An Amore

An Amore
(June 15, 2010~ Roma, Italia)

The water glass breaks
It shatters
It falls to the floor
The little boy dropped the water glass
He broke it
Up here on the floors
Of the rooftop garden
I hear no screams of anger
No mad defamations
I hear no cries, no sorrowful explanations
Only cheers and gales of laughter
The little boy runs around
Again he breaks another
Glass after glass falls down
Not an angry look is cast
Not a single angry word
Glasses shatter
Voices cheer
“Amore! Amore! Mamma mia, Amore!”
Is all that I hear

I remember the water glass
I broke as a girl
And the next one
And the next one
I still feel the stinging
Of all those angry words
The broken glasses caused me
The spankings
The furious faces

But here in Roma...

All I hear is “Amore!”

Tears threaten
To overflow
My heart
To overcome me...

Oh! If only I lived in Roma!
I would be an amore!

Copyright © 2012 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

I remembered this poem which I wrote in Rome, because of an incident yesterday. See, my son's friends came over to spend the afternoon with us, and one of his friends broke one of our mugs. My son was upset, he said, "Now we're one mug short! It's not okay for people to break things that belong to their friends!" And I sat down with him, talked to him, I said "You know, in Italy, when kids break things, everybody cheers and laughs and calls them an amore! And you know why it's like that? Because a glass breaking, or a mug breaking, is a very small damage that happens in life, and in life, lot's of shit happens; if you're going to let the little things get to you, like a mug breaking, then think about how much the big things are going to get to you! And a mistake is just a mistake, but everyone is going to make many mistakes in life! A mug is just a mug, but a friendship is for life. Now what's more important to you? The mug or your friend?" And I didn't ask his friend to say sorry for breaking the mug, or anything like that. I inspected it, and said, "That's okay" and threw the mug away.

Today I thought about the incident yesterday, and remembered the piece I wrote in Rome. As a child, I always was made to feel like shit just because of spilling a glass of lemonade, or accidentally breaking something. In Rome though, I got to see what real life is like, and I understood the nature of what it really means to be alive, to live! And to love!


  1. This is so beautiful, both the poem and the story below. Hope you're doing fine :)

  2. Hi Bells! I think this is a good lesson for me. I tend to be a bit short tempered with the Man Cub when he spills things. I don't know that I would say "Amore", he would probably be completely confused! However I can have more patience and not get snippy, because you are right, shit happens and we all "spill" things.

    I hope you had a marvelous Mother's Day with that marvelous son of yours! Have a terrific week!


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