Unearthed Things

I have recently been unearthing many old things accumulated over the many years: love letters, greeting cards, notes jotted down in notebooks, writings, etc. Today, I've uncovered a writing of mine that I feel compelled to share with you all! I'm very surprised, because this was written by me many years ago, and I didn't realize, I wasn't aware of the fact, that many years ago I had already begun to write such things! I know that I have been vocal about these things (religion and God and atheism) recently, but I haven't been aware of the fact that my discovery and my writings on these topics began long ago! Here is what I wrote (a small snippet):

"Alas! But before the church existed, God existed! Before they told you who Christ is, Christ was there. I speak of a greater reality than any church! Than the existence of any church! I speak of the reality of God Himself."

"Could there be the belief in God, without the existence of the church?"

"Man has always believed in God! The church has come, and now we have atheists; those who believe that they think there is no God, because they seek the true God. The one undefined by any church! The one untarnished and Holy! Not the one defiled by man's attempts to recreate holiness!"

"Who is God for, then?"

"God is for everyone! No one has the power to turn any man away from God! And that is what religion does! It turns man away from God!"


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