Labour of Love

As many of you already know, I am currently busting my arse on the second edition of my first published book The Sun Is Snowing. I'm excited about this book, because I am creating it in the form of a "field guide", meaning that I am binding together the things that I would like to keep all in one place– symbolic photos, images, my own theories, words by other people which I hold dear (like some words of my favorite ancient writers), of course the original poems in the first edition will be there as well as some new ones that haven't been seen before! It's like a field guide because I've included things that I really want to be able to go back to and remind myself of. The photos were chosen from hundreds of images, so I'm certain that they are exquisitely expressive of those sentiments I want to convey! I'm still not sure when the release date will be, I'm waiting to see a right time for that, at the moment I'm still perfecting the mold! Thank you all, for joining me on this journey which is so wretched at times yet so sweet in the end! A labour of love, indeed! 

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