An Evening's Pondering

People say "Tell me all about yourself, tell me what kind of a person you are!"

Then I say "I can say anything that I want to say to make you think what I want you to think, about me.  But wouldn't it be better if you stayed around for a while, took the time to look at me, see me, and know me? Then you could answer your own question!"

The world is turning into a fast-food business, people are forgetting to stop and smell and feel the meal, forgetting to take the time to know what each herb smells like, what each cut of meat tastes like, the texture of each noodle and the crispness of each vegetable. I don't want to bore myself telling people what the meal tastes like, I would rather find fulfillment in telling them to put everything down, take their shoes off, and sit at the table and eat! Then they can tell me what the food tastes like!

If someone refuses to trust me, based on the fact that I won't give them a five-minute speech of what they can expect from me, then I should conclude that the person is an idiot, easily fooled, easily swayed, and I shouldn't waste any of my time getting to know that person, because it would all be futile in the end, anyway!

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  1. I saw in that new Hemingway and Gelhorne movie, that Hemingway says, The best way to trust someone, is to trust them. Whether Hemingway actually said it or not- though it seems like something he would say- I dont know. But it was interesting I thought.

    There are no guarantees. Life is about taking risks, taking chances. And I think sometimes we are afraid of risks because, quite simply, we personalize everything that happens in this world around us. We think everything someone does is directed at us, that is was a result of something we did. So we ask these type of questions when our ego wants to quickly be able to put everything into a tiny box and say, okay, now I have control over everything, like playing God. But it is to be excused and forgiven because it all only comes from fear. We are scared civilization. We just do not want to feel pain. And by living this way, there is no risk, we know what we are already getting, and therefore we feel we have control over what is to come. (Truth is, we never have control. And what a blessing.)

    But when we live life unconditionally and without expectations, the way I believe it is meant to be lived, then, no matter what someone does, how they are, we learn to appreciate them anyway, because we learned from them, we are always learning. And what a boring life it would be if we already knew what was inside the box, before unwrapping the present. The joy of living comes from undoing the ribbon, and peeling the wrapping paper away. There is a surprise at every corner, and they are all good.


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