The Nature of Eternity

So, it is suggested that eternity is something that "happens" after life on earth, something that is "finally reached." And that the state of your eternity depends on your life on this earth. How funny a thought, to think that eternity depends on what is mortal. I laugh. The outcome of what is greater, depends on the state of what is less? But eternity is then and now and tomorrow. That's how it is eternity. Do you think, that just because you have a mortal body, that you have left eternity and are not overcome by it? A mortal body swims in the ocean of eternal! Eternity is inside you, and is all around you. It is the outcome of the less that depends on the state of the greater. If this were not so, then God would be of no effect to us! And it is because people don't know this, that God has become of no effect to them.

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  1. C.C. I find your words a delight to read, to ponder and the to read them again to take into the heart. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for reading what I write, and thank you for reading again and again.




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