love with reality. Sometimes I reckon that there may be those who think that I'm off into a different world, because of how I write, but I am in love with reality and I believe that reality is all we really need; if we could all just see into it further. In this reality that we have, held down to the earth by our gravity, we have the joy of laughter, we live in an invisible silk web of humanity: thoughts, emotions, memories, hopes, joys, fears, courage, growth, tears, strength... reality has far more to offer than what we give it credit for! We think that we want to go off into other worlds because reality is just too bland and too boring, but I say to you, to look deeper! The unspoken silence that lingers in between the short distance of two people who bear too much to express in words; within this distance alone thrives a world full of magic! You just have to feel it. Think about all those other "white spaces" in between people, time, memories and desires! The undeniable pull and tug of lust and love and adoration and longing and the desire to be redeemed; we have all the magic that we need, there is no need to look beyond and create anything more than what's already here for us. If only everyone could see what I see. Nobody would ever want to leave. Everybody would strive to live and to love. Everybody would see that our reality is better than anything else that we want to run away into.

So, I reside in reality. I reside in the erupting essence of eye contact, touch of the skin, malleability of the sunlight... this is all very real! It's not imagined. It is felt and it is perceived and it is believed in.

I would like for everybody to come back into reality and see it for what it is, then everybody would be so thankful to have been given this life, because this life, this reality, is magic.



  1. All your words are very true. Reality indeed is something not be neglected, because its the reality we live in. If we could accept that truth, life becomes more easier.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with this post. Some may be tempted to ask, "If reality is so wonderful, why do you write fiction?" It's an especially pointed question when directed at a writer like me, since I write fantasy, which nominally isn't even about our real world.

    My answer would be threefold:

    (1) Because dreaming is part of reality.
    (2) Because beauty and wonder are not just real things to be experienced; they are things to be shared.
    (3) Because fiction can inspire us to imagine a better world and work toward it. The fact that there is no better reality now doesn't mean there might not be one in the future, if we can but see it and reach for it.

    As always, thanks for your insight, Bells!


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