On The Whole Hollywood Thing

The Hollywood culture (and all of its diminutives around the globe) are a sort-of disease in the hearts of men and women.

The quickest way to rub scum onto your mind is to tune in to "celebrity gossip" channels, and that's not because movie stars and other forms of celebrities are bad people, it's not because they're scum and trash and not-as-good-as-the-rest-of-mankind; but the trash that pollutes your mind comes from the fact that you are watching the personal lives and the characters of people being exploited, twisted, manipulated, bargained-for, assassinated, stepped-on, sold, and lied about. It is the same thing as sitting in the Colosseum of ancient Rome and watching the lions tear apart human beings limb from limb, we think that modern day society has evolved into something better, but actually the modern day society is what has always been, yet packaged differently. The only thing that's changed is the packaging, the formula is similar. Almost identical. Yes, the Roman Emperor fed people to the lions for not only his own pleasure but also for the pleasure of his court and I am not even sure if he made any money off it! Today, it is networks, showbiz companies, t.v. stations, producers, agents, etc. that are throwing human flesh out there for the rest of us to devour, making them a whole lot of money in the process, and it is this process that is communicated to us subtly through our senses and makes us feel corrupted. I feel corrupted when I watch TMZ. I feel corrupted when I watch Entertainment Tonight. I'm the one who feels defiled. Think of it for a moment, if you were in the Colosseum watching human flesh being torn apart in front of you, wouldn't you feel corrupted? Wouldn't you take a long hard look at your humanity and say "I feel vile." It's not the people down there in the ring that are the cause of this, but it's the place that you have put yourself into, it's the state of existence, the area in which you are making yourself a part of. It has been introduced to you, and you are there being defiled by it.

I don't care much about the whole thing. I don't want to know who is sleeping with who and I don't want to know why Penthouse is better than Playboy. I'm not interested in celebrities apart from the roles that they play in the movies that I enjoy watching. I'm not interested in celebrities apart from the songs that they sing which I love to listen to. A minor amount of interest? Yes, because these people are human beings and I have an interest in the human being. But, you know, I don't care. I don't care, because these people don't care about me! I want to care about those who care about me! Those who can affect my life! I'm interested in what my aunt is doing for the weekend, I'm not interested in what a movie star has for breakfast! Why should I be more interested in what a celebrity has eaten for breakfast, than what a family member is doing for the weekend? Why do people choose to give devotion to those who don't play any role in their lives whatsoever? Who don't even know they exist!

Of course, there are definitely individuals who shine very brightly and affect our lives through the influence that they wield whether it be through their words, their manner of dress, the roles they have played, the talent that they possess, etc. We cherish these people. There are products of Hollywood that I cherish, as well. People like Elizabeth Taylor and Leslie Caron. Grace Kelly. But that is a whole entirely different state of mind; it is opposed to the "trade of human flesh and emotions." To admire is a positive thing, to love and to cherish, to adore. But that is not what is cultivated in the mainstream fanfare of Hollywood and its copycats.

The true tragedy occurs when the people in the ring waiting for the lions to emerge from the dens and devour them are actually thinking "Wow, I'm so famous! This is it! I'm worth something now!" and its when that happens, that you can be sure there is something not very right going on! This is why you see such a struggle! It is a struggle between the delusively deceived mind and the soul that knows being in that ring is somewhere it doesn't want to be!


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