The Story of My Books

I really hope that paper and ink books don't get completely overthrown by the ebooks and readers like Amazon's Kindle! When I create my books, it is a form of art! It is my art, it is the paintbrush in my hand, it is my chisel, it is my color palette, it is my violin! I give attention to the choice in paper, the font types, the font sizes, the cover design, the size of the book itself.

When I was a child, I knew that each of my books had a distinct smell! The smell of their paper and binding. But it went beyond that; the textures of the papers told a story beneath the touch of my fingertips, I was able to guess how old a book was based upon how the pages sounded when I turned them, I studied the creases in the covers from where the book had been opened and reopened countless times before. Reading a book, owning a book, to me were unique conquests that were each distinct and  discernible by how the pages of the books sounded, what they smelled like, how the covers creased, what the binding felt like in my hand, how it fit into the palm of my hand, or the pressure it bore on me if I sat with it in my lap!

And from a very early age I had a dream to make books. The idea, the thought of making books enthralled me! The possibility that I myself could bring a book into existence, was such a worthy cause in my mind! Today though, I can see that many people are trading in the old magic for the new enticement of the modern-day "magic" called technology! Faster is better, easier equals better, more for less equates advantage! And so they want to stuff a hundred books into a single device, or pay 99 cents for an entire book they can read on an ipad. It is in this way that people are losing sight of the old magic of reading, similar in the ways that people once lost sight of all the magics of old! They've become now "myths" and "legends"! Things that are not real to the modern-day mind! I dread the day that paper and ink books become a thing of folk tales and gossip!

I take pride in my books, in how I've created them by myself, how every time I create a book I am fulfilling my enamored childhood fantasies! I take pride in being able to do my best in not only writing, but also in the areas of designing and generally pulling a book together! The process of creating a book is something like a miracle, it is the evidence that things belonging to the spiritual realm can be pulled into the physical realm! You have a feeling, the feeling becomes a thought, the thought becomes an execution of action, the action becomes a manuscript, the manuscript is scrutinized and polished, the polished manuscript is bound, then the binding is dreamed up and goes through the same process as the inside of it! It is a rigorous, beautiful evolution, an awe-inspiring growth that begins on the inside, making its way out until the water lily has come to full bloom on the water's surface!

There is such beauty, such deep magic, in everything! But there is that character of man, which, dwelling on the "other" side of his nature, succumbs to the less inspired choices, the quantity over quality, the easier over worthier. Such has been since the beginning of time, from big things down to the small things!

I want to give more, and that's why I truly hope that people will wake up and see that there is no reason to totally exchange the paperback for the ebook. I want people to touch the pages, to feel, smell, and listen! And taste the story as its aromas rise from in between those pages!


  1. I love how you put your words perfectly together. May you have a blessed life! Love lots.

  2. Please make your book available in National Bookstore and Fully Book stores in the Philippines. :)


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