The Differents 2

The Differents 2
(September 12, 2010)

Come with me on the flight
Of ten thousand seagulls, lets
Divide us among them and
Cascade on their wings
In the place where I come from
Far away from here
I used to sit and fly and float
Come with me and I could
Show you where ten thousand
Seagulls roam
They carry our souls to
Wherever we want to go!
And would you still come with me
To the place where it hurts, where
Their tears roll over our skin and
We feel all that is not our own
But is theirs
It becomes ours
To the place of sharing and
Would you stay to watch me
Dance inside their souls
And they dance into mine?
Would you stay if
You had to hear every thought
You had to see every pain
You had to feel every whisper
You would be always different
You say that I’m different but
Do you really know how different?

Copyright 2012 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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