A short talk about the literary world

Do I think that the literary industry is an unfair world to be a part of? Well, most certainly. But then I don't go through life wishing for things to "be fair" so I can't complain.

Being an indie author is no piece of cake. As an indie author, I am not only an artist but I am an artisan as well, I not only am a writer but I am a book maker also, I not only create things with my heart and mind but I create things with the skill of my hands, too! And then I earn pennies. Now, compare that to the sponsored author who is backed by multi-million dollar publishing houses; all she/he has to do is write something and that's it. The sponsored author is lying in the wings, waiting for whatever the consumers want next, and then provides that for the consumers, which isn't difficult to do when the author is provided with everything: copyediting, marketing, advertising, distribution, promotions of the books and the person of the author, too! In a way, the sponsored author (usually called the traditional author), is providing a service. The traditional author is detached from the whole process because his/her involvement ends with the words at the back of the book "The End." In contrast, the indie author's journey has only just begun with the words "The End."

It's hurtful to read what the traditional authors and their multi-million dollar sponsors have to say about indie authors. After all, the main differences between the sponsored author and the indie author are that: the indie author works harder, puts more time and backbone into her craft, has most likely become attuned to the book making process, is most probably a headstrong person who won't write something just because its what the consumers want, is most probably a very dedicated individual who gives time and effort into his/her own copyediting, marketing, advertising, promotions, and etc. while the traditional author has less involvement in the whole process, is marketed and promoted and advertised and distributed by their sponsoring companies, and they (majority, but not all) always have this arrogant attitude while talking about indie authors as if indie authors are from a lower class! I think it's all very despicable, people trying to reassure themselves of their self-importance is the very reason why people lose class in the first place, so doing such a thing as a "proof of one's class" is just the echo of what classlessness is! By jove! The confusion of people! 

I have respect for traditionally published authors, and I don't wish for them to feel that they are lesser, after all, the world is so big with so many things in it, why do people always feel the need to make comparisons, anyway? But I must say that the indie author possesses a unique capability exhibited in the talent of being both artist and artisan, in being so attached to the whole process of what it means to be a book-maker, in being fully given to his/her craft and so fully given that he/she truly becomes a book-producer in the full sense of the word! It's just unfortunate that the traditional authors get all the praises because their publishers have all the money to send copies of their books everywhere in order to receive all of that praise (newspapers, magazines, bookings on t.v. shows, etc.) But you know, c'est la vie! That's life and I wish them all much success!

Much like the indie actor, is the indie writer. It's among the indie films that you will find such raw craftsmanship, yet you wont see those actors on billboards spread all over your main highway or in the tabloids! No, nobody even remembers the indie actors! Because they're thespians, they're not celebrities. They're actors, they're not entertainers. They love their craft, period.

Think about this. Walt Whitman, the author of Leaves of Grass, was an indie author. Paris Hilton, on the other hand, is a traditionally- published, sponsored "author", does that make her a better writer? Does that give her more "class"? What about all those other people who are actually paid by publishing companies to write anything at all for them, just because the companies know that they can cash in? Does that make them more respectable "authors"? 

We must all take a step back and think first. Life is not about proving one's self-importance to others and we shouldn't feel threatened by something that's different. I would be so pleased to see the day when sponsored authors feel secure with their status, secure enough to leave the indie authors alone. And all indie authors, we should wish the traditional ones well, because we all have our own lots in life and that is just the way it is! 


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