This Wing

This Wing

Do not mourn
A flight well flown

Do not take sorrow
In many a traversed continent
The view of a thousand castles
Passed beneath this wing!

Weep not
For a glide that
Encompassed nation
Upon nation
That saw many a sunrise
And sunset
Over the turquoise seas
Piercing the transparency
Of this wing!

Don’t be sad

A thousand butterflies die each day
No one sees them
No one hears their stories
No one knows
Of their glides
Of their pilgrimage
They die unknown
With stories untold

But this one

This one is different

The fallen wing tells me
Of many a sea crossed
Many a nation hovered
Many a continent conquered!

I see the rays of sun captured in its veins

And the marks of evaporated raindrops

This is a story that is told
A journey unforgotten
One in a thousand
Will not be forgotten

This wing

Copyright © 2012 C. JoyBell C. All rights reserved.

No other single object has inspired me so much, as this one broken wing! And I think, that even in its death, this butterfly has given beauty! I have created so many works of art, thanks to this one little blue, broken wing! An entire collection! I'm overwhelmed by the inspiration that I have received from this small, inanimate thing! Which goes to show, that a wing is always a wing; no matter if it is broken or fallen or forgotten!

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  1. "The wing is the power of life. Without it we can never live in this world...
    The wing is the reason of happiness.. It gives meaning to our life...
    The wing is the wing of senses... To feel, to hear, to smell, to taste, and to see the beauty inside and outside of every creatures.."
    - This is my simple insight after reading your beautiful poem. I'm not an idea lover but I love reading like this kind of inspirational writings..thanks!


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