A Beautiful Story of Love

The story of Jesus is a very beautiful one. It is the story of the God of all gods who had a change of heart towards mankind and it's during this change of heart that He decided He would change the way things were, for the better, once and for all. Knowing that only the blood of the most powerful God could save mankind from unworthiness and judgment, He sent His Son into the world for the human race in an effort to show He would sacrifice His own Son if it meant the eternal pardon of mankind from unworthiness and judgment, and on His Son's flesh and bone, were embedded all the pitfalls and downfalls of mankind. By His Son's blood, all sin was dismissed, for all time. The veil separating God from man was torn and from that day on, mankind has never been unworthy! The price was paid and the ultimate sacrifice was made. The only part that humanity had to take in this grand plan, was to only believe that it all happened, and why.

And so you see, it is the most beautiful story of love between God and man, unbeatable by all Greek, Celtic, Nordic myths and legends. After all, this God is the Alpha and Omega, the God of all other gods, it's only natural that His story for mankind be a much greater one.



  1. Hi Charity,

    You have shared such a beautiful story of love.
    Many thanks for visiting me and I enjoyed reading your childhood memories of Easter. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Easter and sorry I am a little late getting around to say hello.

  2. I came across your blog through another blogger's post. You have such a lovely blog! Although I am not a Christian, I loved reading this piece. We should always try to reach our higher self through prayers, I believe .
    Have a nice day,

    1. Oh that's because one does not need to be a Christian to believe and to love the story of Jesus! It's only the Christians who think that! :)

      Thank you so much for your visit to my blog.


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