A Burning Set of Questions

I am currently faced with the search for answers to a burning set of questions. I primarily ask myself "When your visions supersede the visions of those who are supposed to be responsible for providing the best for you, how do you expect to create that positive change?" I think this burns in the hearts of many people at many different levels and for a variety of reasons. If the people of a nation have visions that supersede those of their government, what can those citizens do to change their country? But this should be a question that is over and done with, given the fact that we have seen beautiful visions materialize in many different nations. We have The Velvet Revolution in the Czech Republic, The Singing Revolution in the Baltic States, etc etc etc. However, there are those nations that still exist in darkness. We have many third world nations ruled mostly by the mindset of elitism, and what visions can prosper in the atmosphere of elitism?

We have seen communism overthrown various times and so one may ask him/herself "If communism can fall, how much more elitism?" But look at this, while communism imposes equality for all, elitism embeds in the minds of people that they are only worth how much is found in their bank accounts. People grow up this way, it is engraved upon them at a volatile age, they are formed in the mold of belief that their visions do not matter, that their opinions are worth less, that their desires will amount to nothing, that their passion for change will not hold water. How do you topple the dark dragon who thrives in its own small, toxic atmosphere? On the other end of this same table, are those who grew up being taught that they are worth more than everybody else, due to the large sum of their bank accounts, that them and their offspring are/ or should shine brighter or be better. They are surrounded by those who whisper things in their ears that they so long to hear, they are cushioned in their small worlds, and believe things that they deem as universal truths, meanwhile, they exist in a small bubble cut off from reality. They are surprised by reality, they are taken aback by the world, they lie to themselves about themselves and about other people. They cannot see their own reflections in their mirrors. How does one give reality to those who have not been given the chance to acquire wisdom? To even simply look at their own reflections in the mirror? Because the first step to the acquisition of wisdom, the first step into reality, is the seeing of your own true reflection in the mirror: look at what you really are! Realities cannot be hand-picked, especially when they are being picked out of a very small box.

Questions like these, are not of my primary concern in life. But they are of primary concern in the lives of millions of people in this world. Millions of people suffer under "dark dragons." Millions of people are made to feel like they are of less importance, on a daily basis, by the use of everyday words and actions. They have learned to accept these feelings, to not reject these feelings, to act as if they deserve that treatment. And what can we do? What do we do? We can carry a mirror in our souls and lift this mirror into the faces of these big dragons in small places, showing them their reflections for what they are truly like; but does this really change anything? Does this really make any difference in the lives of millions? Should we be happy to light a small flame, a small spark? Or should we realize that monsters create monsters and feed upon monsters and this is their abode and monsters should be allowed to have their caves and dwell with their bats? Yes, we all love the equines and the dolphins, but who is to say that bats should not exist? Darkness is darkness– should we let it be?

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  1. Let the dark be, is the answer from me. However, ruling over the Light does not serve us collectively. In truth, the dark and Light are one in the same. But a flower grown in darkness instead of the light have little to gain. The consciousness of the collective needs light to expand but also the dark...they go hand in hand. If the masses desire to grow then balance is needed, first within…what to do the dark will be shown. I say, keep the bats too...they are important also for our collective home. :) Great post my friend.


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