I thought I'd elaborate on my closing thoughts in the post I made below (bad mothers). "So how are we to see our children?"

As we have already discussed, it is the selfish view of one's children as "self-embellishments" onto one's own self and life, that is repugnant. It is repugnant, but it is all too common. I won't reiterate every point I've already surfaced, because you can read the earlier post, yourself. I want to expound on the beautiful nature of the relationship between mother and child, without repeating what I've already said.

I personally don't shout out from the tops of the roofs that I'm a mother. As you can see, I don't have the classic "mother, writer, sister, blogger" at the top of this blog, and not even often in my author descriptions. I have no opinions about those who do use the word mother as an adjective in describing themselves, for all I know, they are simply proud and happy to be mothers! I can only look inward into my own consciousness and know my own self. I know that I feel strongly against using the word "mother" often, as an adjective to describe myself. I write about being a mother with much fondness and affection, but at the same time I don't milk that cow. I feel (personally) that I am uncomfortable with the idea of doing that. Yes, when my son came along, he made me a mother, but then I don't see that as a hat that I wear, I rather see that as a deep description of my relationship with my son at a seed level.

What if you were a spring of water bursting forth from the earth and a bird of paradise came to drink from you? Is the bird of paradise a form of embellishment for the spring of water? In my eyes, it is not. The wellspring of fresh, pure water is a source of life and a sustenance of life, for the bird of paradise. Once the bird comes along, you become a source for that bird! You have become the giver, not the taker, but in that very same instant there is a beautiful relationship that happens! The essence of you is brought forth by the bird seeing you as a source of life and sustenance! The essence of the wellspring of water is brought forth by the bird who drinks of your life-giving nature! So you have given, but in your giving your beautiful essence is brought forth; not through self-embellishment and sticking the bird into yourself to decorate you; but the very material of your essence is brought forth by the divine act of giving from the very nature of what you are made of. This is the area, the plane, where the relationship of mother and child must thrive! This is the living, existing Eden for mother and her child, the sacred beauty of the relationship. Anything else has fallen short.

If you seek to replenish your insecurities, your lack, your losses, your bitterness, resentment, and spite, through the means of your children, you will never enter into this Eden, unless you fully see what I am trying to show you. There is no selfishness that exists in the spring's relationship with the bird, yet in giving of herself, the spring has been able to receive replenishment and confirmation of the very fabric of her essence, from the bird. This is the relationship in it's most perfect form.

In the heart of God, lies the heart of both a mother and a father. It is the very material of the nature of God to give, and the pleasure lies not in what we can do for God, but the pleasure of God lies in how we are there to replenish and confirm the very fabric of His essence.

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