Today Was Very Different

This afternoon, the sky was stung with a red hue, the air wasn't transparent but it was colored! Colored in a red hue that glowed and that overcame. The clouds though, remained a dark grey. The colored air creeped in through the veranda, and I knew I needed to go down; into the garden by the pool, I stood under the reddish sky with grey clouds and it began to drizzle, yet as I stepped closer and closer to the pool, the rain ceased and gave way to me. My chest felt filled with this red hue, so filled that I feared for my life! And the water...the water in the pool did not reflect the sky, but was a deep, opaque turquoise that danced to an unheard and unfelt tune! No wind! But the water swayed! A red in the air, that wouldn't reflect upon the water! I looked into the pool, there was nothing! No tinge of red, no tinge of grey clouds, it was only opaque and turquoise and deep, and it called me to jump into it!

I stood by the water and under the red, consuming it all into me. And as I breathed it in, it faded into me, it entered my soul.

Something was very different about today. Yes, today there was something very different...

Copyright © 2012 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

This is not fiction

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