Everyone With Dirty Hands

Everyone With Dirty Hands

There is a never-ending moveable banquet
A table prepared for everyone
When thunder cracks open the clouds
That is the sound of it
Being pulled over the floor of the sky!
And everyone is welcome!
From every city
And every nation
Every tribe, every tongue
The banqueting table moves
And all are called to come!
The black sits beside the white
The devout sits next to the atheist
Believers in one thing
Believers of nothing
Believers of many things
And those who are not sure
The free
The slave man
The king
The servant
All are called to come
Come and sit!
We are all,
All of us are brothers and sisters!
We sit at this banqueting table prepared by His hands
The Alpha and Omega
The Beginning and the End
Calls us as one
He who does not need our belief
He who does not need the righteousness of man
He who graciously lays food upon our plates
And says Eat!
Eat! Every last one!
You are all brothers and sisters!
He who sees no stain, no flaw, no fear
He who looks not for the righteousness of man
And only those who see their own righteousness
Cannot sit at this table
It is only those who have eyes only for their righteousness
Who will not come to this table!
They have no need for He who is I Am
They have no need for He who puts food on our plates
Without washing His hands!
They have no need for He who requires nothing of man
And counts their righteousness as filthy rags!
They have no need for He who only has eyes
For the righteousness of One Man- His Son
They have no need for a gift that is finished,
For a banquet that is said and done
But all of you!
All of you with dirty hands, come!
We need not wash our hands before we sup
At the never-ending
Moveable banquet

Copyright © 2012 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

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